CMDR RedDragonSwords
Enforcer / Special Agent
Credit Balance
Registered ship name
PCV Hopper
Paladin Consortium
Overall assets


Name: PCV Dragon's Fire
Type: Imperial Cutter
Role: Superheavy Battleship

Name: PCV Dragon's Claw
Type: Federal Corvette
Role: Superheavy Battleship

Name: PCV Dragon's Wings
Type: Imperial Cutter
Role: Space Trucker/Luxury Passenger Hauler

Name: PCV Dragon's Tail
Type: Python
Role: Heavy Fighter

Name: PCV Hopper
Type: Anaconda
Role: Ultra Long Range Passenger Slinger

Name: PCV Redneck
Type: Imperial Clipper
Role: Speedy Shotgun

Name: PCV Dragon's Tooth
Type: Fer-de-Lance
Role: Fast Interceptor

Name: PCV Green Balls of Doom
Type: Federal Assault Ship
Role: Plasma Launcher

Name: PCV Dragon's Eye
Type: Asp Explorer
Role: Deep Space Explorer

Name: PCV Sneaky Bugger
Type: Imperial Courier
Role: Stealth Bomber

Name: PCV Orb Chucker
Type: Vulture

Name: PCV BrickWinder II
Type: Sidewinder Mk I
Role: Annoyer

16 Feb 3303
RedDragonSwords /

Name/Alias: *redacted*/RedDragonSwords
Gender: Male
Age: 18 odd Earth years
Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy): 31/10/3284
Place of birth: *redacted*

Parents: *redacted*
Siblings: *redacted*
Marital status: single
Children: none

Skin colour: white
Height: 174cm
Weight: 49kg
Build: Slim
Hair colour: brown
Eye colour: blue
Facial hair: none
Scars: two above right eye
Tattoos: none

Little is known about RedDragonSwords. His past is shrouded in mystery, but there are a few things which are known about him. His birthday is on an ancient holiday which goes all the way back to the old Kelt culture, Hallowe'en (October 31st). When he reached his 17th birthday, he enlisted in the Pilot's Federation academy at LHS 3447. After just 5 months, he completed his training and set off into space in an old, rickety Sidewinder. He flew across the galaxy, doing various jobs for no faction in particular.

Somewhere in April 3302, he received a comms message from a strange individual known as Big Pappa. He offered RedDragonSwords a place in the Paladin Consortium. Honoured by the offer, he accepted the invitation, after which he headed to the Consortium's headquarters in LFT 37.

Then, it was that he realized his love for deep space exploration. He set out into the black for months, collecting data of various star systems and galactic oddities.

He is one of the youngest members of the Elite Pilots Federation as of September 8th, 3302, when he managed to reach the exploration rank of Elite. He is also one of the few pilots who managed to beat every training simulation, which earned him the awe of his peers.

Exactly four months after obtaining his Elite Explorer title, the Pilots Federation granted him the Elite rank in Combat, completing the trinity and making him Triple Elite.

His journey isn't over yet and where it heads? No one knows, except him.
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08 Jan 3303
RedDragonSwords /
Triple Elite

After a very long time spent in the void, I reached the exalted Triple Elite status.

06 Dec 3302
RedDragonSwords /
Death of a War Eagle

I've fought many battles against the murderers banded together in the Dark Syndicate Alliance. These battles are harsh and quite a lot of times I escaped by the skin of my teeth. My trusty Federal Corvette, PCV War Eagle, withstood many an attack and my piloting abilities enabled me to deal losses to them in return. But one day, your luck runs out. And that day came to me last Saturday, December 3rd,...

16 Nov 3302
RedDragonSwords /
Memories of a CMDR - part 1

I have spent quite a lot of time out in the blackness of space. People who think space is dangerous are wrong. Space... it's deadly. If it isn't a hostile target leaving you in your escape pod hoping to be rescued, it will be a mishap during a trade run or even worse, the madness which eventually settles in while deep in uncharted space. It's especially dangerous to be alone in space, since there is...

Achievements history

21 Feb 2017
CQC rank: 36
21 Feb 2017
Bought ship Anaconda
15 Feb 2017
Bought ship Vulture
05 Feb 2017
Bought ship Federal Assault Ship
05 Feb 2017
Bought ship Imperial Clipper
31 Jan 2017
Bought ship Imperial Courier
19 Jan 2017
Bought ship Imperial Cutter
18 Jan 2017
CQC rank: 35
09 Jan 2017
CQC rank: 33
09 Jan 2017
CQC rank: 32
09 Jan 2017
CQC rank: 31
07 Jan 2017
Pilot's Combat rank: Elite
31 Dec 2016
Pledged power: None/Independent
22 Dec 2016
Preferred allegiance Empire
22 Dec 2016
Reputation with Alliance (Friendly)


Combat rank

Trade rank

Exploration rank

CQC rank
Rank: 36   Prestige: 1

Imperial Navy rank

Federal Navy rank
Rear Admiral

Inara rankings

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Commander info

Game version:
E:D Horizons (Xbox One)

Preferred style:

Preferred role:
Enforcer / Special Agent

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