CMDR Li Wei-Mu Celestun
Asp Explorer
Credit Balance
35,189,973 Cr
Registered ship name
Overall assets
82,714,253 Cr

Logbook entry

18 Mar 3303
Li Wei-Mu Celestun /
Log Entry #014: Coalsack Nebula Expedition Day 2

18 March, 3303
HIP 62154 1, HIP 62154

Systems completely scanned:
HIP 60469
HIP 62270
Musca Dark Region CG-X C1-8
Musca Dark Region CG-X C1-9
Musca Dark Region CQ-Y D31
Musca Dark Region CQ-Y D64
Musca Dark Region CQ-Y D68
Musca Dark Region GM-V C2-3
Musca Dark Region GX-S B4-6

Systems partially scanned (No rocky/icy worlds):
Musca Dark Region BR-U B3-8
Musca Dark Region KD-R B5-3

I have limited my expedition to the systems at far edges of the nebula. There are plenty of metal-rich planets, occasionally some water worlds and gas giants. The volcanic planets are a striking view to behold, but other than that, there hasn't been anything more impressive. Tomorrow I shall venture deeper into the Coalsack Sectors, see how that goes.

On an unrelated note, while exploring, my ship picked up a signal source. I decided to stop and investigate, a little surprised, seeing how it was hundreds of lightyears away from any populated system in the middle of nowhere. It was a shipwreck. The remains were so worn out that it was impossible to identify the ship. An accident, I thought, since pirates never venture this far. Amongst the wreck, I found a large survey data cache. My ship computer could not read the content of the cache, but it did show me the cache could worth a fortune if sold. Well, the least I could do for the unfortunate explorer is to bring the fruit of his hard work back to human space, with some credit as side bonus as well.

CMDR Li, signing off.
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