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27 May 3303
Galactic News: Weekly Expansion Report

Here are the latest factions to have expanded into new systems:
  • Parhul Silver Electronics Hldgs | Parhul
  • Movement for Tobarci Confederacy | Tobarci
  • G 167-35 Corp. |
  • Integrated HIP 1055 |
  • LP 644-15 Gang | LP 644-15
  • Wakam Central Commodities |
  • 109 Virginis Ltd |
  • HIP 99271 Regulatory State | HIP 99271
  • HIP 47058 Central Corp. | HIP 47058
  • Hehe Federal Interstellar |
Expansions occur when a minor faction reaches a sufficient level of influence and there is a populated system within striking distance. Expansion is costly, so when a faction expands, the wealth and development level of the system it controls are temporarily reduced.

Here are the latest factions in withdrawal:Factions are considered to be in withdrawal if their level of influence within a system drops below a certain level. If the faction's influence remains low for a total of five days, the faction must leave the system entirely. If the faction manages to increase its level of influence, it remains in the system.
NOTE: Data is correct at time of publishing.

26 May 3303
Galactic News: Weekly Conflict Report

This weekly transmission takes the latest GalNet data and lists some of the systems currently in conflict around the galaxy.
Here are minor factions involved in a civil war:Civil wars occur when minor factions compete for control of major assets such as starports. When a faction is involved in a civil war, the standard of living, development level and security level in the system it controls are temporarily reduced. Combat activities can bring a civil war to an end.

The following are minor factions at war:Wars occur when a minor faction invades a star system controlled by another minor faction. For the duration of the war, the standard of living, wealth level and security level in the disputed system are reduced. Combat activity between the two warring factions determines the outcome of the conflict. If neither faction succeeds in dominating the other, the war ends in a ceasefire.
NOTE: Data is correct at time of publishing.

25 May 3303
Community Goal: Superpower Expansion

In recent weeks, both the Empire and the Federation have accelerated their expansion plans in the Maia and Merope systems, deploying dozens of ships and establishing a number of outposts. The latest phase of these campaigns will see both superpowers constructing bases in the Pleiades region.

The Empire has authorised the Merope Expeditionary Fleet to coordinate its campaign, while the Pleiades Resource Enterprise has agreed to oversee the Federal appeal. Both organisations have placed open orders for construction materials, promising to reward pilots who deliver tantalum, building fabricators and thermal cooling units to their respective bases of operation – PRE Logistics Support Gamma for the Federal campaign and Moni's Hub for the Imperial initiative.

Both campaigns begin on the 25th of May and will run for one week. If either the Empire or the Federation meets its targets earlier than planned, its campaign will end immediately.

25 May 3303
Galactic News: Order Restored in Colonia

A spokesperson for the Colonia Council has announced that the agitators causing discord in the Eol Prou Lw-L C8-215 system have been eliminated. Hundreds of pilots supported the operation, taking to their ships to tackle the criminals that had taken root in system. The Junkyard Dogs have also confirmed that security personnel have been stationed at the agitators’ outposts to prevent reoccupation.

As the campaign drew to a close, a spokesperson for the Junkyard Dogs released a statement:

“Colonia is more than just a system – it is a symbol. It cannot be allowed to fall into a quagmire of criminality and corruption like so many of the core systems. It must be protected. The pilots who purged Eol Prou Lw-L C8-215 of the criminals infesting it have our everlasting gratitude.”

Pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect their rewards from Tolagarf's Junkjard.

Community goals

Imperial Appeal for Construction Materials (Trade)
25 May 3303

Maia [Moni's Hub]
Deliver Tantalum, Building Fabricators, and Thermal Cooling Units
Federal Appeal for Construction Materials (Trade)
25 May 3303

Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5 [PRE Logistics Support Gamma]
Deliver Tantalum,Building Fabricators and Thermal Cooling Units
Colonia Migration Appeal, May 3303 (Rares, very long distance ...)
04 May 3303

Colonia [Jaques Station]
Deliver Galactic Travel Guides from Bluford Orbital in LHS 3447


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Alexander Abasheli

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Alexander Abasheli (Georgian: ალექსანდრე აბაშელი) was a penname of Isaac Chochia (ისააკ ჩოჩია) (August 15, 1884 – September 27, 1954), a Georgian poet and prose writer.

Born into a peasant family in Sachochio, near Abasha, he was involved in the Russian Revolution of 1905 and was exiled to Solvychegodsk in 1906. Returning to Georgia in 1908, he wrote for local press and had his first lyrics published first in Russian, and then in Georgian. He came under the influence of then-fashionable trends of Symbolism, with his first collection of lyrics "The Smile of the Sun" (მზის სიცილი; 1913) being impregnated with what has been described by critics as the "cult of the Sun".

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