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Musgravite is an oxide mineral first discovered on Earth in the Musgrave mountain range in Australia, hence its name.

Produced by:
Consumed by:
Avg sell price:
272,914 Cr
Max sell price:
804,717 Cr
Avg buy price:
0 Cr
Min buy price:
0 Cr

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Where to sell Musgravite near Sol

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Titan City | Sol L5030 Ls---1,313199,861 Cr8 minutes ago
Burnell Station | Sol M363 Ls---1,937199,861 Cr1 hour ago
Columbus | Sol L2538 Ls---1,829199,861 Cr8 hours ago
Daedalus | Sol L223 Ls---20,766199,861 Cr27 minutes ago
Galileo | Sol L504 Ls---19,500199,861 Cr52 minutes ago
Levi-Strauss Installation | Barnard's Star M6 Ls5.95 Ly283357,018 Cr19 hours ago
Miller Depot | Barnard's Star L37 Ls5.95 Ly0205,346 Cr3 hours ago
Boston Base | Barnard's Star L62 Ls5.95 Ly10205,346 Cr57 minutes ago
Jenner Orbital | Luhman 16M10 Ls6.57 Ly174322,892 Cr2 hours ago
Heisenberg Colony | Luhman 16M13 Ls6.57 Ly122339,217 Cr2 hours ago
Yamazaki Landing | WISE 0855-0714 M869 Ls7.17 Ly0209,154 Cr6 hours ago
Efremov Plant | SiriusL8248 Ls8.59 Ly313331,492 Cr2 days ago
Birkeland City | Ross 154L13 Ls9.69 Ly57125,997 Cr30 minutes ago
Wang City | DuamtaL314 Ls9.88 Ly20,618395,676 Cr2 hours ago
Vesalius City | Duamta M1285 Ls9.88 Ly20,618217,106 Cr2 days ago
Polyakov Station | DuamtaL232 Ls9.88 Ly23,355395,676 Cr5 minutes ago
Herrington City | DuamtaL418 Ls9.88 Ly20,618395,676 Cr12 hours ago
Warren Prison Mine | Ross 128L19 Ls10.94 Ly0206,057 Cr1 day ago
Galton Hangar | Ross 128M236 Ls10.94 Ly108366,179 Cr2 days ago
Sanger Settlement | EZ Aquarii L836 Ls11.1 Ly202342,021 Cr2 hours ago
Magnus Gateway | EZ Aquarii L836 Ls11.1 Ly911414,029 Cr1 hour ago
Broglie Terminal | 61 CygniL24 Ls11.37 Ly3,660283,407 Cr2 hours ago
Reightler Station | Procyon M10006 Ls11.41 Ly5,009221,260 Cr37 minutes ago
Clement Orbital | YZ CetiL1229 Ls12.07 Ly540294,452 Cr5 minutes ago
McNair Gateway | Luyten's Star M1019 Ls12.39 Ly1,069209,931 Cr2 hours ago
Ashby City | Luyten's StarL296 Ls12.39 Ly743283,407 Cr31 minutes ago
Chiao Landing | Lacaille 8760M164 Ls12.88 Ly91268,133 Cr2 days ago
Serebrov City | Lacaille 8760M89 Ls12.88 Ly49163,084 Cr15 hours ago
Kepler Gateway | Kruger 60 L5532 Ls13.08 Ly561277,459 Cr8 hours ago
Thurston Gateway | van Maanen's Star M109405 Ls13.91 Ly333464,214 Cr49 days ago
Crook Hub | ToolfaL12 Ls14.01 Ly719270,661 Cr4 hours ago
Kelleam Orbital | ToolfaM33 Ls14.01 Ly1,248270,661 Cr9 hours ago
Webb Holdings | Wolf 424 L3138 Ls14.01 Ly717288,505 Cr2 days ago
Snyder Enterprise | TZ ArietisL830 Ls14.61 Ly1,317388,335 Cr2 hours ago
Stevenson Relay | LHS 450L127 Ls14.78 Ly191323,002 Cr4 hours ago
Wilson Relay | LHS 450L56 Ls14.78 Ly38200,758 Cr1 hour ago
Perry Station | LHS 449 L88 Ls14.8 Ly2375,471 Cr15 hours ago
Euclid Station | Luyten 145-141 L3581 Ls15.02 Ly434304,649 Cr4 hours ago
Aristotle Gateway | Ross 780L106 Ls15.32 Ly1,190382,255 Cr2 hours ago
Acton Ring | Ross 780M2091 Ls15.32 Ly2,192393,282 Cr19 hours ago
No location found...

Highest demand for Musgravite

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Schirra Dock | CoricchaL384 Ls25.57 Ly23,931205,525 Cr3 hours ago
Rushd City | CoricchaL519 Ls25.57 Ly23,931205,525 Cr2 days ago
Polyakov Station | DuamtaL232 Ls9.88 Ly23,355395,676 Cr5 minutes ago
Wyeth City | Theta IndiL2241 Ls98.78 Ly22,886205,525 Cr45 minutes ago
Macdonald Hub | HR 5451 L362 Ls95.57 Ly22,795205,525 Cr3 days ago
Kimbrough Orbital | Epsilon SerpentisL580 Ls70.43 Ly22,668205,525 Cr11 hours ago
Peters City | AchenarM42367 Ls139.45 Ly22,466189,161 Cr5 hours ago
Beckman Station | CoricchaL521 Ls25.57 Ly22,266205,525 Cr16 hours ago
Gurney Orbital | CoricchaM1467 Ls25.57 Ly22,266205,525 Cr2 days ago
Haisheng Dock | NLTT 19808 L109 Ls68.94 Ly22,020277,459 Cr2 hours ago
Ford Dock | NLTT 19808 L59 Ls68.94 Ly22,020277,459 Cr2 hours ago
Bardeen Dock | NLTT 19808 L204 Ls68.94 Ly22,020277,459 Cr1 hour ago
Landsteiner Terminal | 59 Virginis L3857 Ls57.26 Ly21,474205,525 Cr4 days ago
Noriega Port | LHS 142L7 Ls58.28 Ly21,214277,459 Cr1 day ago
vo Dock | LHS 142L8 Ls58.28 Ly21,214277,459 Cr21 hours ago
Stephenson Orbital | NemehiL116 Ls45.1 Ly20,966205,525 Cr1 hour ago
Fernandes de Queiros Orbital | V640 Cassiopeia L152 Ls70.07 Ly20,842205,525 Cr1 day ago
Daedalus | Sol L223 Ls---20,766199,861 Cr27 minutes ago
Culpeper Dock | I Carinae L2050 Ls52.88 Ly20,68252,829 Cr11 hours ago
Vesalius City | Duamta M1285 Ls9.88 Ly20,618217,106 Cr2 days ago
Wang City | DuamtaL314 Ls9.88 Ly20,618395,676 Cr2 hours ago
Herrington City | DuamtaL418 Ls9.88 Ly20,618395,676 Cr12 hours ago
Dann Orbital | SerktomesL21 Ls109.85 Ly20,556205,525 Cr4 days ago
Valdes Dock | Teaka L71 Ls83.65 Ly20,496205,525 Cr1 day ago
Acharya Station | TiangchiL12 Ls91.98 Ly20,467205,525 Cr9 hours ago
Stebler Port | Theta IndiL13558 Ls98.78 Ly20,452205,525 Cr4 days ago
Bohm Terminal | BD-22 3573L66 Ls119.67 Ly20,301205,525 Cr3 days ago
Khayyam Orbital | BD-22 3573L145 Ls119.67 Ly20,301205,525 Cr19 hours ago
Planck Orbital | BD-22 3573L204 Ls119.67 Ly20,301205,525 Cr4 days ago
Wilson Terminal | LHS 6309L26 Ls49.04 Ly20,193205,525 Cr8 hours ago
Lunan Hub | Beta Trianguli AustralisL228 Ls40.36 Ly19,992277,459 Cr1 day ago
Chilton Orbital | Kutkha L221 Ls63.9 Ly19,778205,525 Cr1 day ago
Kregel Station | Kutkha L327 Ls63.9 Ly19,778205,525 Cr2 days ago
Galileo | Sol L504 Ls---19,500199,861 Cr52 minutes ago
Ehrlich Dock | 80 e Piscium L2011 Ls117.19 Ly19,280205,525 Cr2 days ago
Whitney Station | OduduroM376 Ls40.11 Ly18,978205,525 Cr23 hours ago
Hawking Terminal | Oduduro M211 Ls40.11 Ly18,978205,525 Cr23 hours ago
Conrad Hub | OduduroL114 Ls40.11 Ly18,978205,525 Cr14 hours ago
Heng Dock | Oduduro L137 Ls40.11 Ly18,978205,525 Cr15 hours ago
Kraepelin Hub | Oduduro M258 Ls40.11 Ly18,978205,525 Cr23 hours ago
No location found...

Best sell prices for Musgravite (Average sell price: 272914 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Rabinowitz Vision | Bhare M1585 Ls130.73 Ly679793,785 Cr23 hours ago
Noriega City | Nabatean M142 Ls73.71 Ly1,051786,175 Cr1 hour ago
Pacheco Orbital | Bhare L1246 Ls130.73 Ly862784,401 Cr5 minutes ago
Ellis Gateway | Nabatean M111 Ls73.71 Ly862782,699 Cr45 minutes ago
Ruppelt City | HIP 18828L2174 Ls136.58 Ly819771,452 Cr4 hours ago
Levi-Montalcini Port | GD 140M800 Ls51.55 Ly1,339757,049 Cr10 minutes ago
Vishweswarayya Orbital | Nabatean L88 Ls73.71 Ly552705,119 Cr11 minutes ago
Adams Terminal | Bhare M2084 Ls130.73 Ly445704,002 Cr12 minutes ago
Trevithick Station | BukulasM216 Ls152.77 Ly79688,730 Cr1 day ago
Yeliseyev Station | Dinda M1976 Ls87.41 Ly122674,896 Cr2 days ago
Hutchinson Landing | LTT 14271 L972 Ls77.42 Ly197674,484 Cr32 minutes ago
Brash Colony | HIP 93566M1506 Ls140.28 Ly9671,386 Cr3 hours ago
Witt's Progress | ChibisM1148 Ls166.73 Ly2619,613 Cr47 days ago
Ahmed Installation | Laklang M1376 Ls94.21 Ly6619,352 Cr45 days ago
Martinez Port | PuntinM82 Ls120.58 Ly9618,120 Cr12 days ago
Payne Station | GuayambaanM1380 Ls132.75 Ly3617,364 Cr20 days ago
Lucretius Base | LHS 3439 L40 Ls67.13 Ly103616,819 Cr17 hours ago
Antonelli City | PongoL2951 Ls114.54 Ly1,971594,251 Cr12 hours ago
Baker Holdings | BhothoL794 Ls110.17 Ly870594,251 Cr11 hours ago
Kennedy Dock | Ritila L1209 Ls127.58 Ly419590,427 Cr42 minutes ago
Ising Vision | Neto L662 Ls55.44 Ly654581,558 Cr3 hours ago
Aldiss' Folly | Autahenetsi L1471 Ls76.59 Ly452575,133 Cr7 hours ago
Bacon Terminal | LHS 246M60 Ls40.82 Ly1,970575,133 Cr1 day ago
Davies City | DevaneL1693 Ls126.23 Ly682575,133 Cr1 day ago
Boe Enterprise | Autahenetsi M1471 Ls76.59 Ly1,155575,133 Cr7 hours ago
Freud City | Autahenetsi M1172 Ls76.59 Ly943575,133 Cr7 hours ago
Lanchester City | Irukami L4204 Ls124.12 Ly952575,133 Cr1 day ago
Guidoni Dock | G 190-28 L11525 Ls48.56 Ly596569,780 Cr2 hours ago
Valdes Orbital | AthenaM589 Ls79.72 Ly846569,015 Cr19 hours ago
Henry Ring | EjaghamM3064 Ls62 Ly23510,629 Cr3 days ago
Shen Station | Wuy jugun M9117 Ls123.92 Ly81502,026 Cr1 day ago
Grabe Hangar | CPO 24 M2637 Ls78.21 Ly46502,025 Cr4 days ago
Landsteiner Works | DyavataM3788 Ls120.76 Ly27499,732 Cr23 hours ago
Hale Horizons | Matio M99 Ls89.69 Ly24499,732 Cr1 day ago
Soto Port | BenapusM59 Ls124.95 Ly6,381499,427 Cr15 hours ago
Burgess Terminal | BenapusM44 Ls124.95 Ly6,381499,427 Cr13 hours ago
Sadi Carnot Orbital | Onyaksas L804 Ls96.68 Ly297498,088 Cr17 minutes ago
Stillman Station | BaxbakaerisL76 Ls27.77 Ly1,198497,897 Cr2 hours ago