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Community goals

Distant Worlds Resource Initiative
07 Mar 3305

Explorer's Anchorage | Stuemeae FG-Y d7561
Deliver Bauxite, Water and Liquid Oxygen

Distant Worlds Security Detail
07 Mar 3305

Explorer's Anchorage | Stuemeae FG-Y d7561
Deliver bounty vouchers

Macrosphere Mining Petition
28 Feb 3305

Grandin Terminal | DS Leonis
Deliver Benitoite, Grandidierite, Alexandrite

Macrosphere Component Requisition
28 Feb 3305

Grandin Terminal | DS Leonis
Deliver Aluminium, Auto-Fabricators, Micro Controllers

Recent stories

Xhaler / yesterday
Distant Worlds II - PART 2 (Waypoint 6-12)

14-02-3305 - One month has passed since we did our first jump from Pallaeni and started this epic journey. Still going strong and I am now on my way to WP6. The fleet is starting to get real close to SagA* which I believe will be at waypoint 7, and we are all so excited to see the new station and also...

Worldbuilder92 / yesterday
Entry 2: First Expedition Photo

Day 9 2nd Jump Complete:  Flyooe Dryeia LH-L C24-0 The first thing I noticed as I left to chart nearby systems was how bright and... distinct the galactic core looks from here.  It feels like I'm actually seeing the Milky Way for the first time.  Our home galaxy... everything I've ever known -...

Switch Killington / yesterday
Log 033: Shadow Luna

Been a couple weeks since last log entry.  Couple reason, firstly having the squadron to chit chat with while flying helps with the space madness.  Secondly, I crashed my ship directly into a planet.  It happened soon after my last log update, at least if I recall correctly.   I was about 30 jumps...
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Security report

Pilots Federation murder attempts (Last hour)

1 in Aruru

Pilots Federation murder attempts (Last 2 days)

Medium threat in Eravate
Medium threat in Shinrarta Dezhra
Medium threat in Aganippe
Medium threat in LTT 47
Medium threat in Aruru
Medium threat in Deciat
Low threat in Maia
Low threat in LHS 3006
Low threat in OU Geminorum
Low threat in LP 98-132

Operations against Thargoids

Stations damaged

Karachkina Orbital | HIP 9141
Haignere City | OU Geminorum
Julian Market | Aganippe
Curtis Outpost | Ross 1057
Joseph Delambre Station | LTT 617
van den Bergh Hub | Domoth
Froud Hub | HIP 17298
Wenzel Terminal | Kambo
Liwei Terminal | GD 140
Baillaud Dock | Gliese 58
with 61 additional stations under repair
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Most visited systems

Star system%
Shinrarta Dezhra8.90
Stuemeae FG-Y d75611.61
LHS 200.75
Note: Based on Inara commanders only.

Powers history

11 Apr 3305
Zachary Hudson
Gained control over Kanus
11 Apr 3305
Felicia Winters
Gained control over Skardee
11 Apr 3305
Li Yong-Rui
Gained control over HIP 23395
11 Apr 3305
Denton Patreus
Gained control over Shokondii
04 Apr 3305
Edmund Mahon
Gained control over Crowfor

Latest Galnet news

19 Apr 3305
Hadrian Duval Confirms Pact

Hadrian Augustus Duval has provided a statement regarding his recent communications with Princess Aisling Duval.

The following announcement was broadcast on all Imperial media channels:

“After much discussion, Princess Aisling and I have formally agreed to a non-aggression pact. While it would be premature for either side to consider the other an ally, we have pledged not to oppose each other or interfere with the activities of our respective supporters.”

“I am grateful to my cousin for her courage in establishing contact. Although I stand firm on my previously stated beliefs, at Aisling’s request I will review Nova Imperium’s policies with an open mind.”

“For now, I must remain a member of the Imperial family in exile.”

19 Apr 3305
Vodel Purchased by Core Dynamics

Vodel is a familiar name to many, the independent company having cornered the market in personal land vehicles in recent years. But according to The Federal Times, a downturn in profits has led to the company being purchased by Core Dynamics, a giant in the field of starship manufacture.

Core Dynamics CEO Jupiter Rochester gave the following statement to The Federal Times:

“There’s no question that the Vodel team possesses considerable expertise, and I’m delighted that Core Dynamics was able to help them in their hour of need.”

“Vodel’s core team of designers and engineers will remain in place under our roof, so consumers can rest easy – the Scarab they know and love will remain unchanged.”

In a piece for Vox Galactica, business analyst Marlon Royce observed:

“Core Dynamics was smart to keep the Vodel team intact, since they clearly know their stuff. It’s an excellent deal for both companies.”

18 Apr 3305
Thargoids Wreak Havoc in Core Systems

It has now been more than two months since the Thargoids began a concentrated assault on the core systems, and in that time they have attacked dozens of starports, resulting in thousands of casualties.

As authorities in the affected systems continue to appeal for aid, Admiral Aden Tanner, Aegis’s chief military liaison, has offered the following assessment:

“What’s surprising is that the Thargoids aren’t targeting our most important social or military centres, such as the superpowers’ home systems. There’s no doubt that they’re trying to weaken us, but evidently they’re guided by different principles than those that typically govern human martial strategy.”

“What we can say is this: with capital ships of limited use against Thargoid craft, independent combat pilots remain our best defence against the Thargoids.”