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About The Fatherhood

About us

First things first.. you don't need to be a Dad...

The Fatherhood is a group that was originally set up for anyone who splits their time between their families or a busy career and the Pilots Federation, but has since evolved beyond this and all are welcome to fly with us.

We are a large community focused group for all the pilots out there who find it hard to schedule gaming time due to a busy career or looking after our families. Dads, Mums, Husbands, Wives, disabled gamers, busy career professionals or long shift workers - you will find a home with us.

The Fatherhood is aimed at bringing together these pilots so we can wing up and explore the galaxy, take part in community events, haul cargo, and go mining or bounty hunting safe in the knowledge that we will look out for one another and more importantly, have some fun and make new friends.

We play in Open, Private and Solo and have members across all time zones ready to wing up. We have our own Player Minor Faction in game which we actively support.

We welcome pilots of any skill level, from any platform, all you need is a ship.

When the kids go to bed, we go to space....


History of The Fatherhood

The organisation known as The Fatherhood was formed from band of former traders, military officers, fighter pilots and mercenaries who, during one of their regular reunions, decided to strengthen their bonds of friendship and form an official group that would work hard, work together, and use their combined skills and experience to bring in the credits for the next generation of pilots, their children.
On this day, The Fatherhood was born.

Operating from their home base in the Hajangai system and boasting a substantial and well equipped private navy, they work the space lanes, explore the frontier and secure their borders whilst maintaining a healthy relationship with their neighbours and allies.

Now, with the re-appearance of long forgotten xeno threats and ancient mysteries, they find themselves fighting not only for the next generation of pilots, but for all of humanity itself......

Home System

We are currently based out of Schwann Port and Lee Orbital in the Hajangai system, and have also expanded our operations to a number of neighbouring systems. Whilst we strive to consolidate and secure our area of space, we do not officially endorse any specific galactic power, and are happy to work with any Powerplay factions where necessary.

Why join The Fatherhood?

  • ADVICE - We have many experienced commanders who can offer advice on all aspects of Elite.
  • WINGMATES -  Find people to fly with across all 3 platforms, in multiple timezones.
  • SOCIAL - Expeditions, BGS activity, Community events, PvP contests, or just simple chat.

What we do

As a group, we participate in many of the pilot roles available throughout the galaxy, making sure we can be called upon to help out whenever and wherever we are needed.

  • Exploration - The Fatherhood counts many explorers within our ranks, and we actively participate in community expeditions and deep space exploration.

  • Bounty Hunting and Combat - we often wing up for bounty hunting in Resource Extraction Sites or Combat ops in Conflict Zones, helping each other to earn credits and honing our combat skills

  • Trading - the bread of butter of credit making, we love to haul the goods.

  • Mining - we enjoy winging up to bust rocks, and if mining is not your thing, you can fly fighter escort to protect the mining ships

  • Search and Rescue - Due to the increasing number of starport attacks, we are conducting SAR and repair efforts at the damaged stations, as well as pilot rescue operations.

  • Xeno Operations - with the re-appearance of the Thargoids, we are [REDACTED - Clearance level Alpha 2 or above required]

  • Science - Interested in Guardian Tech or Xenobiology? - come fly with our research ships

  • Tourism - our wing has plenty of luxurious passenger vessels, and we enjoy flying the rich and (in)famous around the galaxy

  • Freelancer/Space Cowboy/Anything else - some of our pilots just go their own way, keeping to the wing code and enjoying the freedom that a starship brings

  • Our Organisation

    To take advantage of the Squadrons functionality within E:D, our group is structured by platform into three squadrons:

    - Red Squadron is the home of our PC and Mac members.

    - Blue Squadron is the home of our PS4 members.

    - Green Squadron is the home of our Xbox members.

    Operating Code

  • NO GRIEFING. The Fatherhood does not grief other pilots, this is our primary rule. Do not fire on other pilots, unless first fired upon.

  • NO COMBAT LOGGING. Failure to comply with this rule may result in removal from the group.

  • Be respectful to one another, we set the example for others to follow.

  • Help your fellow CMDRS

  • Don't be afraid to ask for help

  • Have fun!

  • Coalitions

    We welcome coalition proposals from any wing that shares a similar ethos to our own, and count some of the greatest known wings as our friends and allies.

    How do I join?

    Send an application via inara (Please ensure you complete Platform, Timezone and Preferred Role fields)  These can be found in SETTINGS under Commander Settings.

    Join us on Discord - app is available on smartphones and great for text chat, easy to use and has voice chat option too.

    PC - We have our own Private Group on PC that we use sometimes for events and screenshots - further information is available when you join

    PS4  - Join our PlayStation 4 Community Page (Elite Dangerous - The Fatherhood). For PG access, joining information is available on our Discord server.

    Xbox - Join our Club on Xbox Live clubs (Elite Dangerous The Fatherhood) Send a message to ARC NC 327 on Xbox Live

    You can also visit our WEBSITE for more information on Joining us

    Social Media

    You can also contact us on  TWITTER

    Join our Facebook Group -  The Fatherhood

    Follow our wing channel on twitch

    Follow us on Instagram

    See you out there Commanders...

    Disclaimer: As a large wing, we have pilots from all walks of life and the views expressed by individual commanders in game or on social media, chat etc are the views and opinions of the individual only, and not representative of the wing as a whole. If you have any issues, please contact a member of the HQ team - Thanks.

    Squadron info

    A wing to bring together all the pilots out there who find it hard to schedule gaming time due to a busy career, looking after our families or disabilities. The Fatherhood is aimed at bringing together these pilots so we can wing up and explore the galaxy together, haul cargo, and go mining or bounty hunting, safe in the knowledge that we will look out for one another and more importantly, have some fun.

    Name: The Fatherhood
    Allegiance: Independent
    Power: Independent
    Language: English
    Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

    PvECQCRoleplayRelaxed/casualFamily/mixedOpenPrivate groupSoloAnti-xeno activistsBounty huntersExplorersFaction supportersMentorsMinersHumanitarian aid providersTraders

    In-game squadron name:
    • PS4The Fatherhood [7725]
    • PCThe Fatherhood - Alpha [7725]
    • XBoxThe Fatherhood - Beta [7725]

    Squadron commander: Tk7725
    Members: 1978
    Ships: 14002
    Supporters: 151
    Squadron age: 957 days
    Headquarters: Hajangai [Schwann Port]
    Minor faction: The Fatherhood

    In coalition with:

    Latest squadron members

    CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
    Demonreaper65TycoonFederal Corvette---------PS4
    Deacon KayeRangerDiamondback Explorer---------PC
    JhawkkEliteFederal Corvette
    Lrrr_von_OmicronEliteKrait MkII---------PC
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