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18 Mar 3303
Andrew Crisp /
Entry 9 - Moving Up In the Galaxy

March 18, 3303,
D'eyncourt Gateway, Lalande 27055

My second excursion was more successful. I arrived at the Mic Turner research base in the California Nebula almost two days ago and spent a little time there refuelling and talking with the locals. The scientists were pleased to see me - as well as some of the data I brought in - but the local administration gave me chills. I expected Mic Turner base to have a frontier-university atmosphere; what I witnessed instead was something approaching a dictatorship. It's enough that I've even written a letter of concern to my Alliance representative. Explorers from the Empire and the Federation must dock there from time to time, and I shudder to think of the stories they take back home.

After a few hours of rest, I left the California Nebula, heading due Galactic north for a couple hundred light-years, cutting through the Synuefai sector. Because it was getting late, I looked for a planet I could set down on. However, I noticed that a number of systems in the Synuefai sector were planetless. I eventually set down on a planet orbiting an L-class brown dwarf. The lack of planets, especially around stars that would normally host them, is puzzling. Is it a puzzle worth spending time on, though? I'll have to think about that.

My return to the Bubble was uneventful - I scanned a number of systems and even landed on a few planets. I also was able to test some of the FSD boost mixes, increasing my jump range considerably (if only for a short time) and saving me a few jumps on the trip home.

On my return, I sold the data to Universal Cartographics, and was greeted with a surprise; a number of the planets I'd scanned - and at least one star - were not in their databanks. Most of my discoveries were of no great note - rocky and icy worlds, a few high-metal content planets - but I was the first human to see them. Or at least, the first human to see them and then return home with the data.

The resulting payout was impressive - total data, both discoveries and standard scans, yielded almost 1,200,000 credits. But not long after that, I got two messages. One was from the Pilot's Federation, informing me of my promotion to the rank of Trailblazer. The other was from the Alliance - my services to them have been noted, and I was now listed as having "cordial" status.

I believe this calls for a celebration. I wonder if this starport has a good champaigne?
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