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About The Dark Assassins

The Dark Assassins is an independent mercenary organization. We are not only considered the turning point of several

battles but we are also considered an assisting hand to society. The Dark Assassins believes in an eye for an eye and

teeth for teeth but we also believe in justice for all evil. When it comes to people who are new to Elite we will stop at

nothing to ensure the level of experience for that player is more than enough to help them explore the game in their

own way. We are not owned and cannot be tamed. Our ideals are true and we hold our creed dear to our hearts. We will

work to maintain the balance among players in any way shape or form and until we reach our goals we will not stop and

we ill not die.

Requirements to join consist as follows:

Be Respectful (View all who you encounter as your equal)

Be Responsible (Own up to your faulty actions)

Be Mature (Don't be childish, there is a time and a place for that)

Prohibited Actions:


Cheating of any sort

Combat Logging

Hope to see you on our side soon commander, o7.


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The Dark Assassins

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Wing info

Name: The Dark Assassins
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Flying in: open play
Platforms: XBox
Wing commander: Vipergoth98

Members: 11
Ships: 25

Average combat rank: Competent
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Scout

In coalition with: