About Guardians of Harmony

In this thread you will find information on everything going on the Guardians of Harmony.


These are early days so please bring your ideas and start posting as soon as you have read this page.

The very first thing to do is get talk and make friends so please add everyone  to your in game friends.

Try and play in open or in a private group and form a wing as soon as you join.

Anyone can join and view the pubic reddit website https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteGoH/
You can join this inara wing and get access to the private forum simply by becoming Allied in game with Guardians of Harmony Faction in HIP 118213 and sending or posting a screen shot here or on reddit

The rules
There are five basic rules that guide the Guardians of Harmony within their systems
No friendly fire on PC or NPC ships ever, even if bounty hunting
If you’ve nothing good to say about a person or an idea, say nothing
• Ultimately you have your own code but must respect the code others live by
• Spend at least one session per week in the home system in open play if you are not out exploring
Everyone counts. We are all equals within the systems of Harmony

Our Home System
The Home of the Guardians of Harmony HIP 118213
• One big station and one platform with good outfitting
• Close to a cluster of other low population systems so the faction could spread quickly.
• Several resource extraction sites
• A pristine metallic ring providing painite, palladium, osmium, platinum and gold
• A black market.
• A strong commodities market for trade
• Strategically placed on the outer edge of the civilised bubble
• A variety of no atmosphere planets in the system for planetary landings

You Can I Help Spread The Guardians of Harmony’s Influence By
Missions Complete all and every mission that is posted by the Guardians of Harmony
DO NOT complete any missions for any other minor faction or major faction in our systems
Reputation Become Allied only with the Guardians of Harmony in its control systems
Bounty Hunting for the Guardians of Harmony. Never kill a Guardian of Harmony PC or NCP
Mining. Mine HIP 118213 (3) and sell your metal at Lorenz Hub in HIP 118213
War and Civil Wars. Destroy enemy spaceships in conflict zones (form a wing)
Trade Bring rare trade and valuable goods to our systems
Exploration. Always hand in all your exploration data only at Lorenz Hub in HIP 118213
Smuggling. There’s a black market at for convince. Smuggle Weapons out of HIP 118213
Piracy. Never attack a Guardians of Harmony PC or NPC all other factions are fair game
DO NOT land at the outpost or use it in anyway way until we have 100% control of the station

Wars and civil wars
If you spot a civil war near our home system please post a thread.

Please use eddb tool and the connector. Please post your trade route here so we can all benefit

Who are the Guardians of Harmony
The Guardians of Harmony is a force against inhumanity. Some are ambassadors brining harmony to the galaxy through diplomacy and others combat.  Some are explorers in search of the unknown, a few are miners who prefer the quieter life and others are lawless free spirits seeking a no questions asked refuge or a way to atone.

Our principles

Our ideals align with the more benign powers and factions, but we do not preach their belief systems.This is a casual group of players of all level of experience working on learning how the background simulation works and growing the minor faction together.
We safeguard those in need of support :
"We are resolute justice! We are forever at the forefront of conflicts upholding humanity!”

Power Play
You don’t need to get involved in power play. The nearest powers to our home system are the independents Antal (good for Bounty Hunter, LI Riu (good for traders and explorers) and Archon (good for smugglers and pirates)

Bug reporting or an exploit
If you find a bug, report it using these handy links:

Command room

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General discussion

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CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Ben RyderEliteAsp Explorer
Abelard LindsayMasterFer-de-Lance
BardhurPathfinderAsp Explorer---------
ChalkieDeadlyAsp Explorer
Darth EnderEliteAnaconda
GliftedDeadlyViper Mk IV---------
JynxedPathfinderDiamondback Explorer
Looga BaroogaTycoonAsp Explorer---------
Lorik EolminDeadlyFer-de-Lance
Nico FlowsDangerousPython
Rockin' The AntieTycoonAnaconda---------
Rosemary DelightElitePython
Salamander McKenzieEliteAsp Explorer
SB_JonesPioneerFederal Assault Ship
Terminal_WoodyDeadlyAsp Explorer---------
Twags82DeadlyFederal Assault Ship
W. NicolasPathfinderFederal Assault Ship
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Wing info

Name: Guardians of Harmony
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Private group (Aliied Guardians of Harmony)
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: PC/Mac
Language: ---

Wing commander: Ben Ryder
Members: 37
Ships: 202
Supporters: 7
Headquarters: HIP 118213 [Lorenz Hub]

Average combat rank: Master
Average trade rank: Broker
Average exploration rank: Trailblazer

In coalition with: