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19 Mar 3303
Li Wei-Mu Celestun /
Log Entry #016: Coalsack Nebula Expedition Day 4

19 March, 3303
Farseer Inc, DECIAT

Systems completely scanned:
HIP 61332
Musca Dark Region BQ-Y D35
Musca Dark Region BQ-Y D41
Musca Dark Region CQ-Y D86
Musca Dark Region DC-T B4-7
Musca Dark Region GX-S B4-1
Musca Dark Region LD-R B5-3

Today marks the end of my first expedition, and I'm back in Deciat again. I actually expect this expedition to last a bit longer, but an accident forced me to abandon it.

It happened when I wanted to take a break and tried to land on a high-gravity metal-rich planet. Well, its gravity wasn't even that high (a little over 1g as I checked later), but I was careless and unprepared and realized too late that my ship was descending at an alarming speed. It was a solid impact and the force scraped my puny shield off immediately. 'Hull integrity compromised', the computer announced loudly, as if I couldn't tell. It took several seconds before I got my bearing right and managed a landing.

A quick diagnostic run showed no damaged modules, but the hull health was down to 57%. From my SRV I could see a horrible dent near the ship's thruster. That was when I decided to call an end to the expedition. Flying around with a badly damaged ship is too much of a risk. I have no intention to die alone in some remote system, not to mention the unconscious dude in my cargo hold.

So this is it. My first expedition was more or less a success, up until that point when I collided with that planet. I left the escape pod to the care of the local authorities on Garay Terminal and went back on Farseer Inc. It certainly feels nice to be back. Once again I can enjoy a good night's sleep on a trusty bed.

CMDR Li, signing off.
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