About Misfits of Science and Research

We here at the MSR don't discriminate against anyone, no matter your gender, age, disability or cake preference. Our aim is to explore the galaxy and seek out the unusual, unique, and the down right weird. We have no scientific background what-so-ever, but each of us have something unique to offer each other and the ED galaxy as a whole. So if you have an unique skill, were called a geek or weirdo at school, or feel you are just an oddball with a talent, then we want you to feel welcome with us.

We are first and foremost a PvE group. We actively encourage members to fly in open and spread the word that MSR are here and intend to stay. Though commanders are warned - flying in open is dangerous and we have no control over anything that happens. We also run a Private Group if that's your preference. If you are interested and want to join a group of misfits and oddballs, then come along for the ride. We don't bite, but we do poke things with sticks.

The Misfits of Science and Research, doing crazy stuff so the rest of the galaxy doesn't have to. We Aim to Misbehave!!!

Thanks Acidburn2k20 Phd, new age scientist, freelance Professor of Alien archeology

Command room

today, 5:29pm
Snowymonk wrote:
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today, 5:32pm
Mista_Ballista_ wrote:
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today, 5:40pm
Mista_Ballista_ wrote:
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today, 6:44pm
StephanieA_BT wrote:
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today, 8:14pm
Dr_Floyd218 wrote:
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General discussion

18 Jun 2018, 6:56pm
Mista_Ballista_ wrote:
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18 Jun 2018, 11:02pm
Snowymonk wrote:
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19 Jun 2018, 1:13am
Mista_Ballista_ wrote:
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19 Jun 2018, 11:43am
Zymozz wrote:
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yesterday, 11:21pm
StephanieA_BT wrote:
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Name: Misfits of Science and Research
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Open
Game style: PvE
Platforms: PS4
Language: English

Wing commander: Acidburn2k20
Members: 87
Ships: 376
Supporters: 29

Average combat rank: Novice
Average trade rank: Dealer
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

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