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28 Mar 3303
Renderer /

Alioth, the pretentious capital of the Alliance! Looks good from 5 light years away and even better up close, where I could finally meet Bill Turner and use his skills. Problem one: I didn't have a system permit. Problem two: I had 50 tons of Turner's bromellite ore in by hold. So, I was stuck in 78 Ursae Majoris for a few days, where I had some chance to get my permission from Alioth Independents,...

28 Mar 3303
Jellicoe /
Shadows in the Rift - Prologue

Serabrov Terminal looks shabby and ill maintained from the outside and looks, in this case, are not deceptive. This system should be a beacon of prosperity for the whole sector from the exploitation of the mineral resources in its extensive ring systems, indeed the Federation had once built a city on the planet below to service the mining boom it confidently anticipated. Then the pirates had moved...

28 Mar 3303
StonerJoe6 /
CMDR Log 1 - New Job

Stardate: 28 March 3303 Time: 15:34 Location: Sol So, I have finally finished my training and apprenticeship in exploration with the Lakon Spaceways! After 4 long years of gathering knowledge and training in engineering, cartography and piloting, I have graduated. Not only this, they have also hired me as one of their exploration crew members and I start ASAP. I have been tasked with exploring...

28 Mar 3303
Jaide /
CMDRs log, stardate 11083.9

CMDRs log, stardate 11083.9 On our previous mission we made a plan for our Gemini visit, and visited a few stars, but did not collect the right type of data we needed. So we’re going to replan our visit to those stars, recollect the data, and then head off into the beyond. We have at least a couple of hours before this body needs a rest cycle, so we should at least be able to get out of the bubble. CMDRs...

28 Mar 3303
Lt. Ben Kelsey /
Steigende Spannungen

28.03.3033 19:51 IGZ Ch'en Sytem , Solargrenze Cmdr.'s Log: Zwischenfall X21-03-08-33 Während dem Transport von William Shade, CEO von Galactic Engineering Ltd. wurde die Retribution beim Verlassen des Hyperraums von einer föderalen Corvette abgefangen. Die Nähe zur Sonne verursachte einen Notaustritt aus dem FDS-Cruise beim Versuch dem Fluchtvektor zu folgen. Leichte Hüllenschäden davongetragen....

28 Mar 3303
Toxifrost /
CMDR Toxifrost's Log 3: Ambitions Lowered

I bought my Anaconda. I flew the beast. It had surpassed all my expectations, I was on top of the galaxy. Untill I realized that my outfitting situation was extremely poor. I decided instead to sell my Anaconda and instead go back to a Python, a ship I love dearly and which I could A rate at a very cheap price. After all my credit grinding I now understand my place in this galaxy and what I wish to...

Andrew Crisp /
Entry 11 - Science and Engineering

March 27, 3303, Godwin Installation, 10 Canum Venaticorum My journeys in my first month as a registered pilot have certainly helped me to understand the size of the Bubble, as well as how modest my excrusions outside it have been. Though they seemed large to me at the time, these excursions were little more than day-trips, tentative peeks out of the supposed safety of the Bubble. If I am truly...

M. Lehman /
The Serpents and the Skulls, Chapter 2.1

This time, I did not sleep in my mistress’s bed. In fact, I did not sleep at all. Marra had been relaxing in her suite with me when the call from Degginal came in. I could tell that she was both irritated and excited to embark on some field work. The reason for the call itself was mystifying- the Gold Crew’s consular ship had sent out a distress call, and it was a matter of state that...

Paul Nicolas /
LHS 3447 to bask in the sun

So once again it's time to push back the seat of my Cutter (oh yes) park it safely for the summer, then head back to LHS 3447 back to Trevvy (as us old timers know) and once again to head home teleported back to England. To enjoy the English summer, to once more step on the green grass of home and bask in the English sun.... yeah fat chance. Anyway it's been a trying season this time around,...

XBPhoenixDfire /
#Colin4Colonia #16 - Good Bye Hillary Depot

Good Bye Hillary Depot (Blu Thua AI-A c14-10, planet A 4 A). You were a welcome relief but the course is set for Amundsen Terminal in the Lagoon Sector NI-S b4-10 system and its 4000ly away. 4000 fluxing light years?!??!? The Shiny Sidey’s Nav com says it’s approximately 83 jumps per 1000 light years so we’re looking at 40 jumps per week and that means 8 weeks until the next station?!? OMG,...