CMDR Marra Morgan
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Seren Du
Black Omega
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Name: Seren Du
Type: Python
Role: Procurement

Name: Morganna
Type: Cobra Mk III
Role: Multi

Name: Rheibio
Type: Fer-de-Lance
Role: Combat

06 Jan 3302
Marra Morgan /
Character Biography

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Marrakech Imogen Morgan
(known as Marra)

Date of Birth
9th January, 3273

Place of Birth
New Cambria, Ts'in Gu 1
Ts'in Gu System

5' 2'' / 157 cm

98 lbs / 44.5 kg


Hair Colour

Eye Colour

Distinguishing Features
Sleeve tattoo on left arm; tribal-style with gang-related motifs
Piercings; tongue, navel


Marra is the only child of the pirate lord, Rabat Morgan. A huge man with a taste for brutal sadism, Rabat held a fearsome reputation among the pirate clans of the Pegasi Sector.

He treated Marra cruelly, disappointed that he had no son to continue his name and legacy. He would regularly beat her and subject her to sadistic "lessons" about showing strength and no mercy. She committed her first murder at fourteen, carrying out an execution under Rabat's orders. Around this time, she also began using drugs to suppress her physical and emotional pain.

Rabat eventually met his demise at the hands of Imperial bounty hunters in 3292, although the exact details have been twisted into myth and legend. After his death, Marra continued to live and work with the Morgan clan, although she distanced herself from Rabat's name and fearsome reputation.

In 3300, Marra registered with the Pilot's Federation and became an independent contractor. As a skilled pilot, she readily found work as a smuggler and mercenary, falling back on piracy when work was in short supply. She aided the Kappa Fornacis Farmer's Union and later the Defence Force of Tanmark, when the Federation pursued their aggressive policy against the Onionhead crop in early 3301.

Mid-way through that year, she signed up as a contractor for Archon Delaine's Kumo Crew, delivering contraband and marked slaves to extend and fortify the Pirate King's realm. Her connections to the Kumos have been noted by the Empire, who still regard her with an unfriendly disposition.

Marra returned to the fringes of the Pegasi Sector in the last quarter of 3301, finding a home at Clair Dock in Tjakiri. From here, she has established connections with several unfettered gangs and organisations, including security contractors Black Omega and notorious crime-lords such as Degginal de Verre, Solomon Adisa and Azalea Constantinestu. Rumours have it that de Verre has positioned himself as the leader of Black Omega, masterminding the group's takeover of Tjakiri and seeking to expand to neighbouring systems. Marra appears to be a trusted member of his inner circle, having been promoted to Caporegime. She is currently the owner of Exotica, a pleasure-house on the Clair Dock coriolis.


Being raised in such a hostile environment had a profound effect on Marra. Throughout most of her adult life, she was quiet and introverted, finding it difficult to make connections and to trust other people. She became fascinated by space and space-travel; the peace and serenity in the dark void provided an escape from the violence she grew up with.

However, Marra has become bolder and more assertive after accepting the kind of man who her father was and wholly embracing his sadistic nature. She sees herself as the rightful heir to the name Morgan, pursuing her ambitions with the same single-mindedness as Rabat himself.

She reacts negatively to adversity and is extremely vindictive, to the point of torturing and murdering those who she deems to have wronged her.

Despite insisting that she is "not a people person", she is quite capable of being congenial and even good-humoured. This is almost always an act, a survival skill learned by a young woman in a world dominated by violent men.

She is of average intelligence, although she is as streetwise as one would expect of a seasoned outlaw. Her political outlook is anti-statist and libertarian, endorsing the assertion of will by force as a legitimate means to an end. Like many inhabitants of the outer fringes, she holds superstitious beliefs and acknowledges a pantheon of various gods and goddesses, although she does not invest herself heavily into matters of faith.
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30 Oct 3302
Marra Morgan /
[OoC] Putting the Pen Down

Hiya! It's been nearly a year since I started writing the logs of a quiet, introverted, drug-addled smuggler named Marra Morgan. Over that year, some incredible things have happened to both Marra and myself - her journey to become as ruthless and feared as her father, and my delight and amazement at the amount of interest and support from the readers of her journey. It's been fantastic! Writing...

22 Sep 3302
Marra Morgan /
With a Little Help from my Friends

The door shakes, followed by a breath of silence before it swings open with a violent crash. A silhouette appears in the portal; not the slim, feminine figure of Von Stueben – but the hulking, armoured frame of someone more familiar… and so much more welcome. Idris strides in to the cell, immediately cutting my bonds. Then he drops to one knee before me, bowing low. “Maddeuwch i mi, Feistres.”...

08 Sep 3302
Marra Morgan /
The Devil You Know

Flashback. I’m gasping and writhing on my side, laying in a pool of sweat on a dingy mattress. My clothes are soaked and I don’t know where I am. Fucking Flashback. It's a popular black-market neural stimulant that affects the memory centres. Used properly, it's effective at treating degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. Used improperly, however... I’ve walked the ghettos of Clair...

Achievements history

25 Feb 2017
Engineer access: Lei Cheung Unlocked (grade 5)
25 Feb 2017
Engineer access: Ram Tah Invited
24 Feb 2017
Engineer access: Lei Cheung Invited
24 Feb 2017
Engineer access: The Dweller Unlocked (grade 4)
19 Feb 2017
Pilot's Combat rank: Deadly
16 Feb 2017
Engineer access: Tod "The Blaster" McQuinn Unlocked (grade 3)
16 Feb 2017
Engineer access: Marco Qwent Unlocked (grade 1)
15 Jan 2017
Sold ship Diamondback Explorer
15 Jan 2017
Sold ship Diamondback Explorer
03 Jan 2017
Bought ship Diamondback Explorer
04 Dec 2016
Bought ship Diamondback Explorer
30 Nov 2016
Pilot's Trade rank: Tycoon
08 Nov 2016
Bought ship Fer-de-Lance
07 Nov 2016
Sold ship Federal Assault Ship
01 Nov 2016
Engineer access: Felicity Farseer Unlocked (grade 4)


Combat rank

Trade rank

Exploration rank

CQC rank
Mostly Helpless
Rank: 7   Prestige: 0

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Federal Navy rank
Chief Petty Officer

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E:D Horizons (PC)

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