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Shield Emitters

Component found in ships: frequently used by combat oriented vessels. Known to be salvaged from signal sources.

Shield emitters project the shield's energy away from the source to provide a barrier.


Used in blueprints:
Used in synthesis:
Used for exp. effects:
Used for tech broker:
Ship salvage (Combat ships), USS

Used in synthesis

No known synthesis recipes.

Used in blueprints

ArmourHeavy duty2
ArmourHeavy duty3
Power PlantArmoured2
Power PlantArmoured3
Frame Shift DriveShielded2
Life SupportReinforced2
Life SupportReinforced3
Life SupportShielded2
Life SupportShielded3
Power DistributorShielded2
Power DistributorShielded3
Beam LaserSturdy2
Beam LaserSturdy3
Burst LaserSturdy2
Burst LaserSturdy3
Manifest ScannerReinforced2
Manifest ScannerReinforced3
Manifest ScannerShielded2
Manifest ScannerShielded3
Chaff LauncherReinforced2
Chaff LauncherReinforced3
Chaff LauncherShielded2
Chaff LauncherShielded3
Electronic CountermeasureReinforced2
Electronic CountermeasureReinforced3
Electronic CountermeasureShielded2
Electronic CountermeasureShielded3
Heat Sink LauncherReinforced2
Heat Sink LauncherReinforced3
Heat Sink LauncherShielded2
Heat Sink LauncherShielded3
Point DefenceReinforced2
Point DefenceReinforced3
Point DefenceShielded2
Point DefenceShielded3
Fragment CannonSturdy2
Fragment CannonSturdy3
Frame Shift Wake ScannerReinforced2
Frame Shift Wake ScannerReinforced3
Frame Shift Wake ScannerShielded2
Frame Shift Wake ScannerShielded3
Kill Warrant ScannerReinforced2
Kill Warrant ScannerReinforced3
Kill Warrant ScannerShielded2
Kill Warrant ScannerShielded3
Mine LauncherSturdy2
Mine LauncherSturdy3
Seeker Missile RackSturdy2
Seeker Missile RackSturdy3
Plasma AcceleratorSturdy2
Plasma AcceleratorSturdy3
Pulse LaserSturdy2
Pulse LaserSturdy3
Rail GunSturdy2
Rail GunSturdy3
Torpedo PylonSturdy2
Torpedo PylonSturdy3
Auto Field-Maintenance UnitShielded2
Auto Field-Maintenance UnitShielded3
Collector Limpet ControllerReinforced2
Collector Limpet ControllerReinforced3
Collector Limpet ControllerShielded2
Collector Limpet ControllerShielded3
Fuel ScoopShielded2
Fuel ScoopShielded3
Fuel Transfer Limpet ControllerReinforced2
Fuel Transfer Limpet ControllerReinforced3
Fuel Transfer Limpet ControllerShielded2
Fuel Transfer Limpet ControllerShielded3
Hatch Breaker Limpet ControllerReinforced2
Hatch Breaker Limpet ControllerReinforced3
Hatch Breaker Limpet ControllerShielded2
Hatch Breaker Limpet ControllerShielded3
Hull Reinforcement PackageHeavy duty2
Hull Reinforcement PackageHeavy duty3
Prospector Limpet ControllerReinforced2
Prospector Limpet ControllerReinforced3
Prospector Limpet ControllerShielded2
Prospector Limpet ControllerShielded3
Missile RackSturdy2
Missile RackSturdy3

Used in experimental effects

Used for tech broker unlocks

No known technology broker unlocks.

Components in the same location

Ship salvage (Combat ships)

Compound ShieldingManufacturedRare
Core Dynamics CompositesManufacturedVery rare
Crystal ShardsManufacturedVery common
Exquisite Focus CrystalsManufacturedVery rare
Flawed Focus CrystalsManufacturedCommon
Focus CrystalsManufacturedStandard
Galvanising AlloysManufacturedCommon
Phase AlloysManufacturedStandard
Salvaged AlloysManufacturedVery common
Shield EmittersManufacturedCommon
Shielding SensorsManufacturedStandard
Tempered AlloysManufacturedVery common
Thermic AlloysManufacturedRare
Worn Shield EmittersManufacturedVery common


Adaptive Encryptors CaptureEncodedVery rare
Chemical DistilleryManufacturedStandard
Chemical ProcessorsManufacturedCommon
Compact CompositesManufacturedVery common
Exceptional Scrambled Emission DataEncodedVery common
Filament CompositesManufacturedCommon
Focus CrystalsManufacturedStandard
Galvanising AlloysManufacturedCommon
Grid ResistorsManufacturedVery common
Heat Conduction WiringManufacturedVery common
Heat Dispersion PlateManufacturedCommon
Heat VanesManufacturedRare
High Density CompositesManufacturedStandard
Hybrid CapacitorsManufacturedCommon
Irregular Emission DataEncodedCommon
Mechanical EquipmentManufacturedCommon
Mechanical ScrapManufacturedVery common
Modified Consumer FirmwareEncodedCommon
Open Symmetric KeysEncodedStandard
Phase AlloysManufacturedStandard
Shield EmittersManufacturedCommon
Shielding SensorsManufacturedStandard
Specialised Legacy FirmwareEncodedVery common
Tagged Encryption CodesEncodedCommon
Unexpected Emission DataEncodedStandard
Unusual Encrypted FilesEncodedVery common
Worn Shield EmittersManufacturedVery common

How to get components

Components may be obtained in locations noted. Higher rarity components can be usually obtained from bigger and/or more dangerous ships and locations (like T9 for transportation ships, Anaconda for combat ships, well defended settlements with Data points and so on).