About Prismatic Knights

The Prismatic Knights are the premier Empire faction found on both the PC and Xbox One. We are a military order of Imperial Knights dedicated to the protection of the Empire of Achenar and frontline aggressors against the Federation of Star Systems. We call out to the most dedicated pilots who would call themselves Knights in the Never-ending Black, those who think they can uphold the Tenets of our Order. We do not seek those who wish to uphold the law, but those who wish to tempt DEATH in GLORIOUS BATTLE.
We are an order allied with the much larger Imperial Coalition, and whose aim is to provide a much needed Imperial presence. While we do pledge to the Empire first and foremost, our pilots are not required to stay pledged to any specific Major Power and may change with prior notice to our leadership.
We have Knights who specialize in the various disciplines found in Elite Dangerous, including but not limited to: PVP, PVE, Undermining, and BGS Work. We have many Knights available to help new recruits build themselves up to become a formidable opponent in the Never-ending Black.
We are available to meet you in game at any location. While this isn't the most effective or efficient means, it will get you our attention. We can be found scouring the Federal CG's and protecting our home system, Beta-1 Tucanae - both areas where you can guarantee our undivided attention.
You may also contact us via Private Messages sent to any of the following Knights on here via direct message on PC, Xbox One, or Discord.

The HorrOr


We are currently only looking for alliances with EMPIRE or INDEPENDENT wings. We will not accept Federal, Alliance, Archon Delaine, or any wing in an alliance with a known criminal faction. If you are interested in an alliance please reach out to The HorrOr or MrHuggyPony[/size]

Command room

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General discussion

21 Jan 2017, 2:07pm
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