About [SAS] Sidey Appreciation Soc.

"Size doesn't matter..." - Anonymous

Hello Fellow Commanders,

I am honoured to announce, based on the initial idea of commanders Sickma and Frawd Digger, the inauguration of the "Sidey Appreciation Society".

We think that the sidewinder is one of the most under-appreciated ships in the galaxy. And that it is about time to spread some love!

We all started in one. Most of us tried to get rid of one in favour of a "better" ship (including yours truly), but we all, at some point, have returned to it (either voluntarily or by, ehrm, financial circumstances). We should abide in this little ship, which is suitable for any role you trhow at it, being bounty hunter, warrior, trader, miner, explorer and (yes) even pirate.

This group can be used to genarally state your fondness of the Sidey, organize Sidey related events and meet other Sidey pilots. You can also apply to join the "Sidey Apprciation Society" (henceforth known as the SAS) by signing up here and stating that you want to be a member.

Fly safe,
CMDR Jermus

Here is the "official" SAS Thread on ED Forums:
Official Thread

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General discussion

25 Sep 2016, 3:58pm
Deth Jesta wrote:
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25 Sep 2016, 6:04pm
Jermus Karlsen wrote:
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10 Oct 2016, 12:24pm
Deth Jesta wrote:
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11 Oct 2016, 10:13am
Jermus Karlsen wrote:
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10 Dec 2016, 12:27am
Jermus Karlsen wrote:
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CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
GraXXoREliteSidewinder Mk I---------
CMDR Jay StonesSurveyorSidewinder Mk I---------
Deth JestaPioneerSidewinder Mk I---------
Frawd DiggerRangerSidewinder Mk I---------
Maxmilian CzhilliRangerSidewinder Mk I---------
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Wing info

Name: [SAS] Sidey Appreciation Soc.
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Private group (SAS)
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: PC/Mac
Language: ---

Wing commander: GraXXoR
Members: 5
Ships: 38
Supporters: 2

Average combat rank: Expert
Average trade rank: Broker
Average exploration rank: Ranger

In coalition with: