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Produced by: Refinery
Consumed by: Terraforming and Industrial

Extremely pure semiconducting crystalline materials are used extensively in the electronics industry.

Industrial Materials
Produced by:
Consumed by:
Terraforming, Industrial
Avg sell price:
1,114 Cr
Max sell price:
1,989 Cr
Avg buy price:
809 Cr
Min buy price:
356 Cr

Where to buy Semiconductors near Upaniklis

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Starzl Installation | Shun CehtM15062 Ls12.4 Ly2,426645 Cr7 hours ago
Baird Settlement | C'hi YuM47 Ls14.12 Ly797704 Cr6 hours ago
Slonczewski Platform | C'hi Yu M82 Ls14.12 Ly929685 Cr3 hours ago
Clair Plant | Col 285 Sector JY-H c10-34L1024 Ls14.14 Ly5,5711,052 Cr6 hours ago
Babbage Refinery | Col 285 Sector KY-H c10-29 L68 Ls14.56 Ly5,0771,167 Cr7 minutes ago
Zettel Refinery | 16 Eta SagittaeL179137 Ls15.57 Ly2,9661,275 Cr2 hours ago
Ing Prospect | Col 285 Sector SE-Q d5-142L6 Ls16.87 Ly2,7721,047 Cr2 hours ago
Petaja Terminal | Wirangu M3021 Ls17.99 Ly450762 Cr5 hours ago
Auld Settlement | Wirangu M2252 Ls17.99 Ly1,064671 Cr5 hours ago
Harding's Progress | HIP 101893 L3142 Ls20.87 Ly2,1561,045 Cr4 hours ago
Killough Enterprise | JabunnutL27 Ls21.72 Ly6,057700 Cr26 minutes ago
Brooks' Claim | Campanisar M309 Ls21.87 Ly698665 Cr1 day ago
Ellern Arena | Campanisar M424 Ls21.87 Ly741665 Cr1 day ago
Wiener's Folly | HIP 99210 L2745 Ls22.2 Ly384771 Cr1 day ago
Clark Beacon | Col 285 Sector RL-R b19-5 L52 Ls22.88 Ly4,0721,160 Cr10 hours ago
Moffitt Beacon | Chun Chehe M4 Ls23.08 Ly494658 Cr17 minutes ago
Bishop Landing | Chun Chehe M5 Ls23.08 Ly666658 Cr11 hours ago
Zajdel Landing | Col 285 Sector UZ-P d5-90L172 Ls23.25 Ly1,8831,128 Cr11 hours ago
Jordan Prospect | HIP 102815 M487 Ls24.56 Ly76780 Cr12 hours ago
Artin Landing | HIP 102815M43811 Ls24.56 Ly551707 Cr16 hours ago
Tennyson d'Eyncourt Refinery | Col 285 Sector LT-H c10-5L105893 Ls24.68 Ly1001,029 Cr2 days ago
Quick Works | TrevakatL19 Ls24.98 Ly3,1821,275 Cr4 hours ago
Coulomb Landing | BeledaM29 Ls25.8 Ly1,284810 Cr6 hours ago
Dana Terminal | Beleda M16 Ls25.8 Ly3,578700 Cr5 minutes ago
Harrison Platform | Susang M658 Ls26.25 Ly4,1051,049 Cr5 hours ago
Goldstein's Folly | Col 285 Sector UZ-P d5-60L33215 Ls26.42 Ly2431,125 Cr8 hours ago
Hamilton Colony | HIP 97509 M1286 Ls27.63 Ly1,941638 Cr4 hours ago
Gromov Installation | Osis M782 Ls27.82 Ly3,699657 Cr3 hours ago
Merril Platform | Pripuri M257 Ls28.25 Ly1,582766 Cr1 day ago
Haberlandt Plant | Devata Baru L189 Ls28.75 Ly5,940833 Cr5 hours ago
Thiele Mines | Wikianji M1049 Ls29.46 Ly47780 Cr3 hours ago
Junlong Terminal | WikianjiM15 Ls29.46 Ly1,119658 Cr11 hours ago
Siodmak Refinery | Misiriang M222177 Ls30.93 Ly1,987657 Cr12 hours ago
Davis Platform | Dharelbici M41 Ls30.98 Ly79784 Cr1 day ago
Verne Mines | DharelbiciM22 Ls30.98 Ly598664 Cr40 minutes ago
Fourier Depot | Colai L44 Ls31.49 Ly11,723711 Cr5 hours ago
Fuglesang Refinery | PoqomanaL91 Ls31.59 Ly4,695891 Cr26 minutes ago
Lousma Works | HIP 102807 L13635 Ls31.84 Ly10,871694 Cr5 hours ago

Where to sell Semiconductors near Upaniklis

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Macdonald Platform | UpaniklisM1313 Ls---27,0011,445 Cr6 hours ago
de Sousa Hub | Upaniklis M537 Ls---36,8681,500 Cr4 hours ago
Fozard Port | UpaniklisL880 Ls---132,5371,389 Cr4 minutes ago
Fernandes de Queiros Colony | SongalaM52671 Ls3.92 Ly25,8061,528 Cr1 day ago
Lee's Claim | SongalaM52608 Ls3.92 Ly20,5141,517 Cr3 days ago
Rolland Oasis | Jambo DadiL114226 Ls9.1 Ly11,2081,571 Cr3 hours ago
Starzl Installation | Shun CehtM15062 Ls12.4 Ly0618 Cr7 hours ago
Swigert Terminal | HIP 100500L38056 Ls12.78 Ly560,2331,490 Cr3 hours ago
Prunariu Landing | HIP 100500 M4506 Ls12.78 Ly48,1321,500 Cr12 hours ago
Malyshev Station | Orobu L500 Ls12.83 Ly454,0141,459 Cr2 hours ago
Winne Orbital | Orobu M500 Ls12.83 Ly42,0351,363 Cr6 hours ago
Birkeland Station | Orobu M674 Ls12.83 Ly29,6441,470 Cr1 day ago
Slonczewski Platform | C'hi Yu M82 Ls14.12 Ly0656 Cr3 hours ago
Baird Settlement | C'hi YuM47 Ls14.12 Ly0674 Cr6 hours ago
Clair Plant | Col 285 Sector JY-H c10-34L1024 Ls14.14 Ly01,007 Cr6 hours ago
Babbage Refinery | Col 285 Sector KY-H c10-29 L68 Ls14.56 Ly01,117 Cr7 minutes ago
Bounds Hub | 16 Eta SagittaeM178711 Ls15.57 Ly232,5851,475 Cr2 days ago
Zettel Refinery | 16 Eta SagittaeL179137 Ls15.57 Ly01,220 Cr2 hours ago
MacDonald Orbital | 16 Eta SagittaeL2141 Ls15.57 Ly1,101,8631,484 Cr11 hours ago
Macgregor City | 16 Eta SagittaeM178763 Ls15.57 Ly406,9161,480 Cr2 days ago
Ing Prospect | Col 285 Sector SE-Q d5-142L6 Ls16.87 Ly01,002 Cr2 hours ago
Lobachevsky Settlement | Kwele L15 Ls17.25 Ly42,2161,587 Cr7 hours ago
Wallin Vision | Kwele L15 Ls17.25 Ly595,2441,455 Cr4 hours ago
Gibbs Vision | Kwele M30 Ls17.25 Ly360,5321,518 Cr3 days ago
Britnev Vision | Kwele M976 Ls17.25 Ly265,5011,452 Cr1 day ago
Laird Legacy | KweleL15 Ls17.25 Ly235,8131,451 Cr2 days ago
Auld Settlement | Wirangu M2252 Ls17.99 Ly0642 Cr5 hours ago
Petaja Terminal | Wirangu M3021 Ls17.99 Ly0729 Cr5 hours ago
Gurragchaa Terminal | 14 Vulpeculae L2700 Ls18.08 Ly2,021,9081,394 Cr4 hours ago
Harding's Progress | HIP 101893 L3142 Ls20.87 Ly01,000 Cr4 hours ago
Rond d'Alembert Terminal | Mezaviates L5130 Ls21.07 Ly421,0301,508 Cr1 day ago
Jeschke Horizons | JabunnutM1208 Ls21.72 Ly36,8281,463 Cr8 days ago
Killough Enterprise | JabunnutL27 Ls21.72 Ly0670 Cr26 minutes ago
Godwin's Inheritance | Col 285 Sector RL-R b19-6L37 Ls21.8 Ly1,8521,397 Cr6 days ago
Brooks' Claim | Campanisar M309 Ls21.87 Ly0637 Cr1 day ago
Ellern Arena | Campanisar M424 Ls21.87 Ly0637 Cr1 day ago
Murray Vision | ShorongL765 Ls22.16 Ly5,782,8851,977 Cr14 hours ago
Wiener's Folly | HIP 99210 L2745 Ls22.2 Ly0738 Cr1 day ago

Highest supply for Semiconductors

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Maury Dock | KeltimL93 Ls224.4 Ly2,004,010707 Cr12 hours ago
Schirra Dock | CoricchaL384 Ls160.43 Ly1,519,424682 Cr9 hours ago
Beckman Station | CoricchaL519 Ls160.43 Ly1,417,603682 Cr1 day ago
Sitterly Orbital | KeltimL30 Ls224.4 Ly1,253,876731 Cr4 days ago
Shea City | KeltimM53 Ls224.4 Ly1,253,876731 Cr6 days ago
Nicholson Orbital | CemplangpaL131 Ls242.55 Ly1,139,097674 Cr11 hours ago
Tanner City | CoricchaM3397 Ls160.43 Ly1,126,846682 Cr7 hours ago
Lee City | V640 Cassiopeia M530 Ls143.02 Ly1,101,315707 Cr10 days ago
Conrad Hub | OduduroL114 Ls180.27 Ly1,092,074707 Cr3 days ago
Seitter Dock | KeltimL93 Ls224.4 Ly1,064,460731 Cr3 days ago
Chilton Orbital | Kutkha L221 Ls220.76 Ly1,060,434707 Cr12 hours ago
Macan Orbital | GilgameshM321 Ls104.02 Ly999,464682 Cr53 days ago
Hooke Terminal | 54 G. AntliaL830 Ls240.34 Ly976,588707 Cr5 days ago
Lewis Hub | Beta Trianguli AustralisM775 Ls182.74 Ly931,104707 Cr15 days ago
Flinders Orbital | Beta Trianguli AustralisM434 Ls182.74 Ly931,104707 Cr20 days ago
Avdeyev City | Kalb L115180 Ls166.01 Ly893,919682 Cr47 days ago
Hurley Port | Chimba L9346 Ls89.08 Ly863,534707 CrNow
Thornton Hub | Chimba L9355 Ls89.08 Ly863,534707 Cr9 hours ago
Laumer City | LaksakM338714 Ls136.51 Ly840,496707 Cr10 hours ago
Rushd City | CoricchaL521 Ls160.43 Ly806,951707 Cr7 days ago
Gaspar de Lemos Port | LP 377-78L123 Ls203.58 Ly804,988682 Cr25 days ago
Reynolds Orbital | LP 377-78L1677 Ls203.58 Ly804,988682 Cr23 days ago
Schiltberger Dock | OgondageM63 Ls273.2 Ly774,282675 Cr27 days ago
Kimbrough Orbital | Epsilon SerpentisL582 Ls158.25 Ly768,616707 Cr11 hours ago
Gillekens Hub | LP 417-213 M21 Ls209.04 Ly767,254682 Cr10 days ago
Janifer Port | LP 377-78L479 Ls203.58 Ly766,655707 Cr5 days ago
O'Leary City | MandhritharL1128 Ls215.19 Ly764,867707 Cr3 days ago
Peters City | AchenarM42367 Ls244.05 Ly757,208742 Cr6 days ago
Shelley Station | TujiaL13686 Ls91.71 Ly757,149707 Cr6 days ago
Fernao do Po Hub | TujiaL13663 Ls91.71 Ly757,149707 Cr1 day ago
Gurney Orbital | CoricchaM1469 Ls160.43 Ly752,867707 Cr7 days ago
Stjepan Seljan Hub | LaksakL199 Ls136.51 Ly742,285711 Cr6 hours ago
Rotsler Station | LaksakL1281 Ls136.51 Ly742,285711 Cr1 day ago
Bugrov Dock | LaksakL1682 Ls136.51 Ly742,285711 Cr12 hours ago
Wilson Vision | AchenarM12555 Ls244.05 Ly731,203742 Cr4 days ago
Landsteiner Terminal | 59 Virginis L3846 Ls190.93 Ly728,889707 Cr3 days ago
Chomsky Terminal | Charunder L251 Ls201.48 Ly728,330707 Cr3 days ago
Karl Diesel Port | Charunder L351 Ls201.48 Ly728,330707 Cr1 day ago
Mattingly City | Charunder M448 Ls201.48 Ly728,330707 Cr2 days ago
Merbold Port | Teng YehM2635 Ls189.2 Ly724,442682 Cr11 days ago

Highest demand for Semiconductors

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Homer Hub | 27 G. Caeli L209 Ls255.48 Ly74,438,8371,761 Cr3 days ago
Lister Port | Tau CentauriL1217 Ls266.67 Ly58,082,4111,596 Cr91 days ago
Elder Station | Eleu L558 Ls137.26 Ly56,075,8971,616 Cr5 days ago
Kidinnu Gateway | Kamcha L29 Ls210.89 Ly53,381,1281,677 Cr3 days ago
Abe City | Negrito M169 Ls245.99 Ly48,990,2061,616 Cr7 hours ago
Utley City | 37 GeminorumM275 Ls211.64 Ly44,887,0511,616 Cr7 days ago
Frechet Ring | 37 GeminorumL93 Ls211.64 Ly44,084,5731,616 Cr8 days ago
Hedley City | UelloskimaL437 Ls99.62 Ly43,900,1041,616 Cr11 days ago
Richer City | HIP 110147 L6697 Ls219.51 Ly43,107,3841,651 Cr17 hours ago
Arnold Schwassmann Station | Mula Wendes L364 Ls217.72 Ly42,321,5681,636 Cr44 days ago
den Berg Gateway | 37 Librae L3475 Ls175.95 Ly41,938,5591,616 Cr8 days ago
Irvin Gateway | Yoruba L500 Ls165.24 Ly41,794,8881,616 Cr3 days ago
Osterbrock Hub | Mula Wendes L217 Ls217.72 Ly41,026,8061,574 Cr5 days ago
Copernicus Dock | AchelousL931 Ls98.32 Ly37,714,2511,616 Cr11 hours ago
Klimuk City | HR 1254 L298 Ls237.25 Ly37,608,3131,616 Cr21 hours ago
Bering Ring | Ross 409L68 Ls248.93 Ly37,389,9821,616 Cr2 days ago
Jett Station | TalithaM11243 Ls192.99 Ly37,333,3151,616 Cr27 days ago
Younghusband Orbital | KaniansL422 Ls232.61 Ly37,013,8141,616 Cr43 days ago
Garfinkle Terminal | HIP 59879 L1043 Ls176.38 Ly36,887,5991,616 Cr7 days ago
Tange Orbital | Mula Wendes L44 Ls217.72 Ly35,161,7731,636 Cr45 days ago
Gooch Terminal | Aiabiko L36 Ls118.26 Ly34,729,0521,616 Cr4 days ago
Finlay City | AtferoM7458 Ls209.18 Ly33,539,9761,636 Cr39 days ago
Gibson Ring | Makulu M758 Ls117.1 Ly32,961,8781,616 Cr71 days ago
Nojiri Dock | CD-52 187L15 Ls203.57 Ly32,625,2831,636 Cr2 days ago
Hennen Enterprise | AchelousL1253 Ls98.32 Ly32,489,5731,616 Cr10 days ago
Gemar Dock | NyxM157 Ls157.19 Ly30,750,6101,616 Cr17 days ago
Shkaplerov Hub | NyxL82 Ls157.19 Ly30,750,6101,616 Cr1 hour ago
Bowen Orbital | HIP 772 L929 Ls230.53 Ly30,370,4081,812 Cr38 days ago
Phillips Station | ShernteniaiL39 Ls189.6 Ly30,365,0941,598 Cr9 days ago
Hulse Vision | LTT 9552 M116649 Ls187.51 Ly30,013,5041,740 Cr2 days ago
Wescott Hub | RanaL2884 Ls185.4 Ly29,626,7581,616 Cr5 days ago
Mullane Hub | RanaL3741 Ls185.4 Ly29,626,7581,616 Cr4 days ago
Schoenherr Station | CD-52 187L20 Ls203.57 Ly29,347,2391,636 Cr2 days ago
Ellis Orbital | HR 1254 L1268 Ls237.25 Ly29,053,5571,616 Cr32 minutes ago
Birdseye Port | AlicarlL2945 Ls232.61 Ly28,829,0091,672 Cr11 days ago
Zel'dovich Vision | LHS 1380M103 Ls212.24 Ly27,967,5431,777 Cr28 days ago
Remek Dock | BediaL324 Ls266.43 Ly27,854,8041,672 Cr10 days ago
Engle Gateway | HR 2926 L29217 Ls285.22 Ly27,693,7281,598 Cr52 days ago
Timofeyevich Dock | PraecipuaM874 Ls226.57 Ly27,085,6271,616 Cr17 days ago
Khan Port | BD-01 1707L112 Ls282.15 Ly26,771,0951,616 Cr10 hours ago

Best buy prices for Semiconductors (Average buy price: 809 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Hodgkin Platform | 17 VirginisM1324 Ls230.22 Ly2356 Cr4 days ago
Kuipers Refinery | BembarrioskM958 Ls221.01 Ly8383 Cr9 hours ago
Lefschetz Base | Dakshu M1957 Ls133.68 Ly6418 Cr5 days ago
Lamarr Holdings | Batz M408 Ls137.7 Ly1420 Cr12 days ago
Hughes Port | GadjaliM348 Ls266.05 Ly10421 Cr2 days ago
Przhevalsky Freeport | Ac Yanto M10 Ls242.97 Ly12422 Cr6 days ago
McDivitt Platform | ReginaM7 Ls270.93 Ly14424 Cr15 hours ago
Koch Beacon | BlatrimpeL105 Ls206.4 Ly76428 Cr14 days ago
Bacon Station | Ensoreus M31875 Ls238.65 Ly28429 Cr12 days ago
Terry Works | Ensoreus L32635 Ls238.65 Ly49430 Cr2 days ago
Ivanov Station | Ensoreus M31922 Ls238.65 Ly31431 Cr3 days ago
Sommerfeld City | Ensoreus L31947 Ls238.65 Ly44432 Cr3 days ago
Marques Hub | Kutenis M10407 Ls278.07 Ly1,237445 Cr44 days ago
Oluwafemi Settlement | Buan ZhaM6 Ls241.48 Ly4446 Cr1 day ago
Anders Port | HIP 69796M1839 Ls259.95 Ly12447 Cr9 days ago
Goeschke Colony | WardalM793 Ls106.34 Ly7448 Cr12 days ago
Malyshev Installation | WardalM553 Ls106.34 Ly11448 Cr12 days ago
Wellman Landing | HIP 14684M4787 Ls235.46 Ly4449 Cr17 hours ago
Garn Colony | G 85-12M402 Ls189.18 Ly8449 Cr6 days ago
Rogers Hub | Ix Tub TunM2773 Ls240.97 Ly20450 Cr3 days ago
Hoffman Refinery | BD+35 647M69590 Ls203.5 Ly31456 Cr65 days ago
Sellings Prospect | HIP 3999L1464 Ls234.79 Ly17457 Cr21 days ago
Clairaut Terminal | LP 322-836 M45017 Ls182.85 Ly14459 Cr12 hours ago
Tryggvason Base | 36 Doradus L167508 Ls237.78 Ly39460 Cr69 days ago
Gaspar de Portola Dock | LP 322-836 M45132 Ls182.85 Ly1461 Cr1 day ago
West Mines | MebekreM187515 Ls201.73 Ly5464 Cr46 days ago
Wagner Vision | LTT 13904L2006 Ls196.42 Ly24467 Cr121 days ago
Helmholtz's Folly | LHS 134 L823 Ls169.3 Ly46469 Cr11 days ago
Howard Plant | Ix ChowagitL19917 Ls307.03 Ly30475 Cr22 days ago
Phillips Works | Ross 671 L16 Ls154.73 Ly21477 Cr6 days ago
Alexander Terminal | 19 Leonis MinorisL330933 Ls224.47 Ly1,740490 Cr29 days ago
Griffith Installation | Ghimr L141 Ls202.79 Ly30500 Cr11 days ago
VanderMeer Base | Sosong L389 Ls234.93 Ly28500 Cr22 days ago
Bella Dock | HR 6836M1541 Ls145.86 Ly542523 Cr6 days ago
Leeuwenhoek Orbital | Gliese 452.3M266 Ls254.64 Ly10524 Cr28 days ago
Nelson Enterprise | SPOCS 419M55 Ls257.03 Ly1524 Cr13 days ago
Chargaff Installation | Chakpa M363 Ls249.41 Ly3,571604 Cr3 hours ago
MacKellar Hub | HIP 112829 M17736 Ls118.27 Ly915610 Cr29 days ago
Cousteau Platform | LP 355-51M310204 Ls189.34 Ly1,577610 Cr49 days ago

Best sell prices for Semiconductors (Average sell price: 1114 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Cremona Prospect | Khun M188 Ls143.45 Ly863,8421,989 Cr5 hours ago
Alexandrov Dock | Khun M331 Ls143.45 Ly674,7871,989 Cr14 hours ago
Auld Vision | HIP 88924 M81449 Ls131.55 Ly328,3361,981 Cr28 days ago
Murray Vision | ShorongL765 Ls22.16 Ly5,782,8851,977 Cr14 hours ago
Yu Enterprise | SarughL48832 Ls252.87 Ly6,912,5551,977 Cr30 minutes ago
Young Settlement | ImenhitM648 Ls111.25 Ly3,849,3951,977 Cr12 hours ago
Clement City | ImenhitL477 Ls111.25 Ly4,423,2321,977 Cr11 hours ago
Schrodinger City | LP 470-65L1327 Ls245.63 Ly560,4341,977 Cr6 hours ago
Maler Colony | Muri M1096 Ls94.57 Ly4,271,8321,972 Cr9 days ago
Wye-Delta Station | Carcinus L491 Ls215.44 Ly301,9941,972 Cr1 day ago
Caillie Landing | DelkarL528 Ls230.44 Ly879,3861,946 Cr15 hours ago
Invergary | DelkarL528 Ls230.44 Ly779,8031,946 Cr4 hours ago
de Kamp Orbital | DelkarL528 Ls230.44 Ly1,426,5521,946 Cr13 hours ago
KRAMSKI Holding | CD-54 471L492 Ls217.59 Ly180,0881,907 Cr4 days ago
Cochrane Platform | CD-54 471M830 Ls217.59 Ly265,4401,907 Cr8 days ago
Bolger Holdings | Dijkstra L277 Ls268.01 Ly872,1061,856 Cr8 days ago
Naglotech | DakvarL522 Ls199.67 Ly87,5751,850 Cr1 day ago
Schottky Terminal | FidenaL664 Ls239.36 Ly440,0691,845 Cr9 hours ago
Swanson Enterprise | Dangarla L1317 Ls235.55 Ly2,725,7571,845 Cr4 days ago
Freeholm | ArtemisL2133 Ls198.43 Ly560,4411,831 Cr9 hours ago
Laphrian Shipyard | ArtemisL238 Ls198.43 Ly1,127,0061,831 Cr12 hours ago
Burckhardt Station | ArtemisM179 Ls198.43 Ly1,000,6561,831 Cr2 hours ago
Starport Alpha | BU 741L466 Ls205.82 Ly535,5481,829 Cr1 day ago
Geoffrey's Crash | LTT 9846L773 Ls263.06 Ly28,8881,820 Cr12 days ago
Ivens Landing | Lansbury L334 Ls261.66 Ly101,9401,818 Cr10 days ago
Bowen Orbital | HIP 772 L929 Ls230.53 Ly30,370,4081,812 Cr38 days ago
Serebrov Port | Hang PoM18 Ls237.68 Ly405,7441,811 Cr15 hours ago
Ericsson Dock | Hang PoL104 Ls237.68 Ly6,660,0821,811 Cr16 hours ago
Marshburn Hub | Hang PoM24 Ls237.68 Ly303,4061,811 Cr10 hours ago
Tem Hub | Col 285 Sector LO-G c11-14 L512 Ls109.86 Ly13,0801,800 Cr61 days ago
Chasles Platform | HIP 110094 M702 Ls141.34 Ly16,9371,800 Cr61 days ago
Constantine Dock | ChowaL299 Ls231.55 Ly237,3171,800 Cr21 days ago
Padalka Orbital | ArverniM312 Ls128.41 Ly77,8611,800 Cr31 days ago
Shiras Port | Karamayayak L214 Ls134.99 Ly141,5981,795 Cr42 days ago
Whit's Station | Reddot L1725 Ls187.3 Ly17,2311,792 Cr2 days ago
Muninn's Nest | AyethiL279 Ls211.17 Ly1,829,6271,791 Cr6 days ago
Brislingholm | AyethiL379 Ls211.17 Ly376,6841,791 Cr1 day ago
Tasman Enterprise | Tsonensei M116 Ls140.2 Ly288,9581,790 Cr10 days ago
Deb Market | 6 Zeta-1 LyraeL1465 Ls74.76 Ly18,9451,788 Cr11 days ago
Unity | New Yembo L1068 Ls184.6 Ly21,5781,786 Cr1 day ago