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Produced by: Refinery
Consumed by: Industrial and Military

Aluminium, Al, atomic number 13. Melting point 933K. A silvery-white ductile metal that is regularly used by many industries in alloys for its lightness and strength.

Produced by:
Consumed by:
Avg sell price:
488 Cr
Max sell price:
2,170 Cr
Avg buy price:
286 Cr
Min buy price:
108 Cr

Where to buy Aluminium near DS Leonis

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Grandin Terminal | DS LeonisL3098 Ls---420,803227 Cr1 day ago
Lundwall Base | Wosyra Pao L97 Ls4.05 Ly65,986377 Cr3 days ago
Carlisle Dock | LHS 295M1633 Ls5.65 Ly19,955244 Cr21 hours ago
Love Colony | LHS 304L2774 Ls6.4 Ly95,434232 Cr3 minutes ago
vo Dock | Teng YehM49975 Ls7.56 Ly1,579,128259 Cr16 days ago
McBride Station | Teng YehL2694 Ls7.56 Ly3,463,532259 Cr1 day ago
Brash Hub | Teng YehM50022 Ls7.56 Ly1,579,128259 Cr14 days ago
Eisele Orbital | Teng Yeh M2693 Ls7.56 Ly2,301,036211 Cr1 day ago
Merbold Port | Teng YehM2620 Ls7.56 Ly2,876,295259 Cr8 days ago
Hurston Hub | Teng Yeh L49997 Ls7.56 Ly1,123,119259 Cr4 days ago
Janszoon Depot | Teng Yeh L49995 Ls7.56 Ly121,949256 Cr4 days ago
Beregovoi Terminal | Teng Yeh L50001 Ls7.56 Ly1,123,119259 Cr3 days ago
Whitworth City | Teng Yeh M49995 Ls7.56 Ly3,457,191259 Cr7 days ago
Fung Settlement | CW Ursae Majoris M220 Ls8.24 Ly45,849255 Cr5 hours ago
Halley Port | CW Ursae Majoris L12 Ls8.24 Ly125,750255 Cr4 days ago
Jenner Refinery | Ross 905 L15 Ls8.27 Ly100,561232 Cr11 hours ago
Sturckow Port | Ross 905 M786 Ls8.27 Ly35,841232 Cr16 minutes ago
Verne Settlement | LHS 293M1397 Ls10.87 Ly60,510209 Cr3 days ago
Durrance Dock | Xi Ursae Majoris L2748 Ls11.14 Ly184,062266 Cr3 minutes ago
Bouch Hangar | LFT 859M26 Ls11.39 Ly31,891307 Cr7 days ago
Scobee Enterprise | LFT 859L26 Ls11.39 Ly88,634212 Cr1 day ago
Guidoni Orbital | LFT 859M16 Ls11.39 Ly95,557212 Cr3 days ago
al-Haytham Vision | MullagL70 Ls11.91 Ly74,670385 Cr4 days ago
Clough Prospect | Mullag L70 Ls11.91 Ly56,363385 Cr5 days ago
Mohmand Station | Ross 85L952 Ls13.98 Ly205,289289 Cr1 day ago
Lyell Ring | Ross 85M1299 Ls13.98 Ly103,901340 Cr14 days ago
H. G. Wells Plant | Ao GuangL1507 Ls14.15 Ly33,632198 Cr4 hours ago
Milnor Penal colony | Ross 1003M103 Ls14.6 Ly11,750198 Cr2 days ago
Zindell Platform | Ross 1003M852 Ls14.6 Ly7,521198 Cr2 hours ago
Frimout Terminal | San Tu M359 Ls15.27 Ly52,776225 Cr7 days ago
Chomsky Terminal | San TuL273 Ls15.27 Ly101,418289 Cr11 hours ago
Nordenskiold Landing | 47 Ursae MajorisM1856 Ls15.38 Ly36,870205 Cr22 hours ago
Marlowe's Progress | 47 Ursae MajorisM5574 Ls15.38 Ly4,458205 Cr4 hours ago
Garratt Port | Ross 93 M540 Ls15.4 Ly10,604227 Cr4 days ago
Virts Dock | Ross 93L12 Ls15.4 Ly56,126227 Cr6 days ago
Viehbock Dock | GD 140 M21772 Ls15.68 Ly267,015351 Cr1 hour ago
Levi-Montalcini Port | GD 140M782 Ls15.68 Ly106,881310 Cr47 minutes ago
Anning Orbital | GD 140 M186 Ls15.68 Ly334,677352 Cr3 hours ago
Reisman's Inheritance | LHS 2471L22 Ls15.81 Ly67,132385 Cr5 days ago
Poncelet Terminal | 20 Leonis MinorisM34928 Ls16.66 Ly62,987213 Cr1 day ago

Where to sell Aluminium near DS Leonis

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Grandin Terminal | DS LeonisL3098 Ls---0209 Cr1 day ago
Lundwall Base | Wosyra Pao L97 Ls4.05 Ly0349 Cr3 days ago
Newton City | Wosyra Pao L54 Ls4.05 Ly983,116536 Cr1 hour ago
Carlisle Dock | LHS 295M1633 Ls5.65 Ly0226 Cr21 hours ago
Kandel Enterprise | Pliny L15 Ls5.85 Ly2,915330 Cr12 days ago
Laplace Port | Pliny L15 Ls5.85 Ly711,496593 Cr2 days ago
Carpenter City | Pliny M345023 Ls5.85 Ly579,050380 Cr5 days ago
Vespucci Silo | Pliny L346832 Ls5.85 Ly23,990588 Cr5 days ago
Meitner Dock | Pliny M15 Ls5.85 Ly1,288,736590 Cr4 days ago
Andrews Silo | LHS 304L2812 Ls6.4 Ly6,710330 Cr3 days ago
Love Colony | LHS 304L2774 Ls6.4 Ly0215 Cr3 minutes ago
Eisele Orbital | Teng Yeh M2693 Ls7.56 Ly0193 Cr1 day ago
Merbold Port | Teng YehM2620 Ls7.56 Ly0238 Cr8 days ago
Hurston Hub | Teng Yeh L49997 Ls7.56 Ly0238 Cr4 days ago
Janszoon Depot | Teng Yeh L49995 Ls7.56 Ly0238 Cr4 days ago
Beregovoi Terminal | Teng Yeh L50001 Ls7.56 Ly0238 Cr3 days ago
Whitworth City | Teng Yeh M49995 Ls7.56 Ly0238 Cr7 days ago
vo Dock | Teng YehM49975 Ls7.56 Ly0238 Cr16 days ago
McBride Station | Teng YehL2694 Ls7.56 Ly0238 Cr1 day ago
Brash Hub | Teng YehM50022 Ls7.56 Ly0238 Cr14 days ago
Fung Settlement | CW Ursae Majoris M220 Ls8.24 Ly0236 Cr5 hours ago
Halley Port | CW Ursae Majoris L12 Ls8.24 Ly0236 Cr4 days ago
Jenner Refinery | Ross 905 L15 Ls8.27 Ly0215 Cr11 hours ago
Sturckow Port | Ross 905 M786 Ls8.27 Ly0215 Cr16 minutes ago
Dirac Terminal | Denebola L3231 Ls8.94 Ly810,311416 Cr23 hours ago
O'Donnell Barracks | Denebola L4428 Ls8.94 Ly1,289330 Cr11 days ago
Nagel Hub | Al MinaL31 Ls9.88 Ly5,037,113916 Cr32 minutes ago
Karl Diesel Relay | Al MinaL3512 Ls9.88 Ly5,401330 Cr2 days ago
Tyson Hub | Al MinaM3528 Ls9.88 Ly2,521,286825 Cr26 days ago
Chu Dock | Al MinaM113 Ls9.88 Ly1,757,941821 Cr12 days ago
Furukawa Orbital | Al MinaM206 Ls9.88 Ly1,757,941821 Cr17 days ago
Barratt Orbital | Al MinaM3711 Ls9.88 Ly2,521,286825 Cr22 days ago
Verne Settlement | LHS 293M1397 Ls10.87 Ly0194 Cr3 days ago
Durrance Dock | Xi Ursae Majoris L2748 Ls11.14 Ly0244 Cr3 minutes ago
Guidoni Orbital | LFT 859M16 Ls11.39 Ly0197 Cr3 days ago
Bouch Hangar | LFT 859M26 Ls11.39 Ly0285 Cr7 days ago
Scobee Enterprise | LFT 859L26 Ls11.39 Ly0197 Cr1 day ago
Dobrovolski Point | 61 Ursae Majoris L3312 Ls11.41 Ly20,763355 Cr18 days ago
Boulton Hub | 61 Ursae Majoris L245 Ls11.41 Ly8,555,250853 Cr2 days ago
Kippax Gateway | MullagM118 Ls11.91 Ly5,905,902816 Cr6 days ago

Highest supply for Aluminium

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Kovalevskaya Dock | Hu JonaM588 Ls105.21 Ly13,613,116222 Cr25 days ago
Thuot Hub | Beta CirciniL257 Ls110.59 Ly13,238,634238 Cr18 hours ago
Russell Station | Hu JonaL99 Ls105.21 Ly12,961,322238 Cr9 days ago
Binet Port | KiL194 Ls87.29 Ly12,427,278238 Cr11 hours ago
Shea City | KeltimM53 Ls108.52 Ly11,945,139353 Cr12 days ago
Knight Station | CaerusM184 Ls73.35 Ly11,489,369222 Cr2 days ago
McBride Vision | KiL1502 Ls87.29 Ly10,494,694238 Cr6 days ago
Pratchett Station | Hu JonaM2025 Ls105.21 Ly10,179,937222 Cr30 days ago
Maury Dock | KeltimL93 Ls108.52 Ly10,137,050353 Cr10 days ago
Wyeth City | Theta IndiL2149 Ls131.48 Ly9,742,117238 Cr2 days ago
Westphal Port | EotiensesL12580 Ls145.55 Ly9,721,465217 Cr16 hours ago
Polyakov Station | DuamtaL232 Ls29.86 Ly9,472,918238 Cr1 hour ago
Ford Dock | NLTT 19808 L59 Ls48.32 Ly9,397,256238 Cr6 hours ago
Haisheng Dock | NLTT 19808 L109 Ls48.32 Ly9,397,255238 Cr3 hours ago
Bardeen Dock | NLTT 19808 L204 Ls48.32 Ly9,397,255238 Cr1 day ago
Delbruck Orbital | Epsilon SerpentisL4720 Ls68.82 Ly9,370,997222 Cr20 hours ago
vo Dock | LHS 142L9 Ls92.48 Ly8,978,325238 Cr12 hours ago
Noriega Port | LHS 142L8 Ls92.48 Ly8,978,325238 Cr1 day ago
Fernandes de Queiros Orbital | V640 Cassiopeia L151 Ls84.72 Ly8,875,624238 Cr5 days ago
Stebler Port | Theta IndiL13632 Ls131.48 Ly8,720,724238 Cr6 days ago
Conrad Horizons | Theta IndiL13520 Ls131.48 Ly8,720,724238 Cr7 hours ago
Valdes Dock | Teaka L71 Ls120.49 Ly8,611,545238 Cr6 hours ago
Volta Hub | LHS 6031 M193879 Ls54.02 Ly8,464,574222 Cr13 days ago
Vesalius City | Duamta M1285 Ls29.86 Ly8,373,631238 Cr8 days ago
Herrington City | Duamta L418 Ls29.86 Ly8,373,631238 Cr3 days ago
Wang City | DuamtaL314 Ls29.86 Ly8,373,631238 Cr1 hour ago
Chongzhi City | BalmungM3696 Ls134.06 Ly8,148,646217 Cr3 days ago
Liebig Hub | OduduroM607 Ls63.99 Ly8,062,797238 Cr6 days ago
Whitney Station | OduduroM376 Ls63.99 Ly8,062,797238 Cr1 day ago
Dantec City | HR 5451 L1666 Ls77.91 Ly7,988,754238 Cr6 days ago
Jones Orbital | LTT 11244M412794 Ls85.6 Ly7,835,159238 Cr23 days ago
Eckford Port | Alpha CaeliL14270 Ls86.03 Ly7,831,806238 Cr1 day ago
Watson Station | LHS 142L15 Ls92.48 Ly7,814,255238 Cr5 days ago
Belyayev Port | LHS 142M26 Ls92.48 Ly7,814,255238 Cr5 days ago
Stjepan Seljan Hub | LaksakL199 Ls138.52 Ly7,721,252425 Cr4 minutes ago
Rotsler Station | LaksakL1284 Ls138.52 Ly7,721,252425 Cr8 hours ago
Akers Orbital | V640 Cassiopeia L213 Ls84.72 Ly7,699,211238 Cr5 days ago
Bradbury City | V640 Cassiopeia L301 Ls84.72 Ly7,699,211238 Cr60 days ago
Rowley Terminal | Hu JonaL166 Ls105.21 Ly7,696,747238 Cr102 days ago
Hyecho Terminal | Hu JonaL138 Ls105.21 Ly7,696,747238 Cr99 days ago

Highest demand for Aluminium

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Chalker Ring | ApuraL380 Ls42.62 Ly58,984,937916 Cr8 hours ago
Williams Terminal | YaricansL685 Ls90.99 Ly42,067,972916 Cr3 days ago
Shonin Station | ArangoriiL448895 Ls53.82 Ly30,878,577758 Cr4 days ago
Merril Terminal | MadngelaL963 Ls247.17 Ly29,990,265932 Cr12 hours ago
Stewart Hub | CupisM463 Ls119.23 Ly29,309,779759 Cr20 days ago
Capek Enterprise | Manktas M27 Ls128.08 Ly29,004,271916 Cr84 days ago
Leclerc Dock | Guy L928 Ls32.95 Ly26,101,809916 Cr20 hours ago
Harding Ring | VZ CorviM1703 Ls50.48 Ly25,689,258916 Cr37 days ago
Santos City | PraecipuaL2953 Ls57.95 Ly25,411,589916 Cr9 days ago
Mueller City | ChimiriL214 Ls143.38 Ly25,265,394932 Cr4 days ago
Patsayev Dock | LTT 2322L138 Ls119.19 Ly24,845,078802 Cr5 days ago
Hamilton City | Jamuxa L998 Ls119.92 Ly23,824,704916 Cr2 hours ago
Pook Orbital | Para Indra L314 Ls104.03 Ly23,568,263902 Cr22 hours ago
Gagnan City | Lambda AraeL1837 Ls91.79 Ly23,458,603916 Cr26 days ago
Xiaoguan Dock | CupisM275 Ls119.23 Ly23,363,568787 Cr14 days ago
Key Terminal | YaricansL417440 Ls90.99 Ly23,317,743916 Cr42 days ago
Osterbrock Hub | Mula Wendes L217 Ls222.53 Ly23,060,113932 Cr41 days ago
Panshin Orbital | HIP 19767 L175 Ls131.8 Ly22,418,891916 Cr9 hours ago
Wilcutt Station | DietriL382 Ls57.85 Ly22,250,117916 Cr8 days ago
RenenBellot Gateway | LTT 700M233 Ls99.36 Ly21,937,517916 Cr2 days ago
Marshall Ring | CupisL371 Ls119.23 Ly21,764,841787 Cr12 days ago
Kondratyev Dock | CupisM1630 Ls119.23 Ly21,764,841787 Cr15 days ago
Hipparchus Terminal | KpelidoogL228 Ls166.81 Ly21,691,946945 Cr8 days ago
Linteris Enterprise | HR 1254 M1685 Ls126.34 Ly21,598,251916 Cr23 days ago
Klimuk City | HR 1254 L298 Ls126.34 Ly21,332,077916 Cr9 hours ago
Sharma Port | Xamen EkL971 Ls146.01 Ly21,290,030916 Cr88 days ago
Lagrange Enterprise | LTT 700L586 Ls99.36 Ly21,203,832916 Cr13 days ago
Kozin Port | HIP 19767 L317 Ls131.8 Ly21,136,022916 Cr12 hours ago
Melotte Hub | ZelanoL2648 Ls122.66 Ly21,084,769796 Cr12 days ago
Bauschinger City | AmentaL256031 Ls195.48 Ly20,739,527798 Cr38 days ago
Peary Enterprise | Hyel YehL811 Ls134.12 Ly20,571,154931 Cr9 days ago
Asimov Gateway | 16 Lyrae L511 Ls129.46 Ly20,499,009916 Cr11 hours ago
Svavarsson Ring | 16 Lyrae M804 Ls129.46 Ly20,499,009916 Cr12 days ago
MacLean Enterprise | BeimechL126 Ls94.14 Ly20,249,870774 Cr13 days ago
Roth Hub | HR 783L414 Ls154.23 Ly20,148,685945 Cr1 day ago
Gooch Terminal | Aiabiko L36 Ls98.14 Ly19,738,142916 Cr20 hours ago
Ivanishin City | HR 1254 L2162 Ls126.34 Ly19,230,495916 Cr15 hours ago
Shajn Port | Omicron GruisL6702 Ls134.72 Ly19,109,859932 Cr3 days ago
Griffith Gateway | Manktas L8 Ls128.08 Ly19,081,886787 Cr2 days ago
Wiener Port | ApuraM2044 Ls42.62 Ly18,540,691832 Cr42 days ago

Best buy prices for Aluminium (Average buy price: 286 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Diesel Dock | Mbayo M563 Ls180.15 Ly2,614108 Cr6 days ago
Huxley Prospect | HIP 68801 M973 Ls130.35 Ly2,170117 Cr9 days ago
Lee Enterprise | Hyades Sector DR-V c2-3 L410 Ls193.86 Ly459146 Cr27 days ago
Fuglesang Base | AunochisM1958 Ls62.5 Ly35,692152 Cr1 day ago
Gubarev Vision | LHS 2065M3250 Ls25.18 Ly10,787152 Cr2 hours ago
Melnick Settlement | GD 319M594 Ls30.89 Ly9,566159 Cr20 hours ago
Stafford Landing | Yenada M1593 Ls94.1 Ly6,799164 Cr37 days ago
Walheim Installation | 12 Gamma-1 Delphini M228537 Ls151.08 Ly52,430164 Cr31 days ago
Koch Installation | Gamma Mensae M2468 Ls120.73 Ly48,938164 Cr3 days ago
Brahe Enterprise | Gamma Mensae L2461 Ls120.73 Ly53,225164 Cr3 days ago
Belyayev Platform | NandjabaM74 Ls149.18 Ly32,283167 Cr1 day ago
Tarelkin Landing | Sameni M1331 Ls61.6 Ly101,953170 Cr1 day ago
vo Refinery | NLTT 45576 M10 Ls87.91 Ly36,510173 Cr7 days ago
Bykovsky City | Nganeru M276 Ls59.05 Ly57,380178 Cr8 days ago
Oluwafemi Orbital | TjurojiuL629 Ls112.62 Ly98,908178 Cr2 days ago
Kondakova Plant | KebesM432 Ls122.95 Ly16,594181 Cr4 days ago
Kuo Colony | LHS 1567M1602 Ls102.66 Ly11,401181 Cr5 days ago
Einstein Orbital | AspelenieM7745 Ls63.44 Ly25,316181 Cr4 days ago
Zebrowski Orbital | LHS 2936 M1587 Ls48.49 Ly786,728182 Cr20 hours ago
MacLean Horizons | Tollan M1326 Ls30.67 Ly259,891182 Cr22 hours ago
Gordon Plant | Tollan L530 Ls30.67 Ly529,453182 Cr5 hours ago
Lem Dock | ChaacL559 Ls30.13 Ly559,294182 Cr12 hours ago
Werber Orbital | FrengM1405 Ls117.37 Ly294,695182 Cr14 days ago
Bear City | FrengL898 Ls117.37 Ly1,199,568182 Cr7 hours ago
Garan Hub | PanoiL1932 Ls89.61 Ly759,484182 Cr6 hours ago
Leavitt Orbital | MombalumaL589 Ls61.87 Ly1,660,782182 Cr1 day ago
Pauli Orbital | LP 340-547 L18179 Ls80.59 Ly848,659182 Cr8 days ago
Libby Horizons | OresquL53718 Ls76.81 Ly371,112182 Cr1 hour ago
Apt Station | Struve 1321 L44111 Ls45.33 Ly1,102,165182 Cr3 days ago
Alas Landing | Wolf 1373 M1481 Ls74.37 Ly318,373182 Cr4 days ago
Bolotov City | LP 336-4 L2752 Ls61.05 Ly611,904182 Cr4 days ago
Mendez Orbital | LP 336-4 M3831 Ls61.05 Ly463,698182 Cr10 days ago
Vernadsky Port | NgolibarduL1932 Ls89.59 Ly853,327182 Cr1 hour ago
Gell-Mann Station | LHS 3836L269 Ls56.45 Ly1,140,114182 Cr5 days ago
Horch Orbital | LP 621-11 L474 Ls56.14 Ly538,485182 Cr13 minutes ago
Smith City | MCC 686L15 Ls52.86 Ly849,890182 Cr2 days ago
Plater's Tyranny | HillaL525 Ls115.9 Ly175,674182 Cr4 hours ago
Adams Dock | FrendanL2044 Ls84.78 Ly1,083,245182 Cr23 days ago
Darlton Orbital | Phra MoolL371 Ls91.1 Ly689,647182 Cr1 hour ago
Filipchenko Orbital | AryakM11 Ls70.09 Ly864,536182 Cr15 days ago

Best sell prices for Aluminium (Average sell price: 488 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Thompson Depot | Hyades Sector VJ-R c4-8L90 Ls215.89 Ly3,4212,170 Cr2 minutes ago
Diophantus Arsenal | VasudeL1100 Ls89.16 Ly38,2312,151 Cr6 days ago
Hausdorff City | Qi LisuL730 Ls100.39 Ly839,9072,119 Cr18 minutes ago
Bao City | Vorduli L345 Ls169.65 Ly1,686,5382,119 Cr16 hours ago
Carr Orbital | BinjiaL461 Ls114.87 Ly956,6322,119 Cr10 minutes ago
Mizuno Dock | Asura L2947 Ls22033.62 Ly317,7012,115 Cr2 hours ago
Kraft Works | Alberta M609 Ls22006.99 Ly834,2132,115 Cr4 hours ago
Vasquez de Coronado Dock | Muri L6 Ls147.93 Ly1,284,4082,111 Cr16 minutes ago
Fozard Dock | HIP 19934L988 Ls176.5 Ly1,388,6922,111 Cr17 hours ago
McDaniel Dock | Notus L11007 Ls92.38 Ly1,551,5162,095 Cr5 hours ago
Fort Forgie Starport | RasmussenL224 Ls46.34 Ly76,9992,090 Cr35 minutes ago
Trinh Enterprise | Chacobog L2388 Ls181.89 Ly2,757,9732,077 Cr12 hours ago
Reightler Dock | Draguan NuL78 Ls154.15 Ly1,083,9132,077 Cr8 hours ago
de Kamp Orbital | DelkarL519 Ls74.72 Ly432,5312,075 Cr1 hour ago
Invergary | DelkarL520 Ls74.72 Ly262,8072,075 Cr1 hour ago
Mitchell Dock | Meene M419 Ls165.27 Ly1,378,4582,064 Cr1 day ago
Weber Dock | Meene M144 Ls165.27 Ly819,0792,064 Cr1 day ago
Exodus Reach | Ratraii M925 Ls22014.14 Ly1,554,4782,062 Cr8 hours ago
Leopold Heckmann Ring | MalaikudiL115 Ls122.19 Ly1,161,6032,020 CrNow
Barnes Bastion | Kappa-1 Coronae Austrinae L2513 Ls176.81 Ly74,1891,948 Cr8 days ago
Morukov Orbital | LHS 346 M9134 Ls52.41 Ly632,7691,926 Cr2 days ago
McArthur Gateway | LHS 346 L4996 Ls52.41 Ly1,280,1451,926 Cr3 hours ago
Crown Dock | Yen Di L240 Ls112.9 Ly480,5181,926 Cr6 days ago
Ramon Hub | G 41-14L8307 Ls27.41 Ly1,139,2121,926 Cr54 minutes ago
al-Khowarizmi Station | Hodur L188 Ls155.19 Ly714,9501,926 Cr1 hour ago
Lander Enterprise | VaccaeM1775 Ls139.86 Ly261,6851,926 Cr8 days ago
Asaro Port | VaccaeL1422 Ls139.86 Ly305,0211,926 Cr10 hours ago
Serebrov Horizons | Zhang Fei L744 Ls116.77 Ly369,6681,926 Cr15 hours ago
Bhabha Penal colony | PerktomenL6675 Ls125.97 Ly17,5861,926 Cr10 days ago
Cook Gateway | 11 CepheiL848 Ls183.53 Ly861,6121,926 Cr13 hours ago
Stefansson Orbital | Jamanu L410 Ls144.06 Ly1,232,9931,926 Cr15 hours ago
Yu Enterprise | SarughL48792 Ls110.1 Ly1,075,5831,926 Cr6 minutes ago
Budarin Ring | Undin L153 Ls155.12 Ly666,5911,926 Cr1 hour ago
Benyovszky Dock | EdenwiL1218 Ls221.27 Ly835,0861,926 Cr73 days ago
Alvares City | ParenniL7519 Ls127.67 Ly1,757,0511,926 Cr6 hours ago
Braun Enterprise | Samequit L846 Ls93.81 Ly438,0831,926 Cr13 hours ago
Schlegel Enterprise | Madon L247 Ls122.03 Ly424,8941,926 Cr5 minutes ago
Wohler Horizons | LQ HydraeL13970 Ls39.8 Ly1,238,4801,921 Cr4 days ago
Thuot Hub | Tihtipihin L1341 Ls136.41 Ly366,5951,920 Cr5 days ago
Gibson Landing | Muri M1461 Ls147.93 Ly780,3341,919 Cr17 days ago