CMDR LtEvildead
Explorer / Bounty hunter
Credit Balance
180,827,107 Cr
Registered ship name
Pixel Bandits Security Force
Overall assets
1,226,443,577 Cr

Logbook entry

25 Feb 3303
LtEvildead /
Journey to Colonia - Data troubles and major ship repairs

Mission Log, SOL Date 24/02/3303.

A mission to Colonia without any troubles would have been very shocking. I took every precaution before leaving the bubble to ensure I have a safe journey, heat sinks equipped, AFMs in stock and making sure to slow down out of every jump so as to not run into a star or black hole.

But the one thing I didn't account for was the stupidity of Colonia Officials.

I arrived at my next stop, Eagle's Landing after spending the night in space. Docked and as it was such a beautiful station with a great view of the Eagle Nebula I thought to go for a drive around the base and take some photos.

So with some music from the 21st century blasting through my ICE in my SRV I didn't hear the repeated warnings of blocking a landing bay..... Really... In my SRV.

So 800¢ fine and an immediate wanted status later. I tried to dock to my ship but security thought otherwise thus destroying my SRV and impounding my ship as I tried to fly away.

13mil ¢ fine later and all data gathered over the last 5500ly confiscated suffice to say I am not at all pleased. I will be making a direct complete to the officials at Colonia when I arrive.

So I left bruised and angry, flipping of at the Eagle's Landing personal and headed on my way.

As my exploration rank has taken a large  hit I decided to take a Neutron Highway route to my next destination.

This Highway is amazing, a big thank you to EXO for providing the route on the database.

5500ly later I have arrived at Sacaqawea Space Port, officially halfway to Colonia and the neutron stars have given me a comfortable cash sum of data which I do not want to loose.

I will stay here awhile and sleep in my ship while docked, I do not trust this Colonia Council at the moment.

CMDR LtEvildead out.
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