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About Newton's Gambit

Newton’s Gambit represents a group of pilots who are dedicated to flying wholly without the use of Flight Assist (in space and on surface).  Though we may be spread over many Minor Factions and Organizations, we hold fast to the ideal of this self-imposed law.  Within Elite Lore, we will be an underlying network of Commanders that operate in relative secrecy under the existing powers of the Galaxy.  On paper, we will have a custom minor faction representing our interests located in Nauri, an Independent System floating between the powers of the Galaxy with a fully functioning Black Market and ties to some of the biggest powers in the Galaxy.

We accept both Commanders who use a strict FA/OFF policy and those Commanders who are currently developing their skill to transition to this style of play in the future (see education below).


Commander Relations: To foster camaraderie with a small group of pilots who share a similar passion.  Though we may be lone wolves spread across the Galaxy, pledged members of Superpowers, or leaders in our local wings, Gambit Commanders can always turn to Gambit Commanders.  We support our fellow Gambit Commanders in their ambitions as we are able, and try to always provide a priority one open channel.  Our group is one of close camaraderie, no matter the distance.

Leadership: Our agreement is one between Commanders that exists because we hold fast to its purpose and ethos.  At its core, the Gambit is an idea and, as such, has no defacto leader.

Education: To support the education of those Commanders who join the Gambit who are currently working towards a goal of fully FA/OFF but who have not yet succeeded in that transition. Additionally, we support our commanders who wish to provide educational content to the rest of the community.

Immersion: To fly with imagination and to utilize existing systems of the game to create story and immersion.

Legality: The ideals of our commanders may vary greatly, spread wide across the boundaries of legality within the Galaxy. As such, we can hold all Commanders who adhere and support the principles of the Gambit, no matter their status with the Major Powers, or their local bounty.


Communication: Achieved primarily through our Discord Server and our Inara Wing (for those Commander’s without previous Wings). In order to support those Commanders who need to remain in other Wings, any Critical Information to the Gambit will be propagated through our Discord Server as well as ingame channels to those appropriate commanders.  As we will likely be a small group, this will hopefully suffice.  As an added layer, we will also support a Discord Server for chat and voice.  For now, when Commanders are added to the Gambit, they will be listed in our Reddit post, the Inara Wing, and our Discord Server Channel.

Promotion: Please use the tag #ng-elite if able.

Minor Faction Location: Nauri - Hiraga Dock

Instancing: Open and Private Groups alike

Caveats: The Commanders of Newton’s Gambit realize that there are some technical limitations to a strict policy of FA-OFF.  Primarily, these limitations come from a Commander’s video card not being capable of rendering planetary landings at a smooth FPS.  Our Commanders understand these limitations and support toggling FA on when facing technical issues such as low frame rates due to system limitations.  These exceptions are only to be used for situations in which skill can not realistically overcome technical limitations.  That said, we do not, nor are we capable of, policing our Commanders adherence to this.  We believe you get what you put into the Gambit.  Commanders that pledge to Newton’s Gambit are ones who want to celebrate this style of play because they view this restriction as a gift, and believe it heightens their play and enjoyment of the game.


Signing with Newton’s Gambit by contacting any of the below...

Squadron info

Name: Newton's Gambit
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Madrax573
    Members: 50
    Ships: 480
    Supporters: 16
    Squadron age: 1130 days
    Headquarters: Nauri [Hiraga Dock]
    Minor faction: Newton's Gambit

    In coalition with:

    Latest squadron members

    CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
    The_BacklogMostly Aimless---------PS4
    MyrwylEliteKrait MkII---------PC
    Zelie DadElite---------PC
    Thales de AlmeidaRangerDiamondback Explorer---------PC
    Stony StevensonRanger---------PC
    Beezu__EliteDiamondback Explorer
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