CMDR Zinnsei
Freelancer / Explorer
Imperial Cutter
Aisling Duval
Credit Balance
13,350,000 Cr
Registered ship name
Zemt Quinta Essentia
Ghost Legion
Overall assets
261,486,630 Cr

Logbook entry

13 Mar 3303
Zinnsei /
Entry #006 - Rigging

Commander's log, 13. March 3303

We spent the entirety of yesterday rigging the Zenith for the Neutron-turbulence. As I had suspected the damage was worst in the galley. Broken cups and plates, but nothing too worrisome. Elsewhere lockers had been emptied and shelves lost their load. We went over the entire boat, securing every single item that might be sent tumbling in the case of renewed plume surfing. I'm proud of my crew. Everyone went at it with vigor and purpose and now everything is bolted and locked down tight.

We set off around 07:30 this morning and managed about 2000 LY worth of Neutron jumping before noon. Simply amazing. At one point I did feel my heart sink, as the FSD malfunctioned during a plume surf. I feared right away that the ship would be dragged slowly into the crushing depth of the star, but luckily it was just a short glitch and we made it out safe. I set the AFMU on fixing the drive immediately and since then there has been no trouble.

We've reached the Clookie fields and here we will stay for the time being, scanning all the neutron stars in the neighborhood before we make our way towards the Core and from there towards Colonia. Still 4 days to go. At this rate we will make it with time to spare.

CMDR Zinnsei, signing off.
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