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About Elite Dangerous Au & NZ

EDA Kunti League - HQ: Kunti [Hughes Enterprise]
We are a group of Australians and New Zealanders who play ELITE DANGEROUS, in support of our in-game player faction*
*Supporting our faction is optional, however it is recommended to enhance your gaming experience.

EDA Kunti League is an independently operated minor faction with no designated powerplay allegiance, but we are founded and supported under the Empire by Arissa Lavigny-Duval

Our Vision
  • Protect our Headquarters, maintain full control of our existing systems and control our borders
  • Oppress opposing factions from encroaching into our systems
  • Safeguard our faction and member assets from hostile damage and destruction
  • Govern a diverse range of economies and establish prosperous internal trade routes
Player Base
  • PC & Mac
  • Xbox
  • PS4
  • We encourage play in Open or Private Group, however Solo play is permitted
Standard Operating Procedures
  • Real life comes first
  • You choose your own preferred gaming style
  • Powerplay is optional and unrestricted, major faction pledging is not mandated nor controlled
  • Griefing/ganking is discouraged, but we are mindful that PvP is one factor that makes it Elite "Dangerous"
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Wing info

Name: Elite Dangerous Au & NZ
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any (repossessed)
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: ---

Wing commander: Kitty Bomb
Members: 244
Ships: 1476
Supporters: 25
Headquarters: Kunti [Hughes Enterprise]
Minor faction: EDA Kunti League

Average combat rank: Competent
Average trade rank: Broker
Average exploration rank: Trailblazer

In coalition with:

Command room

31 Aug 2018, 6:42am
Squareyez wrote:
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04 Sep 2018, 5:30pm
Robbotech wrote:
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05 Sep 2018, 10:21am
Squareyez wrote:
17 Sep 2018, 3:10am
Zorbadundee wrote:
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today, 10:46am
Robbotech wrote:
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General discussion

03 Aug 2018, 1:16am
Svar Gairshan wrote:
03 Aug 2018, 5:13am
Grave Art wrote:
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13 Aug 2018, 10:15am
Robbotech wrote:
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14 Aug 2018, 2:51am
Zorbadundee wrote:
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14 Aug 2018, 11:55am
T'VEREZ wrote:
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Latest wing members

CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
LazypixlTycoonType-6 Transporter
Mad MookieHarmless---------XBox
Tackett_90DeadlyImperial Cutter---------PC/Mac
Quadmo GholaElite
MayhembneRangerKrait MkII---------PC/Mac
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