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Abraham Lincoln

Wealthy, Very large population Service and Refinery economy (Federation Democracy)

Station distance: 496 Ls | Landing pad: Large | Services: Commodity Market, Shipyard, Outfitting, Repair, Refuel, Restock | Minor Faction: Mother Gaia
Market dataStation servicesSystem infoNearestGoodsRare goods

Rare commodities near Sol

Where to buy rare goods and estimated profits

Rare goodsFromStation distanceDistance  Buy price    Profit    
Jaques Quinentian Still | Ls---8,435 Cr3 Cr
The Hutton MugHutton Orbital | Alpha Centauri6784404 Ls4.38 Ly742 Cr5 Cr
Centauri Mega GinHutton Orbital | Alpha Centauri6784404 Ls4.38 Ly3,319 Cr5 Cr
Indi BourbonMansfield Orbiter | Epsilon Indi143 Ls11.8 Ly978 Cr14 Cr
Altairian SkinSolo Orbiter | Altair666 Ls16.74 Ly489 Cr25 Cr
Ophiuch Exino ArtefactsKatzenstein Dock | 36 Ophiuchi4218858 Ls19.34 Ly4,356 Cr33 Cr
Pavonis Ear GrubsHooper Relay | Delta Pavonis195 Ls19.93 Ly662 Cr35 Cr
Pantaa Prayer SticksZamka Platform | George Pantazis46 Ls24.59 Ly1,827 Cr57 Cr
Zeessze Ant Grub GlueNicollier Hanger | Zeessze489 Ls24.64 Ly380 Cr57 Cr
Vega SlimweedTaylor City | Vega1083 Ls25.04 Ly2,398 Cr59 Cr
Mulachi Giant FungusClark Terminal | Mulachi594517 Ls36.93 Ly86 Cr184 Cr
Medb StarlubeVela Dock | Medb1685000 Ls41.65 Ly416 Cr277 Cr
Eranin Pearl WhiskyAzeban City | Eranin294 Ls43.1 Ly1,620 Cr312 Cr
Tiolce Waste2Paste UnitsGordon Terminal | Tiolce158 Ls44.14 Ly1,153 Cr340 Cr
Aganippe RushJulian Market | Aganippe117 Ls46.78 Ly8,966 Cr420 Cr
AZ Cancri Formula 42Fisher Station | AZ Cancri16 Ls50.58 Ly6,442 Cr563 Cr
Void Extract CoffeeEhrlich Orbital | LFT 1421773799 Ls50.7 Ly2,364 Cr568 Cr
Xihe Biomorphic CompanionsZhen Dock | Xihe1949 Ls52.91 Ly4,482 Cr668 Cr
Bast Snake GinHart Station | Bast205 Ls53.02 Ly1,080 Cr674 Cr
Tauri ChimesPorta | 39 Tauri994 Ls55.28 Ly924 Cr792 Cr
Chi Eridani Marine PasteSteve Masters | Chi Eridani2201 Ls58.23 Ly784 Cr970 Cr
Gerasian Gueuze BeerYurchikhin Port | Geras1052931 Ls58.25 Ly456 Cr971 Cr
V Herculis Body RubKaku Plant | V1090 Herculis1233592 Ls59.71 Ly160 Cr1,071 Cr
Honesty PillsKing Gateway | LP 375-25514700 Ls61.51 Ly1,365 Cr1,204 Cr
Waters of ShintaraJameson Memorial | Shinrarta Dezhra345 Ls64.43 Ly7,431 Cr1,446 Cr
Fujin TeaFuten Spaceport | Fujin560 Ls66.66 Ly1,003 Cr1,655 Cr
LTT HypersweetSmeaton Orbital | LTT 93601871510 Ls68.29 Ly222 Cr1,821 Cr
Terra Mater Blood BoresGr8minds | Terra Mater529 Ls69.73 Ly7,824 Cr1,977 Cr
Motrona Experience JellyPinzon Dock | Dea Motrona1759055 Ls70.38 Ly7,420 Cr2,051 Cr
Onion HeadHarvestport | Kappa Fornacis918 Ls71.63 Ly773 Cr2,198 Cr
Jaradharre Puzzle BoxGohar Station | Jaradharre526178 Ls72.26 Ly12,706 Cr2,275 Cr
Live Hecate Sea WormsRJH1972 | Hecate520 Ls75.68 Ly1,190 Cr2,723 Cr
Chameleon ClothSmith Reserve | LDS 88353966 Ls76.65 Ly1,664 Cr2,860 Cr
Non Euclidian ExotanksEuclid Terminal | LTT 8517711693 Ls76.7 Ly892 Cr2,867 Cr
Chateau de AegaeonSchweickart Station | Aegaeon11600 Ls79.55 Ly1,267 Cr3,296 Cr
Neritus BerriesToll Ring | Neritus523 Ls81.55 Ly850 Cr3,618 Cr
Ethgreze Tea BudsBloch Station | Ethgreze351 Ls81.87 Ly3,261 Cr3,672 Cr
Tanmark Tranquil TeaCassie-L-Peia | Tanmark414 Ls83.5 Ly1,814 Cr3,950 Cr
Tarach SpiceTranquillity | Tarach Tor359 Ls84.53 Ly1,056 Cr4,132 Cr
Witchhaul Kobe BeefHornby Terminal | Witchhaul220 Ls85 Ly4,520 Cr4,217 Cr
Cherbones Blood CrystalsChalker Landing | Cherbones576677 Ls86.33 Ly12,550 Cr4,461 Cr
CD-75 Kitten Brand CoffeeKirk Dock | CD-75 661339 Ls87.67 Ly2,373 Cr4,713 Cr
Wolf FeshSaunders's Dive | Wolf 1301396 Ls88.02 Ly712 Cr4,781 Cr
Master ChefsWeber Gateway | Noti73 Ls89.6 Ly20,580 Cr5,090 Cr
Coquim Spongiform VictualsHirayama Installation | Coquim606 Ls91.24 Ly255 Cr5,419 Cr
Mokojing Beast FeastNoli Terminal | Mokojing539084 Ls93.79 Ly2,681 Cr5,949 Cr
Gilya Signature WeaponsBell Orbital | Gilya460 Ls94.72 Ly7,290 Cr6,147 Cr
Momus Bog SpanielTartarus Point | Momus Reach414 Ls95.67 Ly1,177 Cr6,351 Cr
Alya Body SoapMalaspina Gateway | Alya540000 Ls101.01 Ly454 Cr7,534 Cr
Korro Kung PelletsLonchakov Orbital | Korro Kung622042 Ls101.74 Ly240 Cr7,699 Cr
Utgaroar Millennial EggsFort Klarix | Utgaroar169 Ls102.9 Ly1,795 Cr7,962 Cr
Helvetitj PearlsFriend Orbital | Helvetitj445 Ls103.77 Ly3,620 Cr8,160 Cr
Mechucos High TeaBrandenstein Port | Mechucos534137 Ls104.76 Ly1,345 Cr8,385 Cr
Arouca Conventual SweetsShipton Orbital | Arouca397 Ls105.26 Ly1,203 Cr8,499 Cr
Banki Amphibious LeatherParsons Vista | Banki100000 Ls105.42 Ly630 Cr8,535 Cr
Giant VerrixGreeboski's Outpost | Phiagre85 Ls107.71 Ly6,522 Cr9,056 Cr
Baltah'Sine Vacuum KrillBaltha'Sine Station | Baltah'Sine359 Ls109.77 Ly825 Cr9,522 Cr
Azure MilkGeorge Lucas | Leesti268 Ls111.03 Ly3,010 Cr9,805 Cr
Leestian Evil JuiceGeorge Lucas | Leesti268 Ls111.03 Ly334 Cr9,805 Cr
Diso Ma CornShifnalport | Diso284 Ls112.2 Ly180 Cr10,065 Cr
Uszaian Tree GrubGuest Installation | Uszaa4350 Ls112.71 Ly965 Cr10,178 Cr
Eleu ThermalsFinney Dock | Eleu333 Ls113.76 Ly864 Cr10,409 Cr
Esuseku CaviarSavinykh Orbital | Esuseku275 Ls113.8 Ly2,450 Cr10,418 Cr
Orrerian Vicious BrewSharon Lee Free Market | Orrere961 Ls114.05 Ly533 Cr10,472 Cr
Lavian BrandyLave Station | Lave280 Ls114.54 Ly3,500 Cr10,579 Cr
Leathery EggsRidley Scott | Zaonce372 Ls117.02 Ly22,643 Cr11,110 Cr
Borasetani PathogeneticsKatzenstein Terminal | Borasetani229 Ls119.12 Ly8,269 Cr11,546 Cr
Rusani Old SmokeyFernandes Market | Rusani73 Ls119.56 Ly5,810 Cr11,635 Cr
Thrutis CreamKingsbury Dock | Thrutis291 Ls120.89 Ly925 Cr11,902 Cr
Uzumoku Low-G WingsSverdrup Ring | Uzumoku505322 Ls121.07 Ly8,485 Cr11,938 Cr
HR 7221 WheatVeron City | HR 72211888 Ls121.93 Ly415 Cr12,107 Cr
Jotun MookahIcelock | Jotun78 Ls122.14 Ly1,252 Cr12,148 Cr
Aepyornis EggGlushko Station | 47 Ceti600000 Ls122.23 Ly2,654 Cr12,165 Cr
Ceti RabbitsKaufmanis hub | 47 Ceti594112 Ls122.23 Ly1,675 Cr12,165 Cr
Vidavantian LaceLee Mines | Vidavanta516931 Ls122.74 Ly6,771 Cr12,263 Cr
Havasupai Dream CatcherLovelace Port | Havasupai601314 Ls123.84 Ly9,636 Cr12,472 Cr
Ceremonial Heike TeaBrunel City | Heike410 Ls126.02 Ly1,920 Cr12,871 Cr
Any Na CoffeeLibby Orbital | Any Na580 Ls126.46 Ly1,790 Cr12,949 Cr
HIP Proto-SquidAndersson Station | HIP 41181536714 Ls129.29 Ly1,488 Cr13,432 Cr
Albino Quechua Mammoth MeatCrown Ring | Quechua118 Ls130.16 Ly2,538 Cr13,574 Cr
Damna CarapacesNemere Market | Damna2570 Ls130.77 Ly315 Cr13,671 Cr
Kachirigin Filter LeechesNowak Orbital | Kachirigin340 Ls131.35 Ly473 Cr13,762 Cr
Vanayequi Ceratomorpha FurClauss Hub | Vanayequi81 Ls133.24 Ly615 Cr14,047 Cr
HIP 10175 Bush MeatStefanyshyn-Piper Station | HIP 101754850 Ls133.71 Ly2,105 Cr14,115 Cr
Kongga AleLaplace Ring | Kongga254 Ls136.89 Ly585 Cr14,551 Cr
Belalans Ray LeatherBoscovich Ring | Belalans79 Ls138.18 Ly882 Cr14,714 Cr
HIP OrganophosphatesStasheff Colony | HIP 803642637 Ls138.62 Ly385 Cr14,768 Cr
Anduliga Fire WorksCelsius Estate | Anduliga626220 Ls138.89 Ly891 Cr14,800 Cr
Ochoeng ChilliesRoddenberry Gateway | Ochoeng484 Ls139.24 Ly998 Cr14,842 Cr
Burnham Bile DistillateBurnham Beacon | HIP 59533529325 Ls141.3 Ly806 Cr15,077 Cr
Deuringas TrufflesShukor Hub | Deuringas802 Ls141.98 Ly1,892 Cr15,151 Cr
Delta Phoenicis PalmsTrading Post | Delta Phoenicis3770 Ls142.13 Ly412 Cr15,167 Cr
Eden Apples Of AerialAndrade Legacy | Aerial180 Ls144.06 Ly621 Cr15,363 Cr
Ngadandari Fire OpalsNapier Terminal | Ngadandari528199 Ls146.4 Ly16,028 Cr15,579 Cr
Haidne Black BrewSearfoss Enterprise | Haiden561367 Ls149.26 Ly1,374 Cr15,814 Cr
Karetii CoutureSinclair Platform | Karetii990 Ls154.47 Ly5,225 Cr16,163 Cr
Kamorin Historic WeaponsGodwin Vision | Kamorin447 Ls155.06 Ly2,678 Cr16,197 Cr
Nguna Modern AntiquesBiggle Hub | Nguna1872 Ls161.55 Ly930 Cr16,501+ Cr
Kinago ViolinsFozard Ring | Kinago1723 Ls164.67 Ly7,279 Cr16,608+ Cr
Toxandji VirocideTsunenaga Orbital | Toxandji7749 Ls167.14 Ly535 Cr16,679+ Cr
Mukusubii Chitin-osLedyard Dock | Mukusubii505456 Ls167.28 Ly661 Cr16,683+ Cr
Volkhab Bee DronesVernadsky Dock | Volkhab399 Ls172.53 Ly3,262 Cr16,797+ Cr
Rajukru Multi-StovesSnyder Terminal | Rajukru117 Ls173.18 Ly682 Cr16,808+ Cr
Wulpa Hyperbore SystemsWilliams Gateway | Wulpa29 Ls173.57 Ly1,175 Cr16,814+ Cr
Geawen Dance DustObruchev Legacy | Geawen426261 Ls174.17 Ly1,022 Cr16,824+ Cr
Yaso Kondi LeafWheeler Market | Yaso Kondi112 Ls175.98 Ly6,060 Cr16,850+ Cr
Alacarakmo Skin ArtWeyl Gateway | Alacarakmo14 Ls179.54 Ly1,421 Cr16,892+ Cr
Sanuma Decorative MeatDunyach Gateway | Sanuma5881 Ls183.2 Ly860 Cr16,924+ Cr
Giant Irukama SnailsBlaauw City | Irukama325 Ls183.85 Ly1,810 Cr16,929+ Cr
Holva Duelling BladesKreutz Orbital | Holva13529 Ls185.57 Ly6,518 Cr16,940+ Cr
Rapa Bao Snake SkinsFlagg Gateway | Rapa Bao2366 Ls193.44 Ly254 Cr16,973+ Cr
Kamitra CigarsHammel Terminal | Kamitra83 Ls194.28 Ly6,218 Cr16,976+ Cr
Jaroua RiceMcCool City | Jaroua142 Ls194.5 Ly385 Cr16,976+ Cr
Soontill RelicsCheranovsky City | Ngurii1263 Ls195.2 Ly17,000 Cr16,978+ Cr
Wuthielo Ku FrothTarter Dock | Wuthielo Ku174 Ls202.32 Ly420 Cr16,990+ Cr
Njangari SaddlesLee Hub | Njangari21483 Ls215.47 Ly650 Cr16,998+ Cr
Karsuki LocustsWest Market | Karsuki Ti27 Ls223.11 Ly915 Cr16,999+ Cr
Goman Yaupon CoffeeGustav Sporer Port | Goman271 Ls232.17 Ly1,451 Cr16,999+ Cr
Wheemete Wheat CakesEisinga Enterprise | Wheemete552258 Ls241.03 Ly262 Cr16,999+ Cr
Eshu UmbrellasShajn Terminal | Eshu1742 Ls275.61 Ly2,050 Cr16,999+ Cr
Sothis Crystalline GoldNewholm Station | Sothis1817 Ls494.49 Ly15,905 Cr17,000+ Cr
Location used: Sol
Estimated profits are based on distance from the seller. Bigger distance means bigger profit, roughly up to 160Ly.


Salvage items (mostly illegal)

SalvageAvg sell price  
AI Relics91,738 Cr
Ancient Artefact5,000 Cr
Antiquities83,624 Cr
Assault Plans280 Cr
Black Box525 Cr
Commercial Samples225 Cr
Diplomatic Bag370 Cr
Encrypted Correspondence240 Cr
Encrypted Data Storage570 Cr
Experimental Chemicals2,250 Cr
Geological Samples275 Cr
Hafnium 17872,746 Cr
Hostage9,750 Cr
Large Survey Data Cache153,826 Cr
Military Intelligence58,197 Cr
Military Plans5,400 Cr
Occupied Cryopod4,474 Cr
Occupied Escape Pod4,474 Cr
Political Prisoner106,500 Cr
Prototype Tech6,100 Cr
Rare Artwork4,779 Cr
Rebel Transmissions2,100 Cr
SAP 8 Core Container60,429 Cr
Scientific Research430 Cr
Scientific Samples132,650 Cr
Tactical Data280 Cr
Technical Blueprints3,750 Cr
Trade Data1,450 Cr
Trinkets of Hidden Fortune880 Cr
Unknown Artefact242,485 Cr
Unstable Data Core1,960 Cr