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23 Apr 3303
Andrew Crisp /
Entry 13 - The Sky Calls

April 23, 3303, Rae Camp, Hip 60953 My venture to the Cave Nebula had yielded quite a bit of data, which thanks to some policy changes at Universal Cartographics, yielded a hefty profit - nearly 12 million credits. I decided it was time to upgrade, and commissioned an Asp Explorer from the shipyards at Lalande 27055. The new vessel needed some time and money for outfitting; I kept the scanners...

17 Apr 3303
Andrew Crisp /
Entry 12 - Practice Run

April 16, 3303, Cave Sector FB-X c1-7, Cave Nebula It has been some weeks since my last entry. I have spent the past few days on an excursion to the Cave Nebula; I'm recording this entry from my planned endpoint, a nondescript K-type star on the nebula's outer fringes. According to ship instruments, I am now over 2,370 light-years from Ascellus Primus, where my career began all those months...

27 Mar 3303
Andrew Crisp /
Entry 11 - Science and Engineering

March 27, 3303, Godwin Installation, 10 Canum Venaticorum My journeys in my first month as a registered pilot have certainly helped me to understand the size of the Bubble, as well as how modest my excrusions outside it have been. Though they seemed large to me at the time, these excursions were little more than day-trips, tentative peeks out of the supposed safety of the Bubble. If I am truly...

22 Mar 3303
Andrew Crisp /
Entry 10 - Losses

March 22, 3303, Godwin Installation, 10 Canum Venaticorum I have been running into more combat situations of late where I've had to fight rather than flee. In most cases, it is a lone pirate - I usually have the aid of the local police forces in those situations. In one instance I made a navigation error and found myself in a combat zone - the Forbidden Seas took on severe damage before I was...

18 Mar 3303
Andrew Crisp /
Entry 9 - Moving Up In the Galaxy

March 18, 3303, D'eyncourt Gateway, Lalande 27055 My second excursion was more successful. I arrived at the Mic Turner research base in the California Nebula almost two days ago and spent a little time there refuelling and talking with the locals. The scientists were pleased to see me - as well as some of the data I brought in - but the local administration gave me chills. I expected Mic Turner...

16 Mar 3303
Andrew Crisp /
Entry 8 - Recentering

March 16, 3303, Taurus Dark Region - en route to the California Nebula After the incident at Lalande 27055 on the 15th, I felt I needed time to recover and center myself. I had more than enough credits to upgrade my frame shift drive, an operation that took about a day for the engineers at D'eyncourt Gateway. The new 4B drive almost doubled my jump range. After a short test cruise, I decided...

15 Mar 3303
Andrew Crisp /
Entry 7 - "Out, out, damn spot..."

March 14, 3303, D'eyncourt Gateway, Lalande 27055 How things can change in a day. After leaving Velas, I made my way first to Payayan to sell the bulk of my data.  I'd reached "cordial" status with the Independants of Payayan while earning funds for upgrading the Forbidden Seas and I thought they could use the survey data.  From there, I made my way to Lalande 27055 to take advantage...

14 Mar 3303
Andrew Crisp /
Entry 6 - Back in the Bubble

March 14, 3303, Sohl Installation, Velas I'm writing this at 4 AM ship's time so I hope any readers will forgive my grogginess. I just docked at Sohl Installation in the Velas system, an independent polity on the outer edge of the Bubble, for repairs, resupply, and some much needed rest. Also cargo offloading. On one planet on my return leg I found a destroyed SRV with scattered canisters...

13 Mar 3303
Andrew Crisp /
Entry 5 - I've arrived.

March 12, 3303 (Supplemental) Hip 63835 ABCD 1 I arrived at Hip 63835 almost an hour ago. The system has a beauty and a wealth of objects unlike any other system I've visited to date. I counted at least three black holes, two brown dwarfs, gas giants, water giants, and icy and rocky bodies. In addition to the O class star itself, there's a red dwarf companion - so no shortage of fuel so long...

12 Mar 3303
Andrew Crisp /
Entry 4 - Mediations on illusion.

March 12, 3303, Wregoe XC-Z C27-8 A 1 Which is more illusory, distance or nearness?  I've had close to two hours to contemplate that question, and I'm leaning towards the opinion that distance is more illusory than nearness. I'm two jumps away from my destination on this expedition, currently resting on the first landable high-metal content planet I've found on my journey so far.  It's my third...