About Far Bound Company

”What will you find at the edge of civilization? Open space? The final frontier? Unspeakable, alien terrors from the unconquered beyond?

Who knows? We certainly don’t.

...but we want to learn.

We want to know what is outside of our reach. What exists further than we have been. We want to build a path to the places no one has ever been. We look for what is...”

Far Bound

The Roster
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What is the Far Bound group?

"Well, we were supposed to be a professional enterprise. Conductin’ itself accordingly. That fell through almost overnight. We tried to be mercs instead. That was botched. A few wanted to turn pirate, we shot an’ gambled that lot away. Nowadays, I’d say it is just a joke, but that is where you recruits come in…” - CMDR Kelvin “Crawdaddy” Crawlins

The truth. Anecdotes and daydreams aside. Is that the Far Bound Enterprises aims to contact and connect pilots with one another. To encourage cooperation in Open Play. To get people together, so that they can make new friends...and maybe achieve something substantial through teamwork. Like Minor Faction status*fingers crossed*. Thus the enlistment initiative.

Far Bound needs more pilots to go back to doing what it was meant to do. Exploring and securing new star systems beyond the fringes of human space. Pushing human occupation past the horizon. Ultimately, creating an intercluster highway that will span the entirety of the galaxy.

Our Aims

"We can’t ask for answers. We don’t hope for peace. And we won’t beg for wealth.

With exploration, we’ll solve all our problems. With conflict, we’ll make some safety. With hard work, we’ll build a future.

We are bound for the far off places."
- Creed of the Old Guard

There are many things wrong with where we live. Things that can’t be outright fixed. So we won’t bother with trying to. Instead, we’ll take our skills somewhere new. We might not make things better around here, but we won’t make them worse out there.

If you are interested in what we mean by “skills”, then remember your basics:
  • Discovery, seeking and evaluating promising new homes for ourselves and others.
  • Combat, securing and protecting new systems that we find.
  • Exchange, acquiring the necessary funds and fissionable materials to build those new homes we dream of.
It takes all of these things to keep humanity running. We’re just going to use them to get humanity going.

A History Lesson

”We wanted to make money. That was the deal. We thought we could do it out there, on the edges. And we were wrong.

I think...more knew that than cared to admit it. But we that’s because we all wanted something else. Something besides money.

We wanted to have an adventure. We wanted to build something that stood out. And out in fringe space was the only place we could do both.”
- CMDR Selma Huunam, former Director of Discovery

This collective was formed early in the Galactic Year of 3272, in the System of Ao Kax. Beginning as nothing more than a handful of pilots who shared a thought. How wonderful it would be to extend humanity’s reach to the galactic core.

The original idea was very bold, and didn’t have much to stand on. It was more wild fantasy than business strategy. The founders sought to appeal to the adventurous nature of humanity. While “building a highway for humanity” might not sound very romantic…a road through the heavens, might.

Imagine, if you will, the Milky Way. The vast stretch of swirling stars. The mapped out bubble of space that holds the entirety of human life. Now...imagine a stretch of systems that reaches out from that small bubble. Like and arm reaching outward. Systems that string together to reach deep into the burning core of the galactic core. A river of life through the hollow space.

Plans were crafted; though hastily. The original members would set out to collect as many other individuals and groups as they could. The only requisite, that those entities be capable. Whether they were miners, fighters, traders, farmers...all who could work would have some sort of welcome. An invitation, to travel to fringe space. To go where the outposts and colonies come to an end. Out to the end of the road...carrying bricks to place.

For a time, the span of a decade or so, the group worked to survey and find suitable systems to establish colonies. Those who were not willing to perform the expeditions into unsettled space, remained within civilization as resource brokers. Those homebound worked to negotiate deals with anyone with the capacity for constructing new outposts. While there was great success in the surveying portion of Far Bound’s scheme...the financiers feel short.

There simply wasn’t enough desire among the corporate or political regimes for risky expansion. Nothing embodied this more than the Crisis of [REDACTED]. The system had been the centerpiece in the organization's plans. Both the discovery and the groundwork put into colonizing [REDACTED] had been the beating heart of the Far Bound dream. The hopes and ambitions of every member rested on the construction of an outpost. The beginning of an era of growth. Sadly, the toils of Far Bound’s members went unreciprocated.

When the time came for business associates and allies to begin the exodus of material goods and settlers to use them...no one and nothing appeared. There was disbelief at first, several high ranking members doing what they could to send messages to the absent collaborators. Weeks went by and requests for explanations went unanswered. The weeks turned to months, and morale began to die. The dreamers had been let down by others’ uncompromising pessimism.

Having bled their own finances for months leading up to the betrayal, Far Bound was without means. There was no way to pay those who had not already given up and abandoned the [REDACTED] System. The rank and file began breaking away to seek new opportunities. Few stalwarts remained to the very end. 10.11.3290, the day Wing Commander Niimo was forced to resign the Far Bound collective. The official end to the shared wish of thousands.

However...dreams don’t really die. They end frequently, only to begin again. Renewed with new passion. Now, in the present, the dream has returned. The same calling that drew the original collective to the edges of civilization is echoing once more. New members, inspired by the records of what was attempted before, are seeking one another out. What remains of the original roster, all the old guard that have spread out through occupied space, are being rounded up. The old and the new are coming together...hoping to travel to the roads end once more. Bricks in hand.

”So if you seek to extend the path. If you want adventure that can only be found at the edges of civilization. Then find those whose journeys are bound for the far off places. Join Far Bound.”

The Infrastructure

The galaxy is large, and the stars are far. There is a great need for organization and efficiency, to insure the resurrection of Far Bound. These qualities are not only necessary in CMDRs, but also in the fleet. Thus, the Forums. Wings within the fleet that divide the goals for those who are best prepared to face them.
  • Forum of Discovery
  • Forum of Combat
  • Forum of Exchange
Directors are in charge of all Forum operations. Most notably, planning and scheduling events. Events, being community goals that all members may participate in. Lieutenants work within the subforums, independent of the Directors. They are responsible offering and overseeing missions within their focus.

Rewards for completed missions can be authorized by Lieutenants, but will be passed down from Directors and from Far Bound’s overall finances. Directors get to choose their Lieutenants from the roster based on personal merits; while Directors themselves must earn and maintain their own status by the following criteria:
  • Director of Discovery, is awarded to the member with the highest, total profit from Cartographic.
  • Director of Combat, is awarded to the member with the highest, total profit from Bounties.
  • Director of Exchange, is awarded to the member with the highest, total profit from commodities sold.
Aside from the Director, and their Lieutenants, there are the Paragons. Members who are not leaders, but instead are examples. They have accomplished more difficult challenges, and by doing so, have set a standard to pursue for all of their fellow mates.
  • Paragon of Discovery, is awarded to the member with the furthest recorded journey from the home system of Sol.
  • Paragon of Combat, is awarded to the member with the highest reward from a single bounty.
  • Paragon of Exchange, is awarded to the member with the highest, single profit from commodities sold.
Forum of Discovery
  • Director, VACANT
Exploration Forum
”This is where we put the tumbleweeds with wanderlust. Are you the loner type? Hate crowds and love personal space? Then go out and find some for us. We pay good for it.”
  • 1st Lieutenant, VACANT
  • 2nd Lieutenant, VACANT
  • Paragon, VACANT
Settler’s Forum
”Miners. Engineers. Hell, we’d kill for some algae farmers. We need people to help us colonize the planetary bodies we find. Preferred personality: territorial.”
  • 1st Lieutenant, VACANT
  • 2nd Lieutenant, VACANT
  • Paragon, VACANT
Forum of Conflict
  • Director, VACANT
Enforcer Forum
”The fringe is dangerous. Everyone knows this. Help is always far away, and getting farther. We need people to keep the civilians safe. If you want to do some good, and protect some innocents, then sign on the line.”
  • 1st Lieutenant, VACANT
  • 2nd Lieutenant, VACANT
  • Paragon, VACANT
Hunter’s Forum
”Like money? Like shooting at things? Do you want money for shooting things? So do we. Shoot some people who owe us money, and we’ll pay.”
  • 1st Lieutenant, VACANT
  • 2nd Lieutenant, VACANT
  • Paragon, VACANT

Forum of Exchange
  • Director, VACANT
Trade Forum
”It takes resources to do anything, and these guys make the money to buy the resources to do the things.”
  • 1st Lieutenant, VACANT
  • 2nd Lieutenant, VACANT
  • Paragon, VACANT
Travel Forum
”We want people to come live out where we work. We didn’t fly to the end of civilization just to be alone! Help charter new citizens out to the fringe.”
  • 1st Lieutenant, VACANT
  • 2nd Lieutenant, VACANT
  • Paragon, VACANT
Smuggler’s Forum(Bookies Welcome)
”For those traders who cross any line, except the bottom line. And the gamblers who never gamble.”
  • 1st Lieutenant, VACANT
  • 2nd Lieutenant, VACANT
  • Paragon, VACANT

To join up with the Far Bound group, all you need do is ask. Or...be around. Both of those usually work.

Contacts: CMDR Do(Frontier Forums)/ Do(Inara.cz/Discord) / TheREALMonarch(Xbox One)

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Wing info

Name: Far Bound Company
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: ---

Wing commander: Do
Members: 2
Ships: 13
Supporters: 0
Headquarters: Pand [Sarmiento De Gamboa Port]
Minor faction: Far Bound Company

Average combat rank: Dangerous
Average trade rank: Entrepreneur
Average exploration rank: Trailblazer

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