CMDR LtEvildead
Explorer / Bounty hunter
Credit Balance
180,827,107 Cr
Registered ship name
Pixel Bandits Security Force
Overall assets
1,226,443,577 Cr

Credits and assets

22 Mar 2017
Credits: 180,827,107 Cr / Assets: 1,226,443,577 Cr
01 Mar 2017
Credits: 168,603,290 Cr / Assets: 1,214,219,760 Cr
01 Mar 2017
Credits: 164,993,093 Cr / Assets: 1,210,609,563 Cr
27 Feb 2017
Credits: 162,783,710 Cr / Assets: 1,208,400,180 Cr
21 Feb 2017
Credits: 174,912,316 Cr / Assets: 1,220,528,786 Cr
15 Feb 2017
Credits: 213,052,090 Cr / Assets: 1,258,668,560 Cr
10 Feb 2017
Credits: 214,778,657 Cr / Assets: 1,260,395,127 Cr
10 Feb 2017
Credits: 204,945,862 Cr / Assets: 1,250,562,332 Cr
29 Jan 2017
Credits: 168,060,823 Cr / Assets: 1,213,677,293 Cr


Name: Newt
Type: Anaconda
Role: Long Range Explorer

Name: RattleSnake
Type: Anaconda
Role: Support Vessel

Name: Shadow Runner
Type: Imperial Cutter
Role: Trade Ship/Miner

Name: Attenborough
Type: Imperial Clipper
Role: Planetary Explorer

Name: Interstellar
Type: Python
Role: Passenger Liner

Name: Lucille
Type: Fer-de-Lance
Role: Bounty Hunter/ Fighter

Name: Wasp
Type: Imperial Eagle
Role: Fun Fighter

Name: Bumble
Type: Viper Mk III
Role: Fighter

Name: Bolt
Type: Imperial Courier
Role: Mini Trader/Scout

Name: Lugger
Type: Type-6 Transporter
Role: Resource Extractor

Type: Diamondback Explorer


22 Mar 3303
LtEvildead /
Return to the Bubble - Neto, Ising Vision Station

Mission Log, SOL date 21/03/3303. It has been exactly one month since i began my journey but now i have returned home. The last 4000+ LY were not that eventful and i had started to stop scanning each system on each jump and did mostly honk, scoop and jump. I have now arrived back in PBSF space in Neto at Ising Vision and began the long assessment of my ship logs. This being my first long journey...

20 Mar 3303
LtEvildead /
To the Bubble - The Long Journey Home

Mission Log, SOL date 20/03/3303. It has been 9 days since my last transmission. I am still alive.  I spent some time repairing all my modules after my close encounter with Sag A.  But all is well. During the last 9 days I stopped off at The Great Annihilator Black Hole this was spectacular, the gravitational lensing of this black hole are just amazing.  They appear to warp space itself from...

11 Mar 3303
LtEvildead /
Journey to SAG A - Arrival

Mission Log, SOL date 10/03/3303. I have only 2900ly to go, so i set off to complete this journey tonight. I have decided to continue to honk and scan on all systems as i pass through them but will only stop to scan the planets if they are water worlds or another Earth like or an exceptionally beautiful looking system. I have cleared off 1000ly again and the clock has struck forward to the next...

Achievements history

23 Mar 2017
Bought ship Diamondback Explorer
21 Feb 2017
Pledged power: None/Independent
14 Feb 2017
Participated in community goal: Peacock Patrons of Law Issue Appeal (Trade)
10 Feb 2017
Pledged power rating: Rating 3
27 Jan 2017
Participated in community goal: Alliance Combat Operation (Bounty Hunting)
27 Jan 2017
Pledged power rating: Rating 4
26 Jan 2017
Reputation with Empire (Friendly)
23 Jan 2017
Pledged power: Aisling Duval
19 Jan 2017
Engineer access: Tiana Fortune Unlocked (grade 1)
19 Jan 2017
Engineer access: Hera Tani Unlocked (grade 5)
16 Jan 2017
Bought ship Anaconda
15 Jan 2017
Engineer access: Broo Tarquin Invited
15 Jan 2017
Engineer access: Tiana Fortune Invited
15 Jan 2017
Engineer access: Liz Ryder Unlocked (grade 3)
15 Jan 2017
Engineer access: Selene Jean Unlocked (grade 1)


Combat rank

Trade rank

Exploration rank

CQC rank
Rank: 1   Prestige: 0

Imperial Navy rank

Federal Navy rank

Inara rankings

CQC rankings





Commander info

Game version:
Elite:Dangerous (Xbox One)

Preferred style:
PvE only

Preferred role:
Explorer / Bounty hunter

GMT +00:00 (Etc/Greenwich)