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About Privateer's Alliance

Welcome to the Privateer's Alliance

Privateer's Alliance is an Elite ranked player confederacy of different play styles and groups.

If you are interested in coalition with Privateer's Alliance, don't click that coalition button yet! We ally ourselves with folks we know and fly with. Once we have a relationship opened, we can discuss coalition.

Home to the Elite Hunter Games 2016 Champion CMDR Ph1lt0r and Top 5 finisher CMDR Roknori

We are actively recruiting the following:

  • Traders
  • Bounty Hunters
  • Explorers
  • Racers
  • Scavengers
  • Pirates
  • Reavers
We have five rules to follow:
  • Don't kill each other unless it's pre-arranged PvP
  • Don't kill explorers (they expand the exploitable galaxy, after all!)
  • Help each other make credits
  • Defend the home system
  • No Combat Logging (including 15 second timer against players)
  • No unsanctioned attacks in the name of Privateer's Alliance. Individual contracts and actions can still be taken outside of the name of Privateer's Alliance as long as they do not conflict with existing rules

We encourage open play, but will have a private group available!
General questions can be addressed to

Board Members:


Check out our  WEBSITE
Public Relations and Community questions/comments/concerns can be addressed to Wickedlala at

Wing info

Name: Privateer's Alliance
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: English

Wing commander: Psykit
Members: 712
Ships: 3428
Supporters: 47

Average combat rank: Competent
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with:

Command room

14 Apr 2018, 5:56am
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14 Apr 2018, 2:02pm
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14 Apr 2018, 2:29pm
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15 Apr 2018, 9:27am
Bawhcs wrote:
09 Sep 2018, 8:00pm
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General discussion

22 Dec 2017, 1:14am
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22 Dec 2017, 12:57pm
Goatie wrote:
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22 Dec 2017, 5:08pm
Button Pusher wrote:
28 Dec 2017, 8:14pm
Ph1Lt0r wrote:
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31 Dec 2017, 7:23pm
Riddlevongrump wrote:
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