About Rogue Runners Co.

Rogue Runners is a logistics company built on altruistic principles, but also has an eye for making money. If you need it transported, they can do it, regardless of the legality of the cargo. It was founded by a young woman named Autumn Leif, who got into the smuggling business out of necessity, but stayed in it for profit. They have acquired their own security force and have setup shop in the Run system. The company has recently begun hiring smugglers, traders, and combat escorts to help expand their reach and to assist in contracts from outside groups. They hold a firm belief that anyone should be able to acquire what they need, regardless of what their governing body has to say about it or how far out they are located. To back up this philosophy, they are searching for a wide range of logistics experts. Anyone from closed loop traders and long range smugglers to combat pilots and exploration gurus looking to spread humanity across the milky way. "Everything is legal somewhere, and we go everywhere."

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CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
AlcohealixDealerDiamondback Scout---------
GI JoeyTycoonImperial Clipper
KledEliteImperial Cutter---------
LazypixlMerchantType-6 Transporter
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Wing info

Name: Rogue Runners Co.
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: ---

Wing commander: Swabslinger
Members: 10
Ships: 52
Supporters: 1
Headquarters: Run
Minor faction: Rogue Runners

Average combat rank: Expert
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Trailblazer

In coalition with: