08 May 3303
Borggy /
The Expedition

I have officially launched with the Azophi Expedition, our journey will take us through the Formidine Rift and the Heisenberg Bridge and beyond...mostly on the outer rim where it has been left untouched. It was quite the sight, I just made it on time before a second launch. That was a thrill as everyone was getting into position and I had no idea where we was going too. The first waypoint was in...

06 May 3303
Leigh Fury /
And I'm off

Surprise #1: there are over 100 ships going on this expedition. Surprise #2: we are not going coreward...we are going to the outer arm. Now I understand why they said to fit a high jump range...we are crossing arms. I've never been this direction, I don't know what to expect. They've only now told us our next rally point...nothing past that yet. If we hit the rally points on the designated...

05 May 3303
Leigh Fury /
Interesting meeting

Well...that was interesting and a bit odd. I met with the Consortium rep at <redacted>. The Consortium offered membership even before the trip starts, and oddest of all, they offered a very large amount of credits up-front, already wired back home....and five times that amount at the end of the trip if I sell my exploration data to them rather then Caucuma. Of course I accepted. The up...

04 May 3303
Leigh Fury /
Interesting message

I've received a direct message from a Consortium Rep. It seems they want me to stop over at <redacted> before the Expedition starts tomorrow. This is apparently a mobile docking platform...should be interesting to see one of these. Hopefully the Consortium plans to give me a little more detail on what this expedition is about, and where we are going. Based on the GalNet info I've read in...

29 Apr 3303
Borggy /
A Time Of Truth? (Salome, Thargoids, Something Greater?)

It has been a while since I've been out in the deep black, here, I have remained inside the bubble. Took a holiday to breathe for a bit, you know- plus I'm an old man so one needs to stretch his legs. I went to New Africa in Epsilon Eridani and it was nice to go back home, "Home"- the actual place where I was born. Mitterand Hollow was my home but...ahhh, they both are. The moon and the world,...

21 Mar 3303
Borggy /

I've decided to set the ship on auto-pilot and have plotted a course for home. Spending some time throughout neutron and white dwarf star fields have gotten tiring. I could spend all my time out there... It's there however and I can always go back to it, possibly set a course to the opposite side of where Colonia is and then go straight across the galactic core too Colonia. Anyway I have been...

21 Mar 3303
Borggy /
The Expanse

The Colonia Expanse is filled with wonders, I've been surveying the neutron stars nearby, and black holes. I also scanned a few of those rare carbon stars, S class, MS class- those types. Their are few in the vicinity, 800ly or so...could be more closer but I found ones which are just 800-1000ly away, give or take. Ughh, what I do for Universal Cartographics! and the Pilots Federation...so close...

12 Mar 3303
Aldus Pacana /
Personal Log #0001

The local faction keep trying to drag me into their petty ongoing conflicts.  My days of combat are now far behind me.  I served under Major Dennis Bloodnock who defeated the dreaded 'batter pudding hurler' of Bexhill Terminal armed only with cunning, cowardice, a plastic lettuce and a wax impression of Florence Nightingale’s teeth!  I have had my fill of violence and hope to see out my days trading...

07 Mar 3303
Chewbury /
Well, here goes nothing.

So, having just deposited my last load of shit from Sothis, I'm back home in Magnus Gateway. Not a bad haul of credits, all things considered. Enough to let me make a little progress in getting Calm Horizons upgraded to a more useable spec. Currently rigged for all cargo, but I've been eyeing up one of those new fighter bays. Question is, do I want some blow-hard combat pilot slouching around the ship...

06 Mar 3303
Trickylion /

Wow, finally got sol and sirius permits at same town. Was grinding up sirius Corp at proycon, there are 4 stations there, but its slow and dont do massacre or mining missions, also paying up fed rank at same time, cost a fortune right down to my rebuy level in new asp, a dream machine after the ugly keelback and little Viper IV, then a lot if hamging around in sirius for my engineer mission invite...
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Wing info

Name: The Explorer's Consortium
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Xbox
Language: ---

Wing commander: Azazul
Members: 109
Ships: 368
Supporters: 1

Average combat rank: Novice
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Trailblazer

In coalition with: