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Bishop Len Brennan /
FYI: Mankind Has Not Yet Found A Solution To The "Uncanny Valley" Problem By The 34th Century

2/20/03 Impound Hangar, Harvestport, Kappa Fornacias A couple of days ago I came to Harvestport to pick up some sweet, sweet Onion Head when genius struck. I had put the ship in for maintenance and as I was getting high on the flight deck watching the busy repair bots scurry about the hull when I remembered a woman named Rita and my traumatic misadventure with a trio of Aisling Duval sex bots. Despite...

Gernbern /
Working With Pirates

Well that was hasty. I thought signing up with Kumo Crew would be the surest path to freedom and wealth. I thought the Alliance had grown too rigid and bloated; just another uncaring, monolithic machine, like the corrupt Federation or the elitist Empire. Well, I'm a free man, and collecting credits, but the price was that which I forgot I had: pride, purpose, and security. Hauling biowaste...

CMDR Kurt Landstreicher /
18-19 февраля 3303

Предыдущие два дня были богаты на события.     Во-первых, я нашел целых две черных дыры: HIP 34707 B и p Puppis B. Продажа информации принесла кучу денег, которые я потратил на улучшенный сканер пространства с радиусом в 1000 св. с. Во-вторых, на меня вышел еще один инженер, Elvira Martuuk. Она выслала мне свои координаты и предложение помощи, как исследователю. Надо будет как-нибудь заглянуть. ...

Tman3555 /
Expedition III: Enterprise Commanders Log 9 The End...

CMDRs Log 8 Time: 0:20:10 UGT Date: 19 Feb, 3303 Those scientist bastards! They had no intention of fulfilling this contract, they just wanted to get where they wanted and abandon ship. On our way to the last destination I stumbled upon a never before seen neutron star. Unfortunately in my awed stupor, I got too close and was pulled out of cruise. Of course my ship would end up over heating...

Inyahin /
Inyahin Visits Colonia and "The Core" (Part 1)

Inyahin heard rumours that the Pilot's Federation were soontm to be reducing the benefits to rank received from transporting passengers around the Galaxy. So she decided to get out of the core, hit that neutron highway and visit colonia and SagittariusA*. She also happened across a Paladin Consortium flyer about a trip to Colonia; so she figured she'd hit two birds with one stone. First stop...

Jordan Peele /
JP's Logs [Day 1]

Arrived in Beta-1Tucanae to outfit Starjumper for grinding Imperial ranks. Gained 400 credit fine for trespassing after forgetting to request docking. Touchdown in Adams Orbital in Beta-1 Tucanae. Purchased the Imperial Courier and sold the Asp Explorer. Liftoff from Adams Orbital. Destination: Wu Guinagi (12 Jumps away) After many distractions, touchdown in Ziegel Dock in Wu Guinagi The...

Finnvos123 /
Log 25 --- 19/02/3303

--- AUDIO LOG  --- --- CMDR FINNVOS123 -- LOCATION: LHS 3447 -- DATE: 11/02/3303 --- Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard the ESS New Horizons We are about to begin our journey to Colonia Our first stop will be Hillary Depot I don't actually have any passengers on board but I will talk like this anyway Finn.... In a minute we will leave the station Please fasten your seatbelts FINN......

SH4R Qi /
Copernic Project - Around the Milky Way [DAY-8]

The Copernic Project Day 8 - 18.02.3302 Three more settlements We found more of this unknown satellites with more encrypted messages. At last we found three more settlements, very close to each other. Different stations but the same process. It seems like the involved commander's of this project didn't worked long time here... we keep an eye on it but we still have our own mission: Beagle Point,...

Eldrich Thames /
CMDR Eldrich Thames Logbook, entry #7, February 19, 3303

After making a lot of cargo and data delivery runs - and a lot of palm greas... err... donations! - the message I was waiting for finally arrived this morning! "CMDR Thames: I'm glad to report I've received word from my contact in the Navy. There is a job available for someone with your skill set. The details are being uploaded to your ship's computer as you read this. Complete this task,...

BloodSteyn /
Well that was quick | 3 Day Community Goal

CMDRs Log Date: 3303.02.19 So taking part in the Bounty Hunting free for all in Sutekh system my Vulture was able to pay for itself, upgrades and all about two times over. Firstly I raked in numerous bounties to a value of about 14M Cr and that secured me a nice spot on the Top 10% list, so when the goal ended early I found myself in possession of another 23M Cr. It was quire an adventure...