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Note: We are only active on Xbox One

We are the Freedom Road. In 1998, Gliese 832 c, otherwise known as Coralia, home to an advanced race of aliens known as Coralites, was attacked by an unknown species, now known to be the Thargoids, the planet was lost, however it's people lived on. Several hundred Coralite families escaped to several different planets, once they regrouped and found a new home planet they reformed the Coralite Defense Force and allied with the Federation much later. Hundreds and thousands of years later, in April 3rd of 3300 a young commander by the name of Radia Daku is kicked out of the Sol system for being a bounty hunter by the federation. Separated from his wife and son, he is desperate to get back in, he makes a deal. His force against the Empire for access to Earth, he was given a spot in the Coralite Defense Force and told to start a fleet. Two years later he has three ships in his personal shipyard, and a fleet at his finger tips. He now is commander of a special forces division in the Coralite Defense Force nicknamed "Freedom Road" for Radias' focus on freeing imperial slaves.

This fleet is open to everyone who is interested in ridding the galaxy of scum who enslaves others, and who the lives of innocence for personal gain, such as pirates and thieves. If you are a pirate, do not request to join this fleet, we will hunt you down. We are The Freedom Road, we will find you.

I have a few rules for my fleet:

1.) No Pirating. This includes interdicting innocent players or AI to steal their cargo, and killing unwanted players or AI. I do not consider smuggling to be pirating, just do not smuggle while you are on duty for the Freedom Road. If you are going to trade or smuggle, do not do this with Imperial Slaves. Freedom Road is anti-slavery. Though I can't control what you chose to trade or smuggle, I would rather not find out one of my men are supporting the slave trade.
2.) No creating or changing squadrons or flights without going through me.
3.) All Flight and Squadron Leaders will need to be in constant contact with me. If you don't have a Skype I can contact you on, please make one.
4.) This goes without saying, but respect those who are above you.
5.) If I don't reply, don't spam me, I will get to you eventually.
6.) Don't change anything in the description, private information, or history/lore or missions without going through me, if you do don't go through me, I will find out and you will be evicted from the Wing. Don't change anything about the Wing without going through me first.
7.) All missions are mandatory unless it is said otherwise. If you have questions about your missions or are unable to complete them due to real life events, just message me, and depending on the event, I'll exempt you from the mission.
8.) Internal meetings will be handled on Skype, these meetings will include top ranked officers, they will then pass down the information to the lower ranks, unless it is to be kept between the top ranks and I.
9.) If a missions' priority is set to Very High, that means that it is to be dealt with ASAP. If it is an internal meeting, contact me IMMEDIATELY.
10.) All missions that are set to a priority of High or higher are to be kept within the members of Freedom Road. If information is leaked, I will fail the mission, and begin investigating who leaked the information. If or when I find that person, you will be evicted from Freedom Road, and you will not be let back in.
11.) You must remain active within Freedom Road, if you become inactive for more than a month, I will demote you down to recruit, any longer than that and you will be evicted. This goes for all members, not just lower ranks.
12.) If you are taking a temporary leave from Freedom Road (I.E. going on an expedition or taking a break from the game.) Please post in the General Discussion the information of your leave.

These rules are not optional, you will follow them or you will have disciplinary action taken against you.

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CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Radia DakuExpertAnaconda---------
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CDF SFD: Freedom Road

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Wing info

Name: CDF SFD: Freedom Road
Allegiance: Federation
Power: Independent
Flying in: private group (Freedom Road)
Platforms: Xbox
Language: ---
Wing commander: Radia Daku

Members: 1
Ships: 6

Average combat rank: Expert
Average trade rank: Penniless
Average exploration rank: Scout