We are The Star League, a large group of like-minded faction dedicated to providing defense protection of the frontier galaxy. Among every other role that that Elite Dangerous has to offer (Combat, Trade, Exploration, Research, Travel & Tourism, Mining, Racing, Etc, bringing exciting ways of role-playing gameplay to the Frontier Galaxy.

The Star League is a group of interstellar governments that form Frontiers United Defense Armada and Galactic Alliance Services of the Inner Sphere, Centered around Tierra home world of Humanity and the birthplace of The Star League. Join Us. See you soon!

Elite Dangerous Star League providing escort protection, re-fueling assistance, repair assistance, travel and tourism, tour guide just to name a few. Here you may join to help others and provide services to the humanity, we also do Gal Events SRV racing and Ship racing all in Open Play or Private Play. Join our PVE Group a dedicated private PVE group one of the fastest growing dedicated Elite Pilots group. Our PVE group is dedicated to a Player vs Environment game, the group is for those who want to play Elite Dangerous without the worry of other players attacking. There are no leaders in this group and you create your own destiny. This group is for those players who like multiplayer without the PVP, feel free to drop in and out of this private group as you wish.

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CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Fror5PathfinderAsp Explorer---------
XxHELL BRINGERxXHarmless---------
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Wing info

Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any (KkAaZzOoo)
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Xbox
Language: ---

Wing commander: KkAaZzOoo
Members: 5
Ships: 30
Supporters: 2

Average combat rank: Novice
Average trade rank: Dealer
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with: