CMDR Mathew of Tegalus
Trader / Freelancer
Aisling Duval
Credit Balance
28,717,040 Cr
Registered ship name
OSS Black Steel
Overall assets
1,350,289,685 Cr

Logbook entry

13 Apr 3303
Mathew of Tegalus /
April 13th 3303 - Getting the house in order.

So we've been back about a day now, and today's mission has been getting our affairs in order. We got a lot of work to do. We spent this morning in Shinrarta making some tweaks to our ships; then we ran out of cash, so we went off to Sothis with only 3 million to our name in liquid assets in a 21m rebuy OSS Black Steel. Did that run and got us back up to 36ish million. We returned to Shinrarta and made some more adjustments. I'll do a full post on it all once we're finished, but the cycle we're currently stuck in is:

Need Cash > Need ships in order > Need materials for engineering > need to unlock engineers > need to engineer ships.

The first two are a cycle in their own right, as are the second two. The final task can't be done till everything else is done. So we're in Deciat right now buying up some Performance Enhanced 3A Thruster modules for some of our ships. Once we've done that, we need to go to Maia and buy some of those Corrosive Resistant Cargo Racks. Then we'll need to transfer all that stuff back to Shinrarta, and go back to Sothis and make some more money. Once we've done that, we need to finish fixing up our ships. Once we have the ships, we can go and set about unlocking the remainder of the engineers - about 6 I think - and begin collecting all the materials we need in order to do the upgrades and then go and do said upgrades. Gonna be a busy few days.

Speaking of materials, this week's community goals are mining in Colonia - a bit awkward since it's only a week long and we're just in the door - and a CG somewhere in a backwater Pranav Antal system, asking for Strange Wake Solutions, Zirconium, and Conductive Ceramics. Given that the second and third materials are highly important to some engineer blueprints. We dumped the 20 Wake Solutions we had since they're fairly useless, and moved on. We're a bit disappointed at the lack of a CG this week to sink some time into but it does mean we can spend more time focusing on getting our own affairs in order once more.

We've only just begun to get a grip on this new camera suite they added with the latest ship firmware updates, replacing that old and dated version used previously. The controls schemes could be a bit more intuitive in my opinion - but it's nothing a hack about in the system can't fix for us. We're zipping about in OSS Aisling's pride right now as we're covering huge distances quickly thanks to its superior jump range. We jaunted out to New Yembo, and then to Deciat, and as mentioned we're going out to Maia shortly. What else we end up doing today remains to be seen, given the tinkering and going to Sothis took a lot of time this morning.

Commanders Mathew and Katie of Tegalus - April 13 3303 17:10 GST.
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