"We were destined for voyages to admire a wonderful universe"

CHIMERA rules of conduct revolve about cooperation of all members, treating them with respect toward common goal.
The freedom of choices, right to live without restraints and very low 'mainteance' taxes are universal law for CHIMERA's space!

CHIMERA aims on stellar exploration, expansion of mankind frontiers, establishing new settlements in space & on stellar bodies.
{to seek, to explore, to terraform, to utilize, to improve, to expand}

CHIMERA will protect it's members and citizens from power-hunger of governments and greed of corporations !
{to live w/o fear}

CHIMERA welcome anyone (mature enough) who want to have some fun and cooperation as part of great group! (teamwork ftw!)
Veterans from games like Arma, JumpGate, DarkSpace, EvE, Evochron, Klingon Academy, Red Orchestra, Planetside, Project Reality.
Game developers (obviously as I'm one of them ) or former CHIMERA members are valued with Platinum bars

Our HQ + tens are ready to welcome you anytime

please put into join-application info from where you joining / why / other networks etc. for easier ID check, thank You in advance !

Discord voice+chat is primary (organization-necessary) for all members, TS3, Mumble, IRC, Skype are only backup,
IRC: irc.quakenet.org #elite-dangerous, irc.coldfront.net #elite ,  irc.gamesurge.net #arma3 ,  etc.

Command room

20 Oct 2015, 5:10am
Dwarden wrote:
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24 Mar 2016, 11:21pm
Dwarden wrote:
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23 Apr 2016, 12:58am
Dwarden wrote:
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04 Mar 2017, 8:05pm
Dwarden wrote:
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General discussion

02 Nov 2015, 1:57am
Uro wrote:
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02 Dec 2015, 11:40pm
Bozza8 wrote:
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03 Dec 2015, 6:38am
Falcon911 wrote:
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03 Dec 2015, 11:19am
Bozza8 wrote:
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11 May 2016, 2:39pm
Dwarden wrote:
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