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Jav Marlo / today
SLAVE TRADE - Chapter I: Idealistic folks

SLAVE TRADE - Chapter I: Idealistic folks 14 SEP 3305, Hamilton Gateway, system Wolf 406 (Headquarters of the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps) This is Jav Marlo, on board the Electra, landed at Hamilton Gateway, the headquarters of the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps, in system Wolf 406. I have...

AustralianChaos / today
SuperNova Trek; Day 1 - Time Travellers

September 19, 3305 Day 1 - Time Travellers Well, that break certainly lasted, didn’t it? What can I say, being a star pilot isn’t a job to me, it’s a calling. You can’t keep me away from my fleet of ships, and you certainly can’t keep me from wandering the Bubble or venturing out into the...

Keltorx / today
Training wheels off

This morning I woke up with a purpose deeply set in my mind: it was time to leave the Pilot's Federation District. Not only was it time to take off the training wheels of Pandorica II, my trustworthy Viper MkIII, it was time to fit in an upgraded A.I. on my ship. Enter EDDI. Once I get to know my...

Daylonne / yesterday
Galactic Politics and Mining

Now into my second week flying around the galaxy, I've started to experience the first bit of galactic politics with my player faction.  It appears a neighboring player factions influence has been spreading into our home system and efforts are being made to bribe and work with the other resident factions...

Korz / yesterday
Following her orders

It was after 5 in the afternoon, I was still in my shirt and pajama bottoms, and I was still drinking coffee when Jean walked through the door. She came up and gave me a hug and said she was happy to see that I listened to her and didn't go out today at all. She goes into the bedroom and changes...
Stephen Niemand
No name
Ted Buckland
Dear Diary
17 Sep 3305
Logbook entry 7:
17 Sep 3305
Slowing down for a bit
17 Sep 3305
Transcript: Boo
16 Sep 3305
The Ferry of the Black
16 Sep 3305
A Ray of Hope?
16 Sep 3305
The Truth Is Out There
Ted Buckland
16 Sep 3305
Dear Diary
16 Sep 3305

Galnet news

18 Sep 3305
Rockforth Corporation Reveals New Fertiliser

A new agricultural fertiliser has been released by the Rockforth Corporation in response to growing concerns over low harvests in several systems.

Rex Whitlock, the company’s marketing director, gave this statement to shareholders:

“We at Rockforth are deeply concerned by the recent reports of poor staple crop yields. We are determined to ensure that the food-supply chains are not impacted.”

“Our new EX7 fertiliser has been synthetically enhanced to enrich soil, increase macronutrients and promote growth across all types of cropland. We have prioritised its development and are confident that it will help minimise the risk of future food shortages.”

“Distribution of the fertiliser has started at Marshall Dock in the Riedquat system. We encourage traders to take advantage of our introductory prices.”

Many farmers have already begun putting the new fertiliser to use, but Dr Genevieve Kane of the Interstellar Association for Agriculture commented:

“There are concerns that, in order to bring this new product to market quickly, Rockforth may not have satisfied all regulatory checks. The IAA has therefore requested tight regulation of the fertiliser’s distribution until full compliance can be verified.”

13 Sep 3305
Agricultural Industry Predicts Low Harvest

The Interstellar Association for Agriculture has announced that below-average crop yields are expected in several key locations.

Dr Genevieve Kane, writing on behalf of the organisation, published this statement:

“Recent audits conducted on two primary agricultural worlds, located in Diso and Orerve, indicate that staple food harvests have been markedly lower in recent months.”

“Broader data analysis suggests that crop returns in several other systems may also fail to meet projected quotas. An investigation is underway to identify the reasons for this drop in produce.”

“To prevent a shortage of produce from impacting consumers, the IAA is reviewing options to enhance the fertility of cropland used for domestic consumption. These include newly proposed synthetic treatments that we hope will increase the sustainability of essential harvests.”

The situation was first highlighted during the Alliance Festival of Culture’s culinary week, when events in the Diso system were impacted by difficulties in sourcing fresh ingredients. Subsequent reports have indicated that these shortages are not unique to Allied space.

08 Sep 3305
Week in Review

Here are this week’s main stories.

The Alliance Festival of Culture has drawn to a close with a celebration of food and drink in the Diso system. Attendees sampled dishes prepared by celebrated chefs, and enjoyed a wide variety of complementary beverages. Suppliers managed to overcome initial concerns that low harvests in nearby systems would impact the festival. Prime Minister Mahon hailed the event as a huge success.

The Sap Core Legion faction has announced the successful conclusion of its initiative to outfit a new orbital medical facility in the Heike system. The installation, Swords Rest Medical Facility, is now operational around Heike 1.

And those are the main stories this week.

06 Sep 3305
Alliance Festival of Culture Celebrates Finale

The Alliance Festival of Culture has entered its final week with a celebration of food and drink on the planet Birmingham in the Diso system.

Corinne Macintyre, culture correspondent for the Alliance Tribune, reported:

“City streets are lined with stalls offering a wide range of food. Dishes range from humble, home-cooked recipes using local speciality Diso Ma Corn, to delicacies such as baked greebles. Drink connoisseurs have sampled everything from Ethgreze Tea Buds to Leestian Evil Juice, while a multi-storey cocktail bar sponsored by distillers of Lavian Brandy has attracted revellers.”

“Despite some companies experiencing difficulty sourcing ingredients, following lower than expected harvests in some systems, this event has been enjoyed by millions of hungry visitors.”

To mark the conclusion of the seven-week festival, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon made this announcement:

“I’d like to offer my sincerest thanks to everyone who helped make the Alliance Festival of Culture a grand success. We’ve enjoyed amazing artwork, heard beautiful music and experienced great theatre in recent weeks, much to our delight. I have been reminded just how diverse and colourful the Alliance’s shared cultures can be. Artists and creatives across the galaxy are invited to make the Alliance their home and further enrich this vibrant society.”

Lucifer Rising
18 Sep 2019


Vedanga Jyotisha

The Vedāṅga Jyotiṣa, or Jyotiṣavedāṅga (Devanagari वेदाङ्ग ज्योतिष) is one of earliest known Indian text on astronomy and astrology (Jyotisha). The text is foundational to Jyotisha, one of the six Vedanga disciplines. It was composed by Lagadha.

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