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20 Apr 3303
Mathew of Tegalus /
April 20th 3303 - A Secure Future.

With us having made significant progress toward our goal's for our fleet, both in terms of outfitting and engineering, and having decided to firmly plant down our roots and set up shop in Fawaol permanently now, things finally feel like they're secure, we finally feel like we're safe and set up, and we can relax more often. We still have issues to sort of course, like our current cash flow situation, and finishing our fleet, but overall we're in such an incredible position compared to 12 months ago it's unreal.

This weeks community goal takes us down to Maia. It'll be the first time Katie and I have been to Obsidian Orbital since the day I met her, and we'll be spending plenty of time down here due to the competiton between the powers. We can trade between Maia and one of the new outposts in Merope, which contradicts the supply line issue but we ain't complaining, plenty of money to be made through all this.

We weren't too impressed with the reward for the previous cg either...

Asking people to give up vital Engineering Commodities and barely paying for it. There's a reason we only dumped the useless stuff we had, and said reason is that we knew this would be the outcome. It always is.

Anyway, we're not long done in Maia either.

10 trips between Alcazars hope and Obsidian Orbital, with 6 figure profits being made both ways, led us to make a tidy 6 and a half million from the trading alone. That effort alone should be enough to keep us in the top 10% at a minimum, and see a nice paycheck at the end.

It wasn't all straightforward though. We've been carrying a small 12k credit bounty from our time in Eta Cephei. Federal Navy we're adamant on randomly pulling people out of supercruise regardless of tags, and we got pissed off because all they did was drop us out and fuck off without scanning or saying a word. So naturally we double backed on them, and once one of them took us out of supercruise again, we blanked them. We've been unable to clear it, which meant we've dragged it with us all the way down to Maia and back, and given Maia is an anarchic system right now, every single time we make a break for Obsidian, someone was waiting to drop us out. Think we got about 6 or 7 kills tonight, the biggest payout shown above.

Anyway we're back in Fawaol now. We've been going non stop since we got back, and taking a look at our logs, March 29th was the last day we never made a jump. Think we'll take a break for a few days, come back Tuesday or something and see where we're at. Barnes and his family have settled into Fawaol nicely, and the Cobra we bought for him should see him improve his work intake, even though he doesn't need to work as much anymore since he was given a fair sized cheque upon arriving into Imperial Space by both of us. We didn't spend any real time in Maia or Merope, Katie wasn't too keen on catching up with old names, especially since she disappeared without a word. Maybe one day, probably not though.

Now that we've decided to plant stakes in Fawaol for good, it'll allow us to be much more relaxed about our future. We'll be able to relax about it all, and we're in good company. We've got Barnes and his family around nearby, and we're in good with the Imperial Navy at this point. We've got no long standing goals outwith fleet improvements, so all in all, we're both very happy and content at our situation, especially given our recent histories. Who knows what'll come next.

Commanders Mathew and Katie of Tegalus - 20 April 3303 22:35 GST
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