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07 Jan 2016, 7:13pm
Lune wrote:
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22 Jan 2016, 1:20am
Doodlezz wrote:
eitsas: gd,iafoenisdbpfrieutnmeeamtm ofeadadt F rmanedpi lltsatovoai atmaiAaWsesh gslycrssdiasDsdcsuuz ritk ,v eew otndttlro aawDe u fo ielo t i:ch hi/iistabrm...
22 Jan 2016, 2:01am
Lune wrote:
Dkpr2 osDwtohC4Cndn s/beeF 3ll:iG g/ru c4Load: 8gor b. lG iaMzvCoy cn atY/o e/nu De7ra/ whh RcsitfL21nlRtsiisEM-aie a oeMau narnaa C.gisD !ste3p r rd...
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CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
LuneDeadlyFederal Corvette
DoodlezzExpertFederal Assault Ship
AeroxylHarmlessImperial Courier---------
AgentSmith89ExpertImperial Clipper---------
Kiake UchihaHarmlessVulture---------
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Wing info

Name: Knights Of Traikoa
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: PC/Mac
Language: ---

Wing commander: Lune
Members: 9
Ships: 23
Supporters: 1

Average combat rank: Competent
Average trade rank: Dealer
Average exploration rank: Mostly Aimless

In coalition with: