About Endless Horizons Space Fleet

Welcome to the home page for the EHSF, our mission is a simple one;
Bring peace to the galaxy, by hunting out and destroying those who would bully the defenceless and the weak, pirates, greifers, warlords from both the empire and the federation.
Are we guilty as well? You could say that, for we call for peace, but do so with weapons in our hands; nonetheless this endless cycle of destruction must be broken, and we are the ones to do it!
Feel that you have what it takes? Do you want to make the galaxy a safer place for those who are unable to do so for themselves? Enlist today! And make the galaxy safer, one scumbag at a time!

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CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Taurus SilverMerchantImperial Eagle
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Endless Horizons Space Fleet

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Wing info

Name: Endless Horizons Space Fleet
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Flying in: open play
Platforms: XBox
Wing commander: TsubasaLegend97

Members: 2
Ships: 6
Headquarters: Colonia

Average combat rank: Novice
Average trade rank: Broker
Average exploration rank: Surveyor