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Aberrant Shield Pattern AnalysisRareEncoded (Shield data)Ship scanning (Combat ships), Mission reward
Abnormal Compact Emissions DataVery rareEncoded (Emission data)USS (Encoded emissions), Ship scanning (Combat ships), Mission reward
Adaptive Encryptors CaptureVery rareEncoded (Encryption files)Surface POI, USS
Anomalous Bulk Scan DataVery commonEncoded (Data archives)Ship scanning (Transport ships), Mission reward
Anomalous FSD TelemetryCommonEncoded (Wake scans)High wake scanning, Mission reward
AntimonyRareRaw (Raw material 7)Surface prospecting
ArsenicCommonRaw (Raw material 6)Surface prospecting, Mining, Mission reward
Atypical Disrupted Wake EchoesVery commonEncoded (Wake scans)High wake scanning, Mission reward
Atypical Encryption ArchivesRareEncoded (Encryption files)Surface POI
Basic ConductorsVery commonManufactured (Conductive)Ship salvage (Transport ships)
Bio-Mechanical ConduitsStandardManufactured (Thargoid)Thargoid ship encounter
Biotech ConductorsVery rareManufactured (Conductive)Mission reward
BoronStandardRaw (Raw material 7)Mining
CadmiumStandardRaw (Raw material 3)Surface prospecting, Mining
CarbonVery commonRaw (Raw material 1)Surface prospecting, Mining, Mining (Ice rings)
Chemical DistilleryStandardManufactured (Chemical)Ship salvage (Transport ships), USS
Chemical ManipulatorsRareManufactured (Chemical)Ship salvage (Transport ships), Surface POI, USS (Convoy dispersal pattern)
Chemical ProcessorsCommonManufactured (Chemical)Ship salvage (Transport ships), USS, Mission reward
Chemical Storage UnitsVery commonManufactured (Chemical)Ship salvage (Transport ships)
ChromiumCommonRaw (Raw material 2)Surface prospecting, Mining (Ice rings)
Classified Scan DatabanksStandardEncoded (Data archives)Ship scanning (Transport ships), Surface POI
Classified Scan FragmentVery rareEncoded (Data archives)Surface data point, Mission reward, Ship scanning (Military & authority ships)
Compact CompositesVery commonManufactured (Composite)USS, Surface POI
Compound ShieldingRareManufactured (Shielding)Ship salvage (Combat ships), USS (Encoded emissions), Mission reward
Conductive CeramicsStandardManufactured (Conductive)Ship salvage (Transport ships), USS (Degraded emissions/Anarchy)
Conductive ComponentsCommonManufactured (Conductive)Ship salvage (Transport ships), USS (Degraded emissions/Anarchy)
Conductive PolymersRareManufactured (Conductive)Ship salvage (Transport ships), Surface POI, Mission reward
Configurable ComponentsRareManufactured (Mechanical components)Ship salvage (Transport ships), USS (Combat aftermath), USS (Encoded emissions)
Core Dynamics CompositesVery rareManufactured (Composite)Ship salvage (Combat ships), USS (High grade emissions)
Cracked Industrial FirmwareStandardEncoded (Encoded Firmware)Surface data point, Mission reward
Crystal ShardsVery commonManufactured (Crystals)Ship salvage (Combat ships), Surface POI
Datamined Wake ExceptionsVery rareEncoded (Wake scans)High wake scanning, Mission reward, USS (Encoded emissions)
Decoded Emission DataRareEncoded (Emission data)Ship scanning (Combat ships), Mission reward
Distorted Shield Cycle RecordingsVery commonEncoded (Shield data)Ship scanning (Transport ships), Mission reward
Divergent Scan DataRareEncoded (Data archives)Surface data point, Mission reward
Eccentric Hyperspace TrajectoriesRareEncoded (Wake scans)High wake scanning
Electrochemical ArraysStandardManufactured (Capacitors)Ship salvage (Military & authority ships), USS (Degraded emissions/Anarchy)
Exceptional Scrambled Emission DataVery commonEncoded (Emission data)Ship scanning, USS, Mission reward
Exquisite Focus CrystalsVery rareManufactured (Crystals)Mission reward, Ship salvage (Combat ships)
Filament CompositesCommonManufactured (Composite)Ship salvage (Military & authority ships), USS
Flawed Focus CrystalsCommonManufactured (Crystals)Ship salvage (Combat ships), USS (Combat aftermath)
Focus CrystalsStandardManufactured (Crystals)Ship salvage (Combat ships), USS
Galvanising AlloysCommonManufactured (Alloys)Ship salvage (Combat ships), USS, Mission reward
GermaniumCommonRaw (Raw material 5)Surface prospecting, Mission reward
Grid ResistorsVery commonManufactured (Capacitors)Ship salvage (Military & authority ships), USS, Mission reward
Guardian Module Blueprint SegmentVery rareEncoded (Guardian)Ancient/Guardian ruins
Guardian Power CellVery commonManufactured (Guardian)Ancient/Guardian ruins
Guardian Power ConduitCommonManufactured (Guardian)Ancient/Guardian ruins
Guardian Sentinel Weapon PartsStandardManufactured (Guardian)Ancient/Guardian ruins
Guardian Technology ComponentStandardManufactured (Guardian)Ancient/Guardian ruins
Guardian Vessel Blueprint SegmentVery rareEncoded (Guardian)Ancient/Guardian ruins
Guardian Weapon Blueprint SegmentVery rareEncoded (Guardian)Ancient/Guardian ruins
Guardian Wreckage ComponentsVery commonManufactured (Guardian)Ancient/Guardian ruins
Heat Conduction WiringVery commonManufactured (Heat)Ship salvage (Transport ships), USS, Mission reward
Heat Dispersion PlateCommonManufactured (Heat)Ship salvage (Transport ships), USS, Mission reward
Heat ExchangersStandardManufactured (Heat)Ship salvage (Transport ships), USS (Degraded emissions/Anarchy)
Heat Resistant CeramicsCommonManufactured (Thermic)Ship salvage (Military & authority ships)
Heat VanesRareManufactured (Heat)Ship salvage (Transport ships), USS, Mission reward
High Density CompositesStandardManufactured (Composite)Ship salvage (Military & authority ships), USS
Hybrid CapacitorsCommonManufactured (Capacitors)Ship salvage (Military & authority ships), USS, Mission reward
Imperial ShieldingVery rareManufactured (Shielding)USS (High grade emissions), Mission reward
Improvised ComponentsVery rareManufactured (Mechanical components)USS (High grade emissions), Mission reward
Inconsistent Shield Soak AnalysisCommonEncoded (Shield data)Ship scanning (Transport ships), Mission reward
IronVery commonRaw (Raw material 4)Surface prospecting, Mining, Mining (Ice rings)
Irregular Emission DataCommonEncoded (Emission data)Mission reward, USS
LeadVery commonRaw (Raw material 7)Mining
ManganeseCommonRaw (Raw material 3)Surface prospecting, Mission reward
Mechanical ComponentsStandardManufactured (Mechanical components)Ship salvage (Transport ships), USS (Combat aftermath)
Mechanical EquipmentCommonManufactured (Mechanical components)Ship salvage (Transport ships), USS
Mechanical ScrapVery commonManufactured (Mechanical components)Ship salvage (Transport ships), USS, Mission reward
MercuryStandardRaw (Raw material 6)Surface prospecting
Military Grade AlloysVery rareManufactured (Thermic)USS (High grade emissions), Mission reward
Military SupercapacitorsVery rareManufactured (Capacitors)USS (High grade emissions), Mission reward
Modified Consumer FirmwareCommonEncoded (Encoded Firmware)Mission reward, USS, Surface data point
Modified Embedded FirmwareVery rareEncoded (Encoded Firmware)Surface data point, Mission reward
MolybdenumStandardRaw (Raw material 2)Surface prospecting, Mission reward
NickelVery commonRaw (Raw material 5)Surface prospecting, Mining, Mining (Ice rings)
NiobiumStandardRaw (Raw material 1)Surface prospecting, Mission reward
Open Symmetric KeysStandardEncoded (Encryption files)Surface data point, USS, Mission reward
Pattern Alpha Obelisk DataStandardEncoded (Guardian)Ancient/Guardian ruins
Pattern Beta Obelisk DataCommonEncoded (Guardian)Ancient/Guardian ruins
Pattern Delta Obelisk DataRareEncoded (Guardian)Ancient/Guardian ruins
Pattern Epsilon Obelisk DataVery rareEncoded (Guardian)Ancient/Guardian ruins
Pattern Gamma Obelisk DataVery commonEncoded (Guardian)Ancient/Guardian ruins
Peculiar Shield Frequency DataVery rareEncoded (Shield data)Ship scanning, Mission reward
Pharmaceutical IsolatorsVery rareManufactured (Chemical)Mission reward, USS (High grade emissions)
Phase AlloysStandardManufactured (Alloys)Ship salvage (Combat ships), USS
PhosphorusVery commonRaw (Raw material 2)Surface prospecting, Mining, Mining (Ice rings)
PoloniumRareRaw (Raw material 6)Surface prospecting, Mission reward
Polymer CapacitorsRareManufactured (Capacitors)Ship salvage (Military & authority ships), USS (Convoy dispersal pattern), Mission reward
Precipitated AlloysStandardManufactured (Thermic)Ship salvage (Military & authority ships), Mission reward
Proprietary CompositesRareManufactured (Composite)USS (Encoded emissions), USS (High grade emissions), Mission reward
Propulsion ElementsStandardManufactured (Thargoid)Thargoid ship encounter
Proto Heat RadiatorsVery rareManufactured (Heat)USS (High grade emissions), Mission reward
Proto Light AlloysRareManufactured (Alloys)USS (High grade emissions), Mission reward
Proto Radiolic AlloysVery rareManufactured (Alloys)USS (High grade emissions)
Refined Focus CrystalsRareManufactured (Crystals)Mission reward, USS (Weapons fire)
RheniumVery commonRaw (Raw material 6)Mining
RutheniumRareRaw (Raw material 3)Surface prospecting
Salvaged AlloysVery commonManufactured (Alloys)Ship salvage (Combat ships), USS (Combat aftermath)
Security Firmware PatchRareEncoded (Encoded Firmware)Surface data point, Mission reward
SeleniumRareRaw (Raw material 4)Surface prospecting, Mission reward
Sensor FragmentVery rareManufactured (Thargoid)Destroyed Unknown artefact, USS (Anomaly), Thargoid site
Shield EmittersCommonManufactured (Shielding)Ship salvage (Combat ships), USS
Shielding SensorsStandardManufactured (Shielding)Ship salvage (Combat ships), USS, Mission reward
Ship Flight DataStandardEncoded (Thargoid)Thargoid ship encounter
Ship Systems DataStandardEncoded (Thargoid)Thargoid ship encounter
Specialised Legacy FirmwareVery commonEncoded (Encoded Firmware)Mission reward, Surface data point, USS
Strange Wake SolutionsStandardEncoded (Wake scans)High wake scanning, Mission reward
SulphurVery commonRaw (Raw material 3)Surface prospecting, Mining, Mining (Ice rings)
Tagged Encryption CodesCommonEncoded (Encryption files)Surface data point, USS, Mission reward
TechnetiumRareRaw (Raw material 2)Surface prospecting
TelluriumRareRaw (Raw material 5)Surface prospecting
Tempered AlloysVery commonManufactured (Thermic)Ship salvage (Combat ships)
Thargoid CarapaceCommonManufactured (Thargoid)Thargoid site
Thargoid Energy CellStandardManufactured (Thargoid)Thargoid site
Thargoid Material Composition DataStandardEncoded (Thargoid)Thargoid site
Thargoid Organic CircuitryVery rareManufactured (Thargoid)Thargoid site
Thargoid Residue DataRareEncoded (Thargoid)Thargoid site
Thargoid Ship SignatureStandardEncoded (Thargoid)Thargoid ship encounter, Thargoid site
Thargoid Structural DataCommonEncoded (Thargoid)Thargoid site
Thargoid Technological ComponentsRareManufactured (Thargoid)Thargoid site
Thargoid Wake DataRareEncoded (Thargoid)Thargoid ship encounter
Thermic AlloysRareManufactured (Thermic)Ship salvage (Combat ships), Mission reward
TinStandardRaw (Raw material 4)Surface prospecting
TungstenStandardRaw (Raw material 5)Surface prospecting
Unexpected Emission DataStandardEncoded (Emission data)Ship scanning (Combat ships), USS
Unidentified Scan ArchivesCommonEncoded (Data archives)Ship scanning (Transport ships)
Untypical Shield ScansStandardEncoded (Shield data)Ship scanning (Combat ships)
Unusual Encrypted FilesVery commonEncoded (Encryption files)Surface data point, USS, Mission reward
VanadiumCommonRaw (Raw material 1)Surface prospecting, Mining (Ice rings)
Weapon PartsStandardManufactured (Thargoid)Thargoid ship encounter
Worn Shield EmittersVery commonManufactured (Shielding)Ship salvage (Combat ships), USS
Wreckage ComponentsStandardManufactured (Thargoid)Thargoid ship encounter
YttriumRareRaw (Raw material 1)Surface prospecting
ZincCommonRaw (Raw material 4)Surface prospecting
ZirconiumCommonRaw (Raw material 7)Surface prospecting, Mining

How to get components

Components may be obtained in locations noted. Higher rarity components can be usually obtained from bigger and/or more dangerous ships and locations (like T9 for transportation ships, Anaconda for combat ships, well defended settlements with Data points and so on).