About Atlas Corporation

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About Us:
Atlas Corporation is an Independent Organization that is dedicated to exploring all the aspects in Elite: Dangerous. We have several Divisions that focus on these aspects so that you can easily find people who enjoy doing the things you like best about Elite. Should you want to join please add/message "Egon Duval" on Xbox and make sure your Inara name is the same as your Xbox Gamertag so people can easily find you.

Player Base:

- Xbox One Only

  • No Combat Logging
  • No Cheating of any sort
  • No Griefing
  • PvP Allowed

Have an issue?
Any issues regarding Atlas or it's personnel should be directed directly to Egon Duval via Private Messages either on Inara or through Discord.

Emblem Courtesy of Raijiin

Command room

27 Apr 2016, 11:12pm
Egon Duval wrote:
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General discussion

18 Oct 2017, 12:21pm
UnholyDemigod wrote:
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18 Oct 2017, 12:28pm
Schmicknick wrote:
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18 Oct 2017, 4:12pm
Fifamonster1830 wrote:
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21 Oct 2017, 1:35am
Groo The Wanderer wrote:
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yesterday, 1:40am
Groo The Wanderer wrote:
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Posts are visible just to wing members