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Produced by: Extraction
Consumed by: Refinery

Indite: chemical formula FeIn2S4. Indium ore. A rare, black crystalline mineral. Often found in what were once hydrothermal deposits or asteroids that have been heated in their past. It is widely refined into Indium.

Produced by:
Consumed by:
Avg sell price:
2,407 Cr
Max sell price:
3,324 Cr
Avg buy price:
1,960 Cr
Min buy price:
1,451 Cr

Where to buy Indite near Omega Sector VE-Q b5-15

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Omega Mining Operation | Omega Sector VE-Q b5-15L1120 Ls---1,4911,962 Cr5 hours ago

Where to sell Indite near Omega Sector VE-Q b5-15

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Omega Mining Operation | Omega Sector VE-Q b5-15L1120 Ls---01,912 Cr5 hours ago

Highest supply for Indite

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Brosnatch Station | CaledoL23 Ls5465.41 Ly3,259,5211,728 Cr5 days ago
Barentsz Orbital | SveitL2698 Ls5447.57 Ly1,858,1971,773 Cr1 day ago
Shukor Hub | ThunderbirdL159460 Ls5471.84 Ly1,812,2471,773 Cr2 days ago
Lovelace Port | AlkuylkanamL20 Ls5436.37 Ly1,793,6111,773 Cr1 day ago
Shoujing Hub | LTT 874M1345 Ls5507.9 Ly1,793,5031,758 Cr4 days ago
Bean Enterprise | BD-02 4304 L134 Ls5414.5 Ly1,744,3641,773 Cr3 hours ago
Maxwell City | Alkaid L14575 Ls5511.53 Ly1,724,7801,806 Cr6 days ago
Feustel Port | 1 Hydrae L665 Ls5582.81 Ly1,683,2391,773 Cr2 days ago
Dobrovolskiy Hub | Thunderbird M159293 Ls5471.84 Ly1,644,4651,773 Cr25 days ago
Agassiz Orbital | Thunderbird L159198 Ls5471.84 Ly1,641,9461,773 Cr15 days ago
Gell-Mann Dock | BD-02 4304 L178 Ls5414.5 Ly1,640,6291,773 Cr16 days ago
Durrance Station | BD-02 4304 L289 Ls5414.5 Ly1,640,6291,773 Cr26 days ago
Reber Hub | LTT 1289 M1944 Ls5495.1 Ly1,537,7871,758 Cr29 days ago
Auer Station | Patocuda M15 Ls5473.44 Ly1,494,6571,773 Cr25 days ago
Brandenstein Enterprise | BD-02 4304 M893 Ls5414.5 Ly1,490,4751,773 Cr3 days ago
Nomura Port | Achehoongat M38 Ls5439.31 Ly1,466,0761,758 Cr21 days ago
Fontenay Hub | Gliese 900.1M100 Ls5474.52 Ly1,465,6021,758 Cr48 days ago
Ford Dock | Gliese 900.1M72 Ls5474.52 Ly1,465,6021,758 Cr22 days ago
Bentham Hub | Patocuda L1823 Ls5473.44 Ly1,446,3461,773 Cr18 days ago
Orban Dock | RajitoM74 Ls5526.49 Ly1,433,5522,085 Cr6 days ago
Flade Hub | HIP 87914M840 Ls5416.65 Ly1,418,1691,773 Cr20 days ago
Watson Relay | AlkaidL13170 Ls5511.53 Ly1,414,2301,806 Cr29 days ago
Champlain Terminal | CamazotzM60 Ls5429.79 Ly1,412,6471,773 Cr3 days ago
Fairbairn Station | LHS 3447M91858 Ls5447.66 Ly1,402,7791,773 Cr3 hours ago
Shapley Dock | IgalL109 Ls5535.02 Ly1,386,0531,758 Cr9 hours ago
MacLean Terminal | Gliese 868L36 Ls5491.96 Ly1,385,0382,005 Cr3 days ago
Bacon Port | Gliese 868L28 Ls5491.96 Ly1,385,0382,005 Cr1 day ago
Barr Station | Gliese 900.1L161 Ls5474.52 Ly1,375,0771,758 Cr7 days ago
RenenBellot Port | Gliese 900.1M161 Ls5474.52 Ly1,375,0771,758 Cr5 days ago
Matthaus Olbers Hub | Toresit M47196 Ls5477.23 Ly1,360,9571,758 Cr35 days ago
Due Station | Delta LeporisL598 Ls5603.64 Ly1,328,5961,773 Cr20 days ago
Robson Dock | Delta LeporisM810 Ls5603.64 Ly1,328,5962,072 Cr28 days ago
Morrison Port | BD+43 866M222 Ls5599.19 Ly1,325,1811,773 Cr12 days ago

Highest demand for Indite

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Siodmak City | MandhritharL2081 Ls5465.09 Ly15,464,5202,558 Cr9 days ago
Gabriel Dock | STF 1774L1624 Ls5513.96 Ly12,363,9282,890 Cr16 hours ago
Vizcaino City | STF 1774L457 Ls5513.96 Ly12,363,9282,890 Cr21 minutes ago
Hill Hub | STF 1774L458 Ls5513.96 Ly12,363,9282,890 Cr2 hours ago
Banno Station | HIP 98621L31970 Ls5444.33 Ly11,273,8582,577 Cr5 days ago
Willis Station | Guayambaan L6 Ls5493.75 Ly10,728,2032,890 Cr10 hours ago
Gerrold City | STF 1774M2440 Ls5513.96 Ly9,055,4842,890 Cr3 days ago
Dantec City | HR 5451 L1664 Ls5508.53 Ly7,850,9502,842 Cr4 days ago
McIntosh Terminal | JeteraitL19 Ls5489.2 Ly7,842,7962,464 Cr1 day ago
Barnard Port | JeteraitL29 Ls5489.2 Ly7,842,7962,464 Cr2 days ago
O'Leary City | MandhritharL1117 Ls5465.09 Ly7,454,9882,558 Cr13 hours ago
Bradbury City | V640 CassiopeiaL301 Ls5528.36 Ly6,950,4142,842 Cr5 days ago
Silves Terminal | CaerusL59 Ls5565.42 Ly6,944,8582,842 Cr1 day ago
Fox City | Mandhrithar L28511 Ls5465.09 Ly6,627,6522,558 Cr6 days ago
Dingle City | Miquit M5573 Ls5477.69 Ly6,494,2852,863 Cr11 hours ago
Shea City | KeltimM53 Ls5562.11 Ly6,097,3602,863 Cr13 days ago
Laumer Station | Guayambaan L11 Ls5493.75 Ly5,970,5572,842 Cr16 days ago
Belyayev Port | LHS 142M24 Ls5523.85 Ly5,943,9562,740 Cr10 days ago
Kapteyn Port | HIP 98621L1070 Ls5444.33 Ly5,637,5842,577 Cr3 days ago
Herbig Terminal | HIP 98621M745 Ls5444.33 Ly5,637,5842,577 Cr29 days ago
Ings Hub | Metzili L57 Ls5565.36 Ly5,555,4522,842 Cr6 days ago
Parmitano Station | ParutisL1503 Ls5481.44 Ly5,538,7402,842 Cr18 days ago
Somerset Station | 55 Virginis L441 Ls5474.9 Ly5,482,7772,842 Cr1 day ago
Bessel City | HR 1475M224026 Ls5536.52 Ly5,410,1422,863 Cr60 days ago
Babakin Terminal | LHS 1020L23717 Ls5493.3 Ly5,296,1762,863 Cr4 days ago
Gelfand Vision | V640 CassiopeiaM6625 Ls5528.36 Ly5,197,0892,842 Cr5 days ago
Maury Dock | KeltimL93 Ls5562.11 Ly5,173,1572,863 Cr1 day ago
Young Dock | MandhritharM28443 Ls5465.09 Ly5,068,7762,558 Cr13 days ago
Dalmas Terminal | MandhritharM30424 Ls5465.09 Ly5,068,7762,558 Cr44 days ago
Coulomb Orbital | Toroesing M50 Ls5579.37 Ly5,007,7952,912 Cr1 day ago
Hadfield Vision | LHS 6309M2800 Ls5492.08 Ly4,959,7052,737 Cr13 hours ago
Cockrell Port | LHS 6309M108 Ls5492.08 Ly4,959,7052,737 Cr15 hours ago
Nikolayev Dock | LHS 6309M107 Ls5492.08 Ly4,959,7052,737 Cr17 hours ago
Kennan Orbital | Benapus L767 Ls5624.78 Ly4,941,7592,842 Cr4 days ago
Peters City | AchenarM42367 Ls5506.79 Ly4,856,1102,683 Cr12 days ago
Noriega Port | LHS 142L7 Ls5523.85 Ly4,824,2792,779 Cr14 hours ago
vo Dock | LHS 142L8 Ls5523.85 Ly4,824,2792,779 Cr3 days ago
Jordan Station | TaoshaL54 Ls5495.31 Ly4,679,1072,842 Cr13 days ago

Best buy prices for Indite (Average buy price: 1960 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Perrin Settlement | NLTT 46709M1282 Ls5473.97 Ly11,451 Cr4 days ago
Werner von Siemens Port | LHS 287M606 Ls5529.91 Ly21,517 Cr10 hours ago
Webb Mines | Alpha ReticuliM690 Ls5537.03 Ly21,517 Cr1 day ago
Baracchi Port | Boresti M79 Ls5561.74 Ly21,524 Cr3 hours ago
Roche Works | UlleseM1453 Ls5484.47 Ly5421,536 Cr6 hours ago
Tshang Enterprise | Kappa Fornacis M1981 Ls5537.92 Ly41,2161,575 Cr2 days ago
Kovalevskaya Outpost | WaangamiciM4864 Ls5516.21 Ly61,577 Cr1 day ago
Quator Station | QuatorL140 Ls5471.04 Ly11,594 Cr2 hours ago
Cernan Settlement | DjakundaM455 Ls5535.3 Ly11,599 Cr7 days ago
Maine's Inheritance | NemglaM151 Ls5556.74 Ly11,599 Cr10 hours ago
Flint Settlement | KhernoM2234 Ls5606.55 Ly11,602 Cr1 day ago
Bahcall Mines | HIP 108041 M62901 Ls5447.54 Ly21,605 Cr1 day ago
Russell Mine | Juro M2058 Ls5705.44 Ly11,608 Cr20 days ago
Mining Station 1 | LHS 3531L195 Ls5497.2 Ly301,611 Cr1 day ago
MacLean Stop | HR 3991M383 Ls5553.26 Ly771,614 Cr2 days ago
Garratt Orbital | Tau-1 Hydrae M283 Ls5549.15 Ly43,4201,618 Cr9 days ago
Grant Survey | Norweilemil M1892 Ls5416.03 Ly51,618 Cr1 day ago
Clough Survey | HIP 64706M23172 Ls5488.25 Ly61,628 Cr1 day ago
Freud Colony | EhiM5 Ls5505.45 Ly101,640 Cr38 minutes ago
Common Port | NauneiM328365 Ls5529.49 Ly565,6681,640 Cr4 days ago
Chaffee Camp | SigurdM2557 Ls5473.56 Ly81,653 Cr8 hours ago
Anderson Platform | Vertsety M10021 Ls5467.12 Ly61,665 Cr21 days ago
Shaver Mines | Yun Dzacae M444 Ls5483.26 Ly41,668 Cr80 days ago
Cameron Survey | Manamaya M30 Ls5564.76 Ly2,7411,671 Cr2 days ago
Bunsen Base | Anyanwu M1664 Ls5491.1 Ly7,5061,671 Cr5 hours ago
Herreshoff Freeport | G 123-49M5 Ls5523.98 Ly10,0691,671 Cr12 hours ago
Sekowski Dock | HaredM414 Ls5508.33 Ly1,6521,671 Cr6 days ago
Gauss Dock | HavatM306 Ls5524.9 Ly12,9441,671 Cr18 days ago
Olivas Mines | LHS 6128M7 Ls5538.01 Ly2,5271,671 Cr1 day ago
Herreshoff's Pride | Ross 318M1239 Ls5521.9 Ly2,9511,671 Cr2 days ago
Ricardo Landing | LHS 1794M2876 Ls5574.64 Ly4,8011,671 Cr41 days ago
McCoy Platform | LHS 378M763 Ls5483.59 Ly1,5921,671 Cr3 days ago
Szentmartony Station | SAO 92746M620 Ls5546.86 Ly2,8091,671 Cr21 days ago
Ingstad Platform | Sapites M626 Ls5563.1 Ly3,6201,671 Cr13 days ago
du Fresne's Progress | OnyaM6 Ls5487.59 Ly9,6181,671 Cr1 day ago
Lawrence Station | HIP 39720M173 Ls5594.99 Ly13,1011,671 Cr11 days ago
Galiano Dock | SPOCS 343M1433 Ls5601.4 Ly25,2351,671 Cr7 hours ago

Best sell prices for Indite (Average sell price: 2407 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Blenkinsop Settlement | LuluwalaM353 Ls5492.92 Ly20,7113,324 Cr25 days ago
Vlaicu Settlement | SamebitoM427 Ls5500.62 Ly5,7203,270 Cr10 days ago
Fraser Orbital | LHS 2936 L21 Ls5505.63 Ly451,4413,053 Cr15 minutes ago
Reamy Dock | LTT 4447 M32 Ls5510.15 Ly2,7783,053 Cr9 days ago
Bushkov Dock | HyperboreaM2303 Ls5503.29 Ly165,0493,053 Cr24 days ago
Byrd Installation | HIP 20541L266 Ls5667.2 Ly5173,053 Cr18 days ago
Berezin Terminal | HR 4673 L313 Ls5540.94 Ly3,0973,053 Cr34 days ago
Goldstein's Folly | Col 285 Sector UZ-P d5-60L33285 Ls5404.06 Ly2,4143,053 Cr38 days ago
Butler Landing | Col 285 Sector CI-N b22-4L1853 Ls5409.24 Ly1,3613,047 Cr52 days ago
Wilkes Plant | Col 285 Sector WE-Q d5-90L635 Ls5431.7 Ly4,9473,047 Cr6 days ago
Shawl Installation | HIP 75021L51 Ls5420.17 Ly32,1843,047 Cr26 days ago
Hennepin Prospect | Assinda L219764 Ls5603.24 Ly2,4653,044 Cr26 days ago
Budrys' Folly | Col 285 Sector KN-I c10-11 L346669 Ls5497.07 Ly13,8113,043 Cr40 days ago
Reed's Inheritance | Hyades Sector EB-X d1-112 L185 Ls5684.73 Ly27,6543,043 Cr41 days ago
Coney Prospect | Cheditjala L19 Ls5664.02 Ly22,7813,042 Cr7 hours ago
O'Brien's Progress | EhlaunetiL466 Ls5605.75 Ly8,1453,035 Cr10 days ago
Ashton Works | Gliese 460 L337 Ls5541.5 Ly7,1533,035 Cr43 days ago
Brothers Plant | Arietis Sector GW-W c1-8L1943 Ls5606.7 Ly13,5073,035 Cr32 days ago
Mitchell Beacon | Sigma Puppis L17742 Ls5602.85 Ly9,2013,035 Cr20 days ago
Noether Enterprise | HIP 110943 L641 Ls5450.06 Ly3,3743,035 Cr26 days ago
Wyeth's Folly | 66 Andromedae L296 Ls5615.13 Ly8,8213,035 Cr19 days ago
Rodrigues Installation | HIP 68736 L262 Ls5422.73 Ly9,7113,035 Cr7 days ago
Harding Holdings | HR 5025L4445 Ls5507.9 Ly6,1563,035 Cr12 days ago
Pratchett Enterprise | Scorpii Sector IR-W c1-22 L311 Ls5377.04 Ly33,0893,035 Cr14 days ago
Carlisle's Progress | AmisL156 Ls5636.78 Ly3,1333,033 Cr24 days ago
Menezes Installation | Wolf 1301 M1443 Ls5585.45 Ly33,1783,033 Cr8 days ago
Kaku Plant | V1090 HerculisM1241724 Ls5489.26 Ly24,9443,031 Cr16 hours ago
Strekalov Depot | V1090 HerculisM1242617 Ls5489.26 Ly19,6433,031 Cr1 hour ago
Arber Dock | LHS 1882M881 Ls5556.3 Ly24,4843,031 Cr1 day ago
Kadenyuk Orbital | Kini M13676 Ls5442.7 Ly34,2093,031 Cr2 hours ago
Parmitano Colony | Granthaimi M324 Ls5460.3 Ly52,9893,031 Cr2 days ago
Yamazaki Landing | WISE 0855-0714 M847 Ls5512.9 Ly82,9893,031 Cr9 hours ago
Soddy Hangar | ZugenM779 Ls5470.1 Ly6,3493,031 Cr9 hours ago
Volynov Hub | Ross 47M1714 Ls5531.93 Ly15,7633,031 Cr5 hours ago
Anderson Platform | LTT 13232M2596 Ls5528.62 Ly2,5383,031 Cr15 hours ago
Whitney Platform | LTT 13232M1377 Ls5528.62 Ly21,0793,031 Cr11 hours ago
Land Outpost | ReieniM1056 Ls5508.63 Ly6,3533,031 Cr41 days ago
Hawking Prospect | ItelaM1159 Ls5427.44 Ly11,5823,031 Cr1 day ago
Deere Landing | ItelaM2020 Ls5427.44 Ly9,2383,031 Cr6 hours ago