About Wolves of Jonai

The Wolves of Jonai are a loosely organised independent dictatorship lead by a mysterious commander known to many only as The Alpha.

Any long term goals of this faction except to secure enough space and resources to maintain the security of the pack is a closely guarded secret and not known at this time.

Commanders who have visited space occupied by The Wolves report that the faction is fiercely protective of its members and will defend their turf at any cost.

Command room

23 Jul 2017, 10:31am
Racetrack-1 wrote:
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23 Jul 2017, 11:06am
Edwardga1108 wrote:
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23 Jul 2017, 12:32pm
Racetrack-1 wrote:
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23 Jul 2017, 7:20pm
Sledgecallier wrote:
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yesterday, 11:41pm
ChaosWulff wrote:
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General discussion

23 Jul 2017, 7:35pm
SirSuperDeath wrote:
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yesterday, 3:36pm
Racetrack-1 wrote:
yesterday, 7:45pm
Scorpion wrote:
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yesterday, 7:53pm
SirSuperDeath wrote:
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today, 11:01am
Scorpion wrote:
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Wing info

Name: Wolves of Jonai
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Private group (Wolves of Jonai)
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: English

Wing commander: ChaosWulff
Members: 900
Ships: 2754
Supporters: 16
Headquarters: Jonai [Pribylov Port]
Minor faction: Wolves of Jonai

Average combat rank: Competent
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with: