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Community goals

Rockforth Fertiliser Disposal Initiative
16 Oct 3305

Wiley Port | Teveri
Deliver Rockforth Fertiliser

Diso Initiative for Famine Prevention
10 Oct 3305

Shifnalport | Diso
Pesticides, Synthetic Reagents and Grain

Orerve Appeal for Famine Prevention
10 Oct 3305

Watson Station | Orerve
Pesticides, Synthetic Reagents and Grain

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Tzebra / today
Moving to High Range

15:34, 19th October, 3305 Moving to the high-range, Orang 2, Orang System My trusted horse moves with an economical pace for the slowly ascending terrain. The sounds of muffled beeping from the tablet in the saddle-bag, maintains a metronome synchronicity. This would need to be attended, though...

Bingo Bango / yesterday
CMDR Log 2: War, and a Call for Help

Growing up I remember hearing stories of war. There were stories of heroes; stories of valour and sacrifice. Stories of underdogs holding fast against insurmountable forces. They sure do make for good stories. I was resting on my cot, watching the headlines scroll by on Galnet but too exhausted...

Zebulon / yesterday

Something you should never do is to act on an impulse when bored. Well, I did. I went for a view to see what my old pal was up to, couldn't find him on the net so went to find him myself. One thing led to another and after a couple of light shit shifting jobs to get rid of some toxic fertilizer that's...
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Security report

Pilots Federation murder attempts (Last hour)

1 in V886 Centauri
9 in Teveri

Pilots Federation murder attempts (Last 2 days)

Extreme threat in Teveri
Medium threat in Shinrarta Dezhra
Medium threat in Fortuna
Medium threat in Deciat
Medium threat in Cubeo
Low threat in BAG 7
Low threat in Wyrd
Low threat in San Tu
Low threat in Hyades Sector DR-V c2-23
Low threat in HIP 19934

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None known
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Most visited systems

Star system%
Shinrarta Dezhra10.11
LP 98-1321.49
Hyades Sector DB-X d1-1120.88
HIP 219910.82
Note: Based on Inara commanders only.

Powers history

12 Sep 3305
Edmund Mahon
Gained control over V2578 Ophiuchii
12 Sep 3305
Archon Delaine
Lost control over Panjabell
12 Sep 3305
Archon Delaine
Lost control over Hiranyaksha
12 Sep 3305
Archon Delaine
Lost control over Oxlahatta
05 Sep 3305
Zachary Hudson
Gained control over Mislika

Latest Galnet news

18 Oct 3305
Superpowers Collaborate to Investigate Blight

A collaborative body has been formed by the three superpowers to trace the source of the blight that is laying waste to crops on key agricultural worlds.

The development was covered by journalist Adalyn Cross for Vox Galactica:

“We know that the Rockforth fertiliser caused the advanced decay that has affected so many crops, but the specifics remain unclear. Was the corrupted fertiliser the result of an industrial manufacturing error, or perhaps sabotage by a rival company? Is there evidence of a deliberate effort to harm the people of the core systems?”

“With billions of citizens facing food shortages, departments from all three superpowers are collaborating to identify the origin of the blight and halt its progress. The speed with which the blight has spread is frankly stunning.”

Rex Whitlock, marketing director at Rockforth Corporation, released this statement:

“This development has come as a shock to everyone at Rockforth. Our EX7 fertiliser passed many rigorous tests and successfully increased crop productivity in controlled experiments, so we have no explanation for its calamitous effects.”

“We would like to reassure customers and shareholders alike that we are cooperating fully with the investigation.”

16 Oct 3305
Initiative to Eradicate Rockforth Fertiliser

The Rockforth Corporation’s EX7 fertiliser has been linked to the blight affecting crops in a number of systems, prompting an initiative to remove the product from the market.

Dr Genevieve Kane of the Interstellar Association for Agriculture delivered an urgent message:

“Comparative analysis has confirmed that the blight is caused by the EX7 fertiliser. The original poor harvests have been attributed to natural factors, and it is now thought that the situation could have been contained had the fertiliser not exacerbated the problem.”

“Initial food shortages were offset by a recent trade appeal in the Diso and Orerve systems, but the blight’s symptoms have since been reported in hundreds of systems. While we investigate the reasons for this rapid spread, preventing further fertiliser distribution is vital.”

Rockforth fertiliser can now be collected at zero cost from the following markets:

Sharon Lee Free Market, Orrere

Lave Station, Lave

Warinus, Lave

Shifnalport, Diso

Davies High, Reorte

Watson Station, Orerve

Roentgen Hub, LFT 37

Macedo Station, Lei Zi

Phillips Gateway, Ensoreus

Baird Gateway, Arque

La Soeur du Dan Ham, Riedquat

The Teveri Progressive Party has arranged for the safe disposal of the fertiliser and has offered to compensate pilots for their efforts. The fertiliser should be delivered to Wiley Port in the Teveri system.

To expedite this initiative, Lakon Spaceways has agreed to lower the cost of the Type-6 Transporter, Type-7 Transporter and Type-9 Heavy. Cargo rack prices have also been reduced in all starports.

The initiative is scheduled to run from the 16th to the 22nd of October 3305. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.

14 Oct 3305
The Mystery of the Blight

The cause of mass crop spoilage on key agricultural worlds has been attributed to a new disease affecting plants.

Dr Genevieve Kane of the Interstellar Association for Agriculture summarised the organisation’s findings:

“The rapid decay of plant life on multiple planets was caused by the same strain of advanced blight. Its origin and vectors remain unknown, and it has so far resisted all established methods of treatment.”

“Our analysis has not determined if the blight is a natural mutation or an artificial pathogen. Until we confirm this and develop a method of preventing further spread, viable cropland will become scarcer and the production of staple foods will continue to drop.”

“The Vandermeer Corporation has offered to assist the IAA with its research. The company’s experience of molecular diagnostics will hopefully contribute to a breakthrough.”

Journalist Adalyn Cross reported on this development for Vox Galactica:

“Speculation on the cause of the blight has spread like wildfire, with theories ranging from chronic mismanagement to industrial sabotage. Political enemies are also being blamed in every affected system, with competing factions quick to lay the blame at each other’s doorstep.”

“As tensions rise and billions find themselves short on food, such accusations are likely to escalate to dangerous levels. Trade initiatives and charitable imports are all proving helpful, but will that be enough to stave off disaster?”