About The Order Of Mobius

So what is the Order of Mobius? otherwise known as the OoM
The order of Mobius founding principle is opposing aggression between members of the pilot’s federation; the order of Mobius is non-aligned in galactic politics and is focused on commerce exploration and defence, it is an organisation that specialises in promoting synergy between disparate groups in order to incubate social and commercial growth.

What is the Order looking for?
We are looking for commanders that look to promote a unified galaxy; the Orders commanders will always attempt to avoid engaging in combat against other members of the pilot’s federation as this is the faction’s goals to promote unification between disparate groups.
With that in mind there will always be weak minded commanders of the pilots federation that are influenced by the corrupt organisations that currently control the pilots federation and do not hold our ideals of how pilots should interact with each other.

We seek to promote alliances with other factions to encourage a true unified pilots federation, we already have many factions that agree with our groups ideals and are willing to join our cause of non aggression.

The Order of Mobius was formed in 2810 by several high ranking council members of the pilots federation after the pilots federation had introduced the organization’s official adoption of the 9-level ‘kill tally’ ranking system (Harmless through to the coveted Elite status).

This act alone was the beginning of the corruption found within the secretive organisation and showed that undesirable groups like the Dark Wheel had indeed infiltrated the group.

The Founding fathers of the pilots federation had a vision to create an organisation to be a conduit for trade route information exchange between trusted pilots and provided the infrastructure for a mutual protection scheme against the rising scourge of interstellar pirates.

The Order of Mobius seeks what the groups founders envisioned for the pilots federation and that is to promote trade, commerce and protection for pilots seeking fortune within our galaxy, as the Order has remained secret until now it is completely free of corruption and influence from other secretive groups which now control the current politics of the pilots federation.

Join the Order and help unify every pilot into one single cause of protecting each other.
We are all brothers and sisters in one galaxy and only when we are a unified force we are a true human race.

If you agree with the Orders ideals of a unified galaxy where brothers and sisters protect each other and share information, then we are looking for you to help form a true pilots federation and not be controlled by a corrupt organisation that is managed by undesirable corrupt groups.

Find out more at: www.elitepve.com

Command room

30 Dec 2017, 1:47pm
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07 Jan 2018, 3:00pm
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22 Jan 2018, 6:58pm
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23 Feb 2018, 1:17pm
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23 Feb 2018, 1:47pm
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General discussion

22 Apr 2018, 11:37am
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22 Apr 2018, 7:51pm
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23 Apr 2018, 10:55am
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28 Apr 2018, 7:10pm
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03 Jun 2018, 2:35am
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Wing info

Name: The Order Of Mobius
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Private group (Mobius)
Game style: PvE
Platforms: Any
Language: ---

Wing commander: Judson
Members: 285
Ships: 2067
Supporters: 94

Average combat rank: Expert
Average trade rank: Entrepreneur
Average exploration rank: Pathfinder

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