Ram Tah

Phoenix Base | Meene

How to discover

From Lei Cheung (grade 3-4).

Meeting requirements

Gain exploration rank Surveyor or higher.

Unlock requirements

Provide 50 units of Classified Scan Databanks.

Reputation gain

Craft modules.
Sell exploration data to Phoenix Base.

Note: Station services won't be available immediately after the engineer is unlocked. Please re-log to make them available.


TypeModificationMax. grade  
Chaff LauncherAmmo capacity3
Chaff LauncherLightweight5
Chaff LauncherReinforced5
Chaff LauncherShielded5
Electronic CountermeasureLightweight5
Electronic CountermeasureReinforced5
Electronic CountermeasureShielded5
Heat Sink LauncherAmmo capacity3
Heat Sink LauncherLightweight5
Heat Sink LauncherReinforced5
Heat Sink LauncherShielded5
Point DefenceAmmo capacity3
Point DefenceLightweight5
Point DefenceReinforced5
Point DefenceShielded5
Collector Limpet ControllerLightweight4
Collector Limpet ControllerReinforced4
Collector Limpet ControllerShielded4
Fuel Transfer Limpet ControllerLightweight4
Fuel Transfer Limpet ControllerReinforced4
Fuel Transfer Limpet ControllerShielded4
Hatch Breaker Limpet ControllerLightweight3
Hatch Breaker Limpet ControllerReinforced3
Hatch Breaker Limpet ControllerShielded3
Prospector Limpet ControllerLightweight4
Prospector Limpet ControllerReinforced4
Prospector Limpet ControllerShielded4


The data may be incomplete or not entirely accurate. If do you will find any error, please let me know in the discussion. Thanks to Qohen Leth, EfilOne, Shellström, Lucienn for the initial data and Domaq, Elan Solo, Greeboski, Coriolis guys and many others for the updates.