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18 Jun 3301
Kappa Fornacis Calls Federal Freedom Into Question

It has been some time since the Kappa Fornacis Farmers Union has dared to draw attention to itself beyond its home system. However, following a reported trade deal with one of Senator Zemina Torval’s corporations, the farmers of Panem look a good deal more confident.

Georgio Algeria, spokesman for the Kappa Fornacis Farmers Union, had this to say on the subject:

“Even with a new President, they won’t win. What we have is great, and you can’t keep greatness down. That Hudson guy is too uptight. He needs to chill, and I’ve got just the thing for him!”

“Everything in moderation, my friends. Sims are cool. Hudson’s kids don’t need to win no prizes for proving who’s the best at killin’. They need to chill, to care about each other, get in touch with their roots.”

“The Empire’s cool with us. Slavery’s not cool, but at least they’re doing something about it. These Fed kids signing up to the Navy. Bombing our children. How is that not slavery? Which is better?”

11 Jun 3301
Controlling the Credit Crops

A little over six months ago, the newly discovered naturally occurring plant known as Onionhead was made illegal throughout all of Federal space. Not long after, in an attempt to stop the spread of Onionhead, the Federation launched a violent campaign against the innocent farmers of Kappa Fornacis, led by the vocal Georgio Algeria. Federal marines invaded the farmers’ fields, and Federal battle cruisers rained fire from the skies.

The now wealthy farmers managed to create a new strain of Onionhead, and so the spread started, working alone and with others, including the East India Company – an Imperial trade organisation in which Senator Zemina Torval is a major shareholder.

In an attempt to warn the Imperial Senator away from Kappa Fornacis, President Hudson responded by directing a number of prominent Republican Party supporters to begin permanently establishing themselves in Autahenetsi, to change public opinion as a deterrent to farmers, smugglers and Imperials alike. Although at time of press, neither the East India Company nor Senator Zemina Torval appear to be particularly intimidated by the Federation’s efforts.

19 Mar 3301
Onionhead Returns to Kappa Fornacis

The Kappa Fornacis Farmers Union appears to be up to its old tricks again, as news has started to come out of the region that Onionhead is once again available in the ports around Panem.

“We aren’t going to be kept down by the man, man,” Georgio Algeria announced to the gathered crowds in the marketplace aboard Harvestport. “You can’t stop the crop. It’s always out there, man. That’s nature, that’s just how it works. The people know what they want, and what they want is 100% organic, original blend Onionhead.”

When asked for comment, President Halsey’s office said that the matter would be dealt with in due course.

11 Feb 3301
Lucan Onionhead Farmers Welcome Agricultural Commodities Traders

Reports have reached GalNet that Lucan Onionhead farmers in the Tanmark system have been receiving regular supplies of Agricultural Medicine, Crop Harvesters, Land Enrichment Systems and Biowaste from intrepid traders sympathetic to their cause.

Georgio Algeria of the Kappa Fornacis Farmers Union said:

"This is welcome news. A few Commanders helped us in Panem, and that's cool but not enough. If enough of you can help get them to Tanmark we'll be happy. And so will you. This is the way we make Onionhead bigger - better. It's what we all want. Long live Onionhead! Lucan Onionhead for all!"

No Federal representatives were available to comment.

06 Feb 3301
Overview of the Past Week's Developments

Although Federal aid was deployed to the farmers of Panem in Kappa Fornacis, President Halsey withdrew the troops shortly after. Although Halsey claimed the job was done, the leader of the Farmers' Association, Georgia Algeria, denounced their efforts as window dressing.

75 percent of the population in the Dulos system voted to leave the Federation and become an Independent state. Despite these changes, there has been a resurgence of support for the Federal government - some are pointing towards the strong plans to improve the economy.

The Dukes of Mikunn, a community-formed group, began sanctions against the dictatorial Law Party of HR 7327 in the system of the same name. The Law Party-owned Gabriel Station has since been under blockade until the regime change occurs. The Dukes of Mikunn have warned traders to stay away from the system and find safer routes if their route brings them near HR 7327's space.

The Sidewinder Demolition Derby was held last Sunday at Slough Orbital in Vesper-M4. The event will now be held every first Sunday of the month, and has pilots hurtling at one another in basic Sidewinders. Commander Rose told GalNet:

"The Jet Transport Corporation lost a lot of trade last Sunday. No ships were able to enter or leave the station for almost an hour for fear of being blasted into smithereens by these lunatic pilots."

Civil War broke out in Balaikda between two of the system's minor factions, HIP 43760 State Plc and Balaikda Ltd. The former is a Federally-aligned organisation, much to the surprise of the Empire. The Imperial Navy have set up checkpoints near a number of local planets as a direct response to the Federal Involvement in an Imperial system.

04 Feb 3301
Federation Withdraws from Panem

Following on from the deployment of Federal aid to the beleaguered farmers of Panem, President Halsey has today announced her intention to recall all Federal forces from Kappa Fornacis.

The President has said of this:

"I am pleased with how our marines turned aid workers were able to help restore order to Panem so quickly - exemplary of what the Federation can offer its allies."

The leader of the Kappa Fornacis Farmer's Association, Georgia Algeria, has denounced the Federation's efforts. He said to gathered reporters:

"Don't be fooled by the Federation. They're liars! This is just window dressing. They bully us, they burn us - now they try to buy us. Well we ain't scared and we ain't for sale. We say what happens on Panem, and we say Onionhead will live on!"

01 Feb 3301
Rejuvenation of Kappa Fornacis Underway

While protests on Mars continue, things are looking up for the beleaguered people of Kappa Fornacis, as Federal support agencies have begun delivering aid packages to those affected by the recent bombardment of the Onionhead fields on Panem. One of the protesters on the steps of Congress jeered at this.

"It is a cynical ploy to undo the bad publicity from the bombing. The Federal Navy should never have attacked a peaceful planet - the farmers were taking advantage of a naturally occurring crop."

Entrepreneurial commanders looking to capitalise on the federal grant to rebuild Kappa Fornacis are being asked to source Agricultural Medicine, Crop Harvesters, Terrain Enrichment Systems and as much Biowaste as possible. All goods should be delivered to the logistics centre aboard Harvestport.

Georgio Algeria of the Farmer's Union on Panem said:

"We did OK from Onionhead. Here and on Luca. We're here to stay. Keep your stinking aid. Be happy. Onionhead helps!"

24 Jan 3301
Lucan Onionhead Now Cultivated in the Tanmark System

Breaking news from the Tanmark system would seem to indicate that Admiral Vincent's bombing of Panem has only slowed the spread of Onionhead.

News has reached GalNet that a new strain of Onionhead, which is believed to have been cultivated in secret somewhere on Luca with assistance from farmers from Panem in the Kappa Fornacis system, has begun turning up on the local markets.

A dedicated reporter managed to track down Georgio Algeria on Panem, and it seems his group have been part of this:

"I said we would be back, and here we are. You cannot spoil our happiness. We are still cool. We have more friends than you realise. And now we are rich!"

Due to a quirk of Federal Law, the new strain does not fall under the statute banning sale of Onionhead, as Lucan Onionhead is a different strain. Federal Labs are reported to be rushing the tests through in order to make it illegal as soon as their processes allow.

19 Dec 3300
Admiral Vincent Declares a Blockade of Kappa Fornacis

Federal Admiral Vincent has declared a blockade of the Kappa Fornacis system to prevent the spread of the narcotic onionhead.

Speaking after a meeting at the Admiralty in Quenisset on Mars he answered questions from waiting journalists.

"The local government is failing to prevent the spread of this vile narcotic through the galaxy, so we must do so on behalf of the Federation. Any ship carrying this narcotic will be destroyed by our forces."

The Farmer's leader, Georgio Algeria has put out a plea for help.

"Please help us. This is our livelihood. If the Federation doesn't like it then it must be cool. And you'll be cool if you help us. Come and back us against the oppressors." 

17 Dec 3300
Farmer's Leader Accuses President of Victimisation

Georgio Algeria, the spokesman for the Farmer's Union in the Kappa Fornacis system, has spoken out at the Federal President's declaration that Onionhead, the main export from the Kappa Fornacis system, be illegal.

At a press conference on Panem he said:

"Onionhead is great, cool. Loved across the galaxy. We make it, you eat it. Don't eat it if you don't want it. Call yourself President! We will keep making it and you will keep eating it. It's what we do. It's all we do."

Algeria would not be drawn on it in public, but it is clear the President's controversial actions have spread publicity for Onionhead far and wide and demand is higher than ever on the black market.