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Atlas Corporation is an independent organization on the Xbox platform that is dedicated to exploring all the aspects of Elite: Dangerous. They have several specialized divisions for this purpose.

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We're sorry to hear you've had a bad experience with Atlas Corporation or one of it's members. If you feel a member was not in compliance with our set of Rules and Ethics, please report them to an officer so we can look further into the issue. All other external inquiries should be made via our Complaint Form. All internal inquiries should be made through the Feedback Form listed in the section below.

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19 Mar 2018, 2:39am
Harry Scaaramouche wrote:
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19 Mar 2018, 4:52pm
Harry Scaaramouche wrote:
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12 Apr 2018, 4:12am
Harry Scaaramouche wrote:
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12 Apr 2018, 2:08pm
Harry Scaaramouche wrote:
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22 Jun 2018, 8:38pm
Harry Scaaramouche wrote:
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