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19 Apr 3303
Doc Lentz /
Wandering the bubble

Private log: Millerport, Quince 19 April 3303 After spending the week in Sol the family and I left for Quince, the reasoning dating back to our time in Cubeo. While in Cubeo we decided to take the tour of a Gutamaya plant and took us through a few of their prized ships including the Cutter and the Clipper. Since that your my wife and I have been talking about investing in a Cutter, unfortunately...

12 Mar 3303
Doc Lentz /
Happenings after being back home

Personal log: Medupe City, Cubeo System March 12, 3303 After my stint to Sag A there has been a lot of happenings. Artemis got a body overhaul thanks to some new ship kits, I must say she's looking sleek. The Pilots Trade Federation promoted me to Tycoon, my faction Iridium Wing expanded out of the Ki system inter Herishep a small prison colony that we took with ease and are looking at a second...

26 Dec 3302
Doc Lentz /
Journey home pt 2

::COMMANDERS LOG 3302/12/26:: It's been a while since I did one of these, mainly because the systems on the Artemis are fucking up, last one I did the systems completely shut down on me and I've been more focused on getting back home. Still cannot log exploration data and my personal logs are being transferred from my data slate. Yesterday was Christmas so I spent most of the day on holocalls with...

18 Dec 3302
Doc Lentz /
Journey home pt 1

::COMMANDERS LOG 3302/12/18:: I know I haven't kept up with these lately. A lot has been going back at home and constant holocalls kept me.from making any progress these past couple days. A long with the Artemis needing a good mechanic after this trip, she's starting to have a few issues. Needless to say I need to get to Binet as soon as possible so I can get home and sort this shit out. Managed...

14 Dec 3302
Doc Lentz /
Event horizons

::COMMANDERS LOG 3302/12/14:: Not much interesting has happened. More focused on getting home and, well, since the Great Annihilator is on the way home I made that my final destination tonight...guess who's sleeping in the event horizon of a black hole...this fucking guy! Why? Because why the fuck not. Can't do any logs since it's messing with my systems but, totally. Fucking. Worth it. :END...

11 Dec 3302
Doc Lentz /
Sagittarius A*

::COMMANDERS LOG 3302/11/12:: WE MADE IT. Those last couple thousand light years were the longest ever, started with a quick loss of power only to chase wires and find that my only run in with a star knocked some wiring loose. Once that got fixed it was smooth sailing. Got a few good photos of the core and to stare into it...that massive's unlike anything I've ever experienced, absolutely...

10 Dec 3302
Doc Lentz /
Toward the core pt 3

::COMMANDERS LOG 3302/10/12:: Massive progress made tonight currently on an icy planet (which I said I would never land on again so much for that) and am approximately 4.5k ly from Sagittarius A*. If things keep going as smooth as they have been I should be there by tomorrow. Not much as far as discoveries today more of a scan and jump kind of day. Going to send a camera drone out to check if there...

09 Dec 3302
Doc Lentz /
Toward the core pt 2

::COMMANDERS LOG 3302/09/12:: After a couple hiccups I was finally on my way forward, the thrusters are working like fucking champs thanks to Numéro Uno. Managed to make up a bit for my lack of momentum and jumped 2,000ly the close I get toward the core the more difficult it is for my systems to plot a route need to see about getting the firmware upgraded when I get back. My final system has no...

08 Dec 3302
Doc Lentz /
Maintenance issues

3302/12/08 Update - no progress, after looking over the thrusters last night the notice the mechanics over at Jaques did a shitty job, too many lose components hell even the particle separators were put on the living FUCK do you put the particle separators on backwards?! There's a god damn arrow. Thank god my dad taught me how to work on his old cobra mk 1 he just wanted to scrap...

07 Dec 3302
Doc Lentz /
Toward the core pt 1

::COMMANDERS LOG 3302/07/12::

Since I paid off my bounties figured maybe I need to change the log titles. No progress has been made today the data entry took longer than expected, this will give me time to make sure all systems are working perfectly for the travel inward. Back to the maintenance hanger.