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Founded in 3303 after a series of serendipitous encounters around the Sol system, the Leviathan Scout Regiment is a private military faction that engages in a wide variety of missions, ranging from trade and transportation, to exploration, to all-out combat manoeuvres. Their headquarters in Diabak (Bridges Survey) has recently acquired a contract to provide Anti-Thargoid Weaponry and Modules to CMDR's wishing to support the Leviathan Scout Regiment.

Born from a desire to remain an independent entity and retain control of its own affairs, while preferring to help the Hudson faction on their own terms, the LSR maintains a democratic military-council as government, despite technically being classified as a patronage. Loyal first to their leader, second to the wing itself, and third to Zachary Hudson, the Leviathan Scout Regiment welcomes all CMDRs into their systems, for the most part. They have an intense dislike for oppressive regimes and elements seeking to do them and their allies harm, and despite a strong desire to work with other factions than against them, they will aggressively defend themselves if provoked.

We are currently recruiting new members on the Xbox One platform, as well as trying to develop both PC and PS4 divisions, and we invite all friendly, committed CMDRs to join our cause, and help build a faction from from the ground up.

We are actively involved in Background Simulation, Community Goals, Power Play objectives, CQC, friendly PVP, and with plans to participate in the Colonia Expansion Initiative, our faction has big plans moving forward and the Leviathan Scout Regiment is always looking for decent, hard-working CMDRs to join our cause and help make a name for ourselves out there.

Currently we find ourselves in need of a qualified BGS specialist, Powerplay expert, PVP specialist, Experienced Miner, and a wide variety of other positions and we're currently looking at putting out more streaming and video content so if you have any editing/streaming skills and are interested in being a part of something great make sure to hit us up!

In addition to this we're always welcoming CMDRs of all talents and specialties, both new and experienced, and we are always open to new ideas for our group to try out. We are a largely non-hostile group who prefers community-building and cooperation. We'd like to make a big splash in the community and being a small group that wants to grow and do extraordinary things, we could use all the help we could get.

We are based out of the scenic Bridges Survey in the Diabak system so head on over and look us up if you're interested in finding out more about our group. It's good to meet each and every one of you, and the LSR looks forward to working with you in the future! If you need to contact me in regards to winging up with us or joining our group/faction you can message me on here, The Leviathan Discord Server, Frontier Forums, or Xbox Live, my handle is the same for all three. (XxHyde840xX) In addition, don't hesitate to contact myself or anyone from the Military Council if you have any questions.

See you, Space Cowboys, and Stay Schwifty out there.


Admiral XxHyde840xX
Commanding Officer
Leviathan Scout Regiment

Current Military Council/Chain Of Command

Admiral XxHyde840xX (Xbox One - L.J.T.F. Leader)
Vice Admiral FeverishAtom (Xbox One - I.E.S.F. Leader)
Rear Admiral MegaFluffyRex (Xbox One - L.T.A.F. Co-Leader)
Rear Admiral CrazyProamazing (Xbox One - Coalition Ambassador/L.T.A.F. Co-Leader)
Rear Admiral Romeo Sandwich (Xbox One - L.N.F. Co-Leader/PVE Lead)
Rear Admiral Gunnr13 (Xbox One - L.N.F Co-Leader/PVP Lead)
Commodore friendsofbucky (Xbox One - Operations Officer/Human Resources/L.J.T.F Second in Command)


Current Divisions

Note: Joining a particular fleet DOES NOT mean that you are locked in with that particular division and cannot participate with the other Fleets. The particular Fleet you join will be your "bread and butter," or the type of gameplay you enjoy most. This is what you will be doing on a regular basis for the Leviathan Scout Regiment. It's a great way for our Operatives and potential Recruits to game regularly with people who share similar interests and play styles. While the Fleet you join will denote your main role with the group, participation with the other Fleets and their activities is as simple as building another ship and designating it with the appropriate tag. If you join a Fleet and wish to switch roles once assigned, please advise Military Council so we can make the necessary roster changes.

Leviathan Naval Fleet

Fleet Designation: LNF

Fleet Commander/PVE Lead: Rear Admiral Romeo Sandwich (Xbox One)
Fleet Commander/PVP Lead: Rear Admiral Gunnr13 (Xbox One)

The Leviathan Naval Fleet is comprised of some of the finest pilots to ever grace the galaxy. Equipped with some of the most advanced weapons and warships, these are the brave men and women who sacrifice their ships, their credits, and their very lives, defending everything the Leviathan Scout Regiment holds dear. Though they saw little action, their efforts in running protection screening for Yuri Nakamura in conjunction with Third-Fleet during Operation: "Truthful Prism" (Premonition Event) were invaluable in allowing critical information in possession of Kahina Tijani Loren and her associates to be disseminated. Often found patrolling Diabak and the surrounding systems, this intrepid fleet can be called in at a moments notice to rain down their collective fury upon their enemies.


Leviathan Trade & Acquisitions Fleet

Fleet Designation: LTAF

Mining Fleet Commander: Rear Admiral CrazyProamazing (Xbox One)
Trade Fleet Commander: Rear Admiral Megafluffyrex (Xbox One)
Fleet Second: Lieutenant Sloan4prez (Xbox One)

A group of wildcat space miners and traders whose dedication to their craft knows no bounds. Able to source and procure vast quantities of materials from a wide variety of locales, this off-color and slightly insane group of individuals is responsible for providing the Leviathan Scout Regiment and their allies with the materials that they need to build their future and secure their place in the galaxy. With a silver-tongue, the patience of a saint, and the tenacity of a cornered wolverine, the Leviathan Trade & Acquisitions Fleet plies their trade across the galaxy. Often found supporting humanitarian efforts, the fleet encompasses a wide variety of vessels in it's effort to bring the people what they need, when they need it. Surprisingly, many of the operatives within the fleet have a penchant for philanthropy, and transaction records of their donations to various worthy causes fill the financial records of the LSR, just as surely as they fill the coffers.


Leviathan Intelligence, Exploration, & Science Unit

Ship Designation: IESF

Fleet Commander: Vice Admiral FeverishAtom (Xbox One)
Fleet Second: USMC 1MD Clark (Xbox One)

The Intelligence, Exploration, & Science Unit of the Leviathan Scout Regiment was created to gather intelligence on the strange and mysterious happenings going on throughout the galaxy. This entails everything from the ambiguous events that took place in the Formidine Rift, to more recent events like the Thargoid presence in the core worlds and floating around inhabited space doing Gods know what. They respond to every report of anything unusual and aim to reach the locations of these events ASAP. Their approach to investigating all of these strange and unusual events is with skepticism and rationality so all applicants are kindly asked to leave their tinfoil hats at the door. These brave operatives are the eyes and ears of the Leviathan Scout Regiment. Ever vigilant, they pride themselves on their ability to gather and disseminate valuable information at an astonishing pace, and can be found in every corner of the galaxy, provided you know where to look. Experts at stealth, and with a taste for the unknown, the unit provides intelligence on a wide variety of subjects for all of the units within the LSR.


Leviathan Colonial Fleet

Ship Designation: LCF

Fleet Commander:
Fleet Second:

A group of CMDRs working towards the implementation of the LSR as a major force in Colonia and the surrounding sectors. Having near-full autonomy of their affairs, they report directly to the Military Council of the Leviathan Scout Regiment, and run their division along the same guidelines as set out for the rest of the faction. Uninterested in the core systems, the Leviathan Colonia Division encompasses a wide variety of ships, can boast having CMDRs from all walks of life, and believes it prudent to have a secondary presence and a home away from home for the Leviathan Scout Regiment and its operatives.


Leviathan Joint Task Fleet

Ship Designation: LJTF

Fleet Commander: Admiral XxHyde840xX (Xbox One)
Fleet Second: Commodore friendsofbucky (Xbox One)

Working in conjunction with the other fleets of the Leviathan Scout Regiment, the Leviathan Joint Task Fleet plays a crucial role. Rather than dedicate themselves to one particular discipline, these self-proclaimed "jacks-of-all-trades" support the operations of the other fleets, participate in mission objectives, and help change and boost the influence of the LSR and their allies throughout their sectors of control. Possessing both a wide variety of skills and ships, this particular fleet has proven their mettle in multiple scenarios and is capable of completing a wide variety of objectives both quickly, and effectively. Their operatives are particularly skilled in search and rescue operations are capable of operating in hostile environments with stealth, focus, and precision, and their skills are often contracted to other factions requiring high-quality operational assistance.  With the arrival of the Thargoids, the LJTF has seen a marked increase in their fleet size, and will be the main fleet engaged with research, search and rescue, and combat for Operation: "Blazing Mantis."


Additional Ship Designations

LCS - Leviathan Command Ship (Reserved for members of the LSR Military Council - Fleet Support and Command Capabilities are MANDATORY)

Command room

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Wing info

Name: Leviathan Scout Regiment
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Zachary Hudson
Game mode: Open (XxHyde840xX)
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: English

Wing commander: XxHyde840xX
Members: 87
Ships: 313
Supporters: 6
Headquarters: Diabak [Bridges Survey]

Average combat rank: Novice
Average trade rank: Dealer
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with: