Logbook entry

20 Apr 3303
Taylor Wraith /
20 April 3303 - 19:00

Location: Prism System, Deep Space

Suffering from a crisis of loyalty here slightly.  It's not common knowledge outside of my bridge crew, but I've been in contact with the Children of Raxxla over the last several months and their latest communique dated 24 March has...given me pause.  I've always had nothing but respect for Aisling Duval's political aspirations, but she seems woefully ignorant on many fronts outside of Empire politics.

While I'm far from disenchanted enough to renounce my Imperial citizenship or my ties to Pileus Libertas, all future operations for Aisling Duval's power base are now on hold.  Instead, it's time to finish our engineering upgrades, refit for long-range exploration, and delve deeper into this mess.

With that in mind, I've ordered the Hyperion to make for the 78 Ursae Majoris system with the objective of obtaining an Alioth travel permit and making contact with a man named Bill Turner.  I have 50 tons of Bromelite in the cargo hold that I'm hoping to trade for some upgrades to our AMFUs, fuel scoop, and life support systems.
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