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Computer Components

Produced by: Industrial
Consumed by: High Tech and Military

Industrially mass-produced computer components and electronic devices, regulators, storage, distribution boards, spares. Wherever there are computers, there are computers that have gone wrong and need a spare part.

Produced by:
Consumed by:
High Tech
Avg sell price:
580 Cr
Max sell price:
1,216 Cr
Avg buy price:
502 Cr
Min buy price:
317 Cr

Where to buy Computer Components near Sol

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Ehrlich City | Sol L179 Ls---22,458436 Cr4 days ago
Walz Depot | Sol L179 Ls---9,323424 Cr9 hours ago
Furukawa Enterprise | Sol L179 Ls---9,919424 Cr8 hours ago
Powell High | Wolf 359 L98 Ls7.78 Ly131470 Cr10 hours ago
Tryggvason Installation | Wolf 359 L98 Ls7.78 Ly4,332372 Cr3 days ago
Lomas Orbiter | Wolf 359 L52 Ls7.78 Ly182470 Cr56 minutes ago
Cayley Enterprise | Wolf 359 L52 Ls7.78 Ly1,706372 Cr4 days ago
O'Brien Vision | Sirius M8797 Ls8.59 Ly976572 Cr9 hours ago
Patterson Enterprise | SiriusL981 Ls8.59 Ly6,213570 Cr19 minutes ago
Borman Port | WISE 1506+7027 M892 Ls10.52 Ly1,537494 Cr1 day ago
Parise Dock | WISE 1506+7027 M690 Ls10.52 Ly2,603495 Cr1 day ago
Dobrovolskiy Enterprise | WISE 1506+7027L214 Ls10.52 Ly7,586394 Cr5 hours ago
Weber Hub | 61 CygniL24 Ls11.37 Ly7,624398 Cr2 days ago
Broglie Terminal | 61 CygniL24 Ls11.37 Ly1,777401 Cr1 hour ago
Flade Enterprise | Epsilon Indi L143 Ls11.8 Ly7,297570 Cr3 days ago
Rowley Settlement | Epsilon Indi L683 Ls11.8 Ly6,004417 Cr1 day ago
Krylov Installation | Epsilon Indi L683 Ls11.8 Ly24422 Cr12 days ago
McNair Gateway | Luyten's Star M1018 Ls12.39 Ly3,918419 Cr23 hours ago
Ashby City | Luyten's StarL299 Ls12.39 Ly9,566420 Cr4 hours ago
Qureshi Orbital | LHS 380L1466 Ls13.85 Ly5,889394 Cr3 hours ago
Ray Enterprise | LHS 380M80336 Ls13.85 Ly855483 Cr1 day ago
Mastracchio Enterprise | LHS 380 M80606 Ls13.85 Ly1,414482 Cr4 days ago
Pontes Terminal | Wolf 424 M3166 Ls14.01 Ly4,694498 Cr1 day ago
Readdy Gateway | Wolf 424 L3173 Ls14.01 Ly103,126415 Cr4 hours ago
Ramon Hub | G 41-14L8322 Ls14.55 Ly3,254505 Cr3 hours ago
Buchli City | MildeptuL115848 Ls14.56 Ly83,767413 Cr8 hours ago
Wheelock Terminal | Mildeptu M116437 Ls14.56 Ly6,867412 Cr1 day ago
Singer Enterprise | Mildeptu M116432 Ls14.56 Ly101,954413 Cr1 day ago
Acton Ring | Ross 780M2113 Ls15.32 Ly3,938510 Cr6 days ago
Aristotle Gateway | Ross 780L108 Ls15.32 Ly16,147409 Cr3 hours ago
Fossum Terminal | Ross 780M1740 Ls15.32 Ly6,266511 Cr4 days ago
Peary Dock | V1581 Cygni L17682 Ls15.39 Ly5,399449 Cr1 day ago
Gagnan Terminal | IL Aquarii M2487 Ls15.45 Ly41,907502 Cr3 days ago
Kinsey Enterprise | IL Aquarii M12007 Ls15.45 Ly26,329501 Cr1 day ago
Patsayev Station | IL Aquarii L1836 Ls15.45 Ly11,402401 Cr1 hour ago
Gidzenko Terminal | Kokary L52 Ls15.79 Ly210,856431 Cr7 hours ago
Treshchov Point | Kokary L95 Ls15.79 Ly2,452575 Cr1 day ago
Faraday Enterprise | Kokary L95 Ls15.79 Ly97,940431 Cr8 hours ago
Cori Gateway | Kokary M1711 Ls15.79 Ly2,401578 Cr4 days ago
Franklin Ring | Groombridge 1618L931 Ls15.88 Ly27,098440 Cr17 hours ago

Where to sell Computer Components near Sol

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Walz Depot | Sol L179 Ls---0397 Cr9 hours ago
Furukawa Enterprise | Sol L179 Ls---0397 Cr8 hours ago
Ehrlich City | Sol L179 Ls---0408 Cr4 days ago
Haberlandt Survey | Sol L2504 Ls---6,5701,071 Cr7 hours ago
Edison Hub | Luhman 16 L13 Ls6.57 Ly8,5001,148 Cr9 hours ago
Cayley Enterprise | Wolf 359 L52 Ls7.78 Ly0349 Cr4 days ago
Powell High | Wolf 359 L98 Ls7.78 Ly0441 Cr10 hours ago
Tryggvason Installation | Wolf 359 L98 Ls7.78 Ly0349 Cr3 days ago
Lomas Orbiter | Wolf 359 L52 Ls7.78 Ly0441 Cr56 minutes ago
Qwent Research Base | SiriusL8789 Ls8.59 Ly299944 Cr25 minutes ago
Patterson Enterprise | SiriusL981 Ls8.59 Ly0534 Cr19 minutes ago
O'Brien Vision | Sirius M8797 Ls8.59 Ly0535 Cr9 hours ago
Hurston Arsenal | Duamta L417 Ls9.88 Ly10,1811,069 Cr4 days ago
Borman Port | WISE 1506+7027 M892 Ls10.52 Ly0462 Cr1 day ago
Parise Dock | WISE 1506+7027 M690 Ls10.52 Ly0463 Cr1 day ago
Stafford Penal colony | WISE 1506+7027 L239 Ls10.52 Ly15,2271,041 Cr1 day ago
Dobrovolskiy Enterprise | WISE 1506+7027L214 Ls10.52 Ly0368 Cr5 hours ago
Gupta City | Lacaille 9352L74 Ls10.69 Ly189802 Cr2 hours ago
Magnus Gateway | EZ Aquarii L360 Ls11.1 Ly50,277695 Cr4 hours ago
Weber Hub | 61 CygniL24 Ls11.37 Ly0373 Cr2 days ago
Broglie Terminal | 61 CygniL24 Ls11.37 Ly0373 Cr1 hour ago
Mallory Survey | ProcyonL9697 Ls11.41 Ly33671 Cr1 hour ago
Ford City | Groombridge 34 L75654 Ls11.73 Ly26,649978 Cr1 day ago
Jones Estate | Groombridge 34 L10 Ls11.73 Ly54,7591,024 Cr14 hours ago
Matthews City | Groombridge 34 L75559 Ls11.73 Ly27,417981 Cr15 minutes ago
Flade Enterprise | Epsilon Indi L143 Ls11.8 Ly0534 Cr3 days ago
Rowley Settlement | Epsilon Indi L683 Ls11.8 Ly0391 Cr1 day ago
Nikitin Penal colony | Epsilon Indi L143 Ls11.8 Ly54717 Cr5 days ago
Krylov Installation | Epsilon Indi L683 Ls11.8 Ly0395 Cr12 days ago
Tepper Penal colony | YZ Ceti L20 Ls12.07 Ly3,9771,131 Cr2 days ago
Clement Orbital | YZ CetiL1221 Ls12.07 Ly86,7971,010 Cr3 hours ago
McNair Gateway | Luyten's Star M1018 Ls12.39 Ly0391 Cr23 hours ago
Nikitin Silo | Luyten's Star L705 Ls12.39 Ly2,509595 Cr3 days ago
Ashby City | Luyten's StarL299 Ls12.39 Ly0391 Cr4 hours ago
Kepler Gateway | Kruger 60 L5718 Ls13.08 Ly83,499938 Cr7 hours ago
Ray Enterprise | LHS 380M80336 Ls13.85 Ly0452 Cr1 day ago
Mastracchio Enterprise | LHS 380 M80606 Ls13.85 Ly0451 Cr4 days ago
Qureshi Orbital | LHS 380L1466 Ls13.85 Ly0368 Cr3 hours ago
Needham Keep | ToolfaL50424 Ls14.01 Ly2,911655 Cr1 day ago
Crook Hub | ToolfaL12 Ls14.01 Ly98,480881 Cr17 hours ago

Highest supply for Computer Components

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Stewart Hub | CupisM463 Ls93.45 Ly1,350,911387 Cr13 days ago
Gell-Mann Ring | LP 339-7L32 Ls75.87 Ly818,758387 Cr7 days ago
Xiaoguan Dock | CupisM275 Ls93.45 Ly774,783408 Cr7 days ago
Thomson Port | Shana Bei M144 Ls117.45 Ly733,904367 Cr3 days ago
Marshall Ring | CupisL371 Ls93.45 Ly720,606408 Cr6 days ago
Kondratyev Dock | CupisM1630 Ls93.45 Ly720,606408 Cr8 days ago
Melotte Hub | ZelanoL2706 Ls89.1 Ly692,994398 Cr6 days ago
Bauschinger City | AmentaL256031 Ls177.73 Ly686,967398 Cr31 days ago
O'Connor Station | LopocaresL329 Ls113.16 Ly685,337408 Cr12 days ago
MacLean Enterprise | BeimechL126 Ls87.65 Ly683,465408 Cr6 days ago
Smith Enterprise | NgalediL7 Ls76.45 Ly665,177408 Cr1 day ago
Griffith Gateway | Manktas L8 Ls138.48 Ly626,031408 Cr1 hour ago
Carpenter Hub | Thoth M376 Ls48.36 Ly610,082387 Cr6 days ago
Artsebarsky Terminal | Thoth M2193 Ls48.36 Ly610,082387 Cr7 days ago
Bosch Station | V2578 OphiuchiiL349 Ls70.19 Ly561,022408 Cr11 days ago
Thompson Gateway | AchelousL2033 Ls79.57 Ly544,385545 Cr8 days ago
Ham Terminal | CD-35 9019L183 Ls96.11 Ly511,698408 Cr2 days ago
Gernhardt Terminal | Mulachi L594440 Ls36.93 Ly509,473387 Cr5 days ago
Hipparchus Terminal | KpelidoogL228 Ls145.13 Ly500,409520 Cr2 days ago
Dominique Terminal | KpelidoogL3335 Ls145.13 Ly485,657391 Cr12 days ago
Leclerc Dock | Guy L928 Ls31.17 Ly479,572408 Cr21 hours ago
Davidson Gateway | YZ FornacisM123 Ls67.67 Ly464,800408 Cr4 days ago
Barratt Hub | Shana Bei M1951 Ls117.45 Ly459,284367 Cr2 days ago
Kaleri Gateway | MahlanjaL1193 Ls130.55 Ly458,259408 Cr26 days ago
Chalker Ring | ApuraL380 Ls71.17 Ly455,702408 Cr17 days ago
Wiener Port | ApuraM2044 Ls71.17 Ly455,702408 Cr36 days ago
Kraepelin Orbital | CD-35 9019L226 Ls96.11 Ly450,896408 Cr1 day ago
Coelho Ring | RaM172 Ls53.65 Ly449,298408 Cr5 days ago
Berners-Lee Ring | Drevlyada L52661 Ls101.9 Ly447,779408 Cr43 days ago
Culbertson Hub | V371 NormaeL2883 Ls88.6 Ly447,310408 Cr17 hours ago
Jones Port | Beetrix L783 Ls87.06 Ly447,233525 Cr5 hours ago
Sabine Gateway | LTT 700M8673 Ls70.59 Ly443,143408 Cr9 days ago
Casper Ring | KoroviiL362 Ls49.95 Ly442,515387 Cr4 hours ago
Heceta Orbital | SceptrumL4249 Ls109.87 Ly441,824408 Cr11 days ago
Whitney Station | Osermians L295 Ls113.85 Ly439,573408 Cr17 days ago
Anderson City | TepehuacocL224 Ls95.02 Ly439,225408 Cr17 days ago
Forward Orbital | SPOCS 615L309617 Ls111.57 Ly439,140408 Cr10 days ago
Smith Station | HIP 47468L603 Ls132.15 Ly438,007408 Cr67 days ago
Salam Station | DrevlyadaL52490 Ls101.9 Ly437,741408 Cr43 days ago
Kerwin Gateway | LP 339-7 L14844 Ls75.87 Ly436,218408 Cr16 days ago

Highest demand for Computer Components

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Laird Dock | Alioth M1241 Ls82.53 Ly7,713,0591,067 Cr2 days ago
Kolmogorov Hub | LeestiM2996 Ls111.03 Ly5,452,1571,053 Cr2 days ago
Irkutsk | Alioth L7782 Ls82.53 Ly5,381,2531,067 Cr1 hour ago
George Lucas | Leesti L270 Ls111.03 Ly5,309,5561,005 Cr2 hours ago
Brunton Gateway | Anlave M73 Ls32.86 Ly4,459,7791,037 Cr7 days ago
Melbourne Park | Alioth L7768 Ls82.53 Ly2,488,6511,066 Cr1 day ago
Bain Dock | Anlave M3276 Ls32.86 Ly1,976,5861,037 Cr7 days ago
Hogg City | Anlave L1075 Ls32.86 Ly1,720,0531,037 Cr1 day ago
Durrance Dock | Xi Ursae Majoris L2739 Ls28.98 Ly1,447,740978 Cr13 minutes ago
Snyder Enterprise | TZ ArietisL829 Ls14.61 Ly1,400,807978 Cr9 hours ago
Sharp Dock | AndelL1811 Ls91.38 Ly1,361,8731,131 Cr3 hours ago
Peters Base | FaceceL1546 Ls131.09 Ly1,296,282971 Cr4 days ago
Golden Gate | Alioth L7781 Ls82.53 Ly1,160,7501,065 Cr1 hour ago
Ashman Dock | LampadeL144931 Ls112.36 Ly1,091,3791,049 Cr6 days ago
Al-Battani Ring | Pachita L896 Ls117.14 Ly1,078,6541,131 Cr1 hour ago
Abasheli Terminal | Minerva M1155 Ls70.23 Ly1,054,1571,006 Cr24 days ago
Judson Station | MizarL161165 Ls82.79 Ly1,048,0221,039 Cr11 hours ago
Suri Park | Anlave L464 Ls32.86 Ly1,026,7381,037 Cr12 hours ago
Wang Estate | Ross 1057 L25 Ls43.41 Ly999,999591 Cr11 hours ago
Curtis Outpost | Ross 1057 L26 Ls43.41 Ly999,999713 Cr1 day ago
Julian Market | Aganippe L131 Ls46.78 Ly999,999714 Cr3 hours ago
Moskowitz Gateway | CE Bootis L30720 Ls34.11 Ly999,999977 Cr11 days ago
Newton Hub | GD 140 L107 Ls51.55 Ly999,9991,007 Cr14 hours ago
Chiang Prospect | Jambin L521 Ls115.85 Ly999,999727 Cr12 days ago
Metcalf Station | HIP 44811 L2324 Ls132.96 Ly999,9991,070 Cr1 day ago
Dilworth City | Orang L89 Ls131.87 Ly999,999866 Cr1 day ago
Mendez Terminal | Jormbu L233 Ls142.29 Ly999,9991,058 Cr9 hours ago
Baird Dock | HIP 24046 L120764 Ls130.58 Ly999,999996 Cr3 days ago
Haignere City | OU Geminorum L372 Ls47.84 Ly999,9991,069 Cr4 hours ago
Kazantsev Dock | Dulerce L138775 Ls91.61 Ly999,9991,082 Cr2 days ago
Wheelock Ring | Zavijah L4037 Ls35.62 Ly999,999818 Cr6 hours ago
Gaiman Dock | 49 Arietis L459 Ls209.91 Ly999,9991,010 Cr12 hours ago
Doyle Landing | Lunguni L15 Ls181.18 Ly999,9991,108 Cr46 days ago
Crown Ring | HIP 117960 L430 Ls147.34 Ly999,999612 Cr84 days ago
Anderson Orbital | Palanti L326 Ls160.93 Ly999,999872 Cr14 hours ago
Perrine Station | HIP 8830 L193 Ls128.62 Ly999,9991,083 Cr12 days ago
Miyasaka Port | HIP 8830 L113 Ls128.62 Ly999,9991,083 Cr16 days ago
Precourt City | Songbe L32 Ls133.91 Ly999,999527 Cr8 days ago
Gaultier de Varennes Settlement | Camulus L38 Ls149.51 Ly999,9991,050 Cr5 days ago
Comper Dock | Tangua L4990 Ls145.16 Ly999,999843 Cr8 days ago

Best buy prices for Computer Components (Average buy price: 502 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Kummer Depot | MaikoroL205 Ls83.08 Ly10,440317 Cr13 days ago
Kotzebue Works | Luyten 205-128 L31 Ls19.01 Ly1,656322 Cr1 day ago
Selous Horizons | SanL3815 Ls201.4 Ly2,215325 Cr3 days ago
Yourkevitch Port | HIP 16529 L49449 Ls143.02 Ly4,917329 Cr17 hours ago
Abernathy City | Gliese 9106L815 Ls146.22 Ly4,882329 Cr1 day ago
Slough Orbital | VESPER-M4 L438 Ls61.4 Ly7,276330 Cr22 minutes ago
Jemison Ring | LHS 1743M18567 Ls75.88 Ly3,112332 Cr31 days ago
Potter Gateway | LHS 1743M18722 Ls75.88 Ly3,765332 Cr31 days ago
MacKellar Dock | HIP 43310 L987 Ls120.53 Ly424334 Cr2 days ago
Davis Gateway | HIP 13644 L2289 Ls123.15 Ly11,309335 Cr14 hours ago
Savinykh Hub | LFT 37 L375 Ls65.64 Ly37,877336 Cr14 hours ago
Onnes Gateway | LFT 37 L281 Ls65.64 Ly41,648336 Cr1 day ago
Mount Sunday | Dinda L451 Ls87.41 Ly2,491338 Cr2 days ago
Ravenclan's Astro Lab | Dinda L450 Ls87.41 Ly2,387338 Cr5 hours ago
Galois Legacy | Ross 1051 L41 Ls58.23 Ly1,039347 Cr2 days ago
Port Zelada | Zelada L64 Ls83.29 Ly11,195347 Cr10 hours ago
Hearthrug Gruvara | Zelada L104 Ls83.29 Ly568347 Cr21 hours ago
Lanier Colony | ZeladaM201 Ls83.29 Ly587347 Cr21 hours ago
Ochoa Installation | LHS 2887 L688 Ls28.35 Ly475348 Cr8 days ago
Grabe Ring | T'ien MuL241 Ls99.75 Ly94,588351 Cr12 hours ago
Oxley Orbital | Coeus-893 Ls22027.97 Ly1,157351 Cr1 hour ago
Glashow Landing | G 98-44M497 Ls79.58 Ly17,482352 Cr7 days ago
Wankel Terminal | G 98-44M671 Ls79.58 Ly24,786352 Cr2 days ago
Behring Gateway | LHS 452 L216348 Ls26.35 Ly8,818353 Cr6 hours ago
Pettit Terminal | BhaluwaM1219 Ls143.44 Ly8,127353 Cr13 hours ago
Morey Landing | BhaluwaM1645 Ls143.44 Ly6,992353 Cr15 hours ago
Barba Ring | LP 355-65L718 Ls72.5 Ly8,906354 Cr1 hour ago
Pierce Terminal | Ebor M29 Ls127.93 Ly11,370355 Cr17 hours ago
Palmer Port | Ebor M17 Ls127.93 Ly11,300355 Cr12 days ago
Guest Installation | UszaaL4349 Ls112.71 Ly31,796356 Cr4 days ago
Patterson Dock | UszaaL1228 Ls112.71 Ly56,725356 Cr1 day ago
Clauss Dock | UszaaL1810 Ls112.71 Ly61,556356 Cr19 hours ago
Vinogradov City | BD+44 4389L1205 Ls66.85 Ly3,178356 Cr26 days ago
Culbertson Port | AC +26 37030L1186 Ls80.05 Ly3,263356 Cr4 days ago
Gerlache Dock | Wolf 620L1501 Ls85.55 Ly3,811356 Cr3 days ago
Crown Horizons | MendinduiM1630 Ls103.06 Ly2,792356 Cr1 day ago
Priestley Terminal | MendinduiL1229 Ls103.06 Ly3,206356 Cr1 day ago
Panshin Ring | CD-48 3774 L11663 Ls108.85 Ly57,344356 Cr17 hours ago
Mitchell Port | IxilalontaL1482 Ls132.07 Ly29,103356 Cr7 days ago
Carter Park | Bean Nighe M2960 Ls100.87 Ly3,328356 Cr18 hours ago

Best sell prices for Computer Components (Average sell price: 580 Cr)

LocationPad  St dist  Distance  Quantity  Price  Updated  
Zebrowski Orbital | LHS 2936 M1586 Ls63.97 Ly76,7161,216 Cr7 hours ago
Thomson Orbital | Lansbury L449 Ls117.11 Ly22,8991,216 Cr18 hours ago
Landis Settlement | Lansbury L334 Ls117.11 Ly31,9031,216 Cr17 hours ago
Barry's Centre | HIP 52285-93984 Ls172.56 Ly6301,216 Cr9 days ago
Sharipov Arsenal | Wolf 582L2029 Ls69.43 Ly7,4151,201 Cr2 days ago
Diophantus Arsenal | VasudeL1100 Ls104.52 Ly15,4581,201 Cr11 hours ago
Conrad Base | Vucub HuanL29648 Ls90.68 Ly12,6561,201 Cr22 hours ago
Barnes Bastion | Kappa-1 Coronae Austrinae L2509 Ls154 Ly31,6561,197 Cr2 days ago
Carroll Penal colony | AntikiriyaL1811 Ls235.15 Ly7241,196 Cr21 hours ago
Alenquer Installation | Tarup L1010 Ls143.82 Ly6581,196 Cr13 days ago
Dionysus | HIP 17044L1978 Ls320.11 Ly10,0381,196 Cr12 hours ago
Brothers Installation | BorannL930 Ls123.06 Ly18,0111,189 Cr14 hours ago
Macomb Point | Talukana L256 Ls146.36 Ly1,5071,188 Cr20 days ago
Timofeyevich Installation | MarahmaL7756 Ls158.77 Ly9691,188 Cr43 days ago
Heaviside Installation | HIP 90004L2677 Ls139.38 Ly1,5521,188 Cr1 day ago
Fermat Silo | HaiuriciL740 Ls132.39 Ly3,5321,188 Cr25 days ago
Mieville Installation | Iverni L1626 Ls162.04 Ly3,9431,188 Cr36 days ago
Aguirre Bastion | Guaycurua L5578 Ls170.31 Ly1,2711,188 Cr64 days ago
Solovyev Relay | Sui ReddL3708 Ls135.06 Ly1,7611,188 Cr136 days ago
Henderson Penal colony | KUV 410-4L449035 Ls66.29 Ly4,0761,188 Cr35 days ago
Roggeveen Point | Kipsigines L8429 Ls70.08 Ly3,5601,188 Cr5 days ago
The Midas | ZeusL8 Ls62.53 Ly1,5301,188 Cr3 hours ago
Toll Relay | StKM 1-442L4426 Ls75.87 Ly1,5121,188 Cr36 days ago
Gwynn Point | Hyades Sector NS-T c3-8 L51 Ls168.99 Ly7,6491,188 Cr55 days ago
Goldberg Survey | NdanL3243 Ls141.87 Ly2,0491,186 Cr12 days ago
Brundage Silo | FarosL275 Ls243.41 Ly7201,186 Cr9 days ago
Young Barracks | Gou JingatiL1510 Ls217.62 Ly6821,186 Cr26 days ago
Carr Bastion | Jarojinanh L1625 Ls202.54 Ly3,1611,186 Cr5 days ago
Coulomb Silo | Jaitrics L86100 Ls198.96 Ly8041,186 Cr22 days ago
Maury Keep | KwarandjiL1935 Ls213.01 Ly7521,186 Cr30 days ago
Mason Depot | ChacoriiL4296 Ls241.56 Ly1,6731,186 Cr15 days ago
Roche Point | Yuquiyala L1571 Ls225.74 Ly4441,186 Cr2 days ago
Heiles Keep | OllaeL3849 Ls179.15 Ly5501,186 Cr7 days ago
Gonnessiat Keep | Ek ZiyiL552 Ls187.56 Ly4781,186 Cr30 days ago
Fuller Arsenal | HIP 15656 L1546 Ls173.01 Ly2,3581,186 Cr2 days ago
Gernsback Settlement | Psi OctantisL1438 Ls125.52 Ly6,0381,185 Cr3 hours ago
Velho Arsenal | Baiawa L111 Ls71.25 Ly13,8301,185 Cr3 days ago
Mayr Relay | LHS 2441 L1362 Ls40.42 Ly4,4051,184 Cr6 days ago
Stoertebeker Dock | Helgoland L1837 Ls21969.72 Ly58,4161,183 Cr7 hours ago