Felicity Farseer

Farseer Inc | Deciat

How to discover

Public data sources.

Meeting requirements

Gain exploration rank Scout or higher.

Unlock requirements

Provide 1 unit of Meta Alloys.

Reputation gain

Craft modules.
Sell exploration data at Farseer Inc.

Note: Station services won't be available immediately after the engineer is unlocked. Please re-log to make them available.


TypeModificationMax. grade  
Power PlantArmoured Power Plant1
Power PlantLow Emissions Power Plant1
Power PlantOvercharged Power Plant1
ThrustersClean Drive Tuning3
ThrustersDirty Drive Tuning3
ThrustersDrive Strengthening3
Frame Shift DriveFaster FSD Boot Sequence5
Frame Shift DriveIncreased FSD Range5
Frame Shift DriveShielded FSD5
Shield BoosterBlast Resistant Shield Booster1
Shield BoosterHeavy Duty Shield Booster1
Shield BoosterKinetic Resistant Shield Booster1
Shield BoosterResistance Augmented Shield Booster1
Shield BoosterThermal Resistant Shield Booster1
Frame Shift Drive InterdictorExpanded FSD Interdictor Capture Arc1
Frame Shift Drive InterdictorLonger Range FSD interdictor1


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