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30 Jun 3303
Freelance Report: Fragile Unity in Federal Congress

Following disturbing reports of attacks on Federal ships in the Pleiades Nebula, the partisan rancour that often characterises Federal Congress has faded into the background as both Republican and Liberal members of congress rally around President Zachary Hudson. Rumours that the attacks were perpetrated by the Thargoids abound, prompting calls for increased military spending.

Emerging in the wake of the no-confidence vote that resulted in the expulsion of former Federal president Jasmina Halsey, the bellicose Hudson administration was seen by many as emblematic of the Federation's uncertain path into the 34th century. But the possibility of an alien incursion is rapidly smoothing over the political sore points.

Shadow President Felicia Winters has been careful to neither endorse nor condemn Hudson’s militaristic rhetoric. Meanwhile, both the Republican and Liberal parties have remained silent on the post-presidential career of Jasmina Halsey, whose advocacy for galactic peace contrasts sharply with the hawkish leader who ordered planetary bombardments against onionhead growers in the Kappa Fornacis system. In the political press, attention has focused on the fact that Halsey has become a close confidante of Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon – another moderate voice on the intergalactic stage.


20 Jun 3303
Freelance Report: Canonn Responds to Thargoid Revelation

Doctor Arcanonn of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group has issued a statement from the Gnosis concerning the recent discovery that the so-called Unknown Ships are in fact of Thargoid origin.

“Finally, the Thargoids have revealed themselves, moving from the shadows into the starlight. We cannot predict where this road will lead, but surely there is no way back. We stand at a precipice, staring into the abyss...yet we can take some comfort from the fact that humanity has faced this threat before and prevailed.”

“The first reports of Unknown Artefacts – riddles in space – now seem so long ago. How could we have known it would come to this?”

“Rest assured that should the worst happen, should governments fall and our civilisation be shaken to its very foundations, Canonn will stand against the darkness.”


03 Jun 3303
Freelance Report: Mercury Seven Expedition Returns

After 96 days in deep space, the Mercury Seven expedition will soon return home to the Colonia system. Over the course of the expedition, participating Commanders made many new discoveries in the Orio-Persean Conflux, Wagar’s Reach and Ishtar.

The explorers involved banded together to pay tribute to the Mercury Seven, a group of astronauts from an early spaceflight programme. At the end of their journey, they will present their findings to the Colonia Citizens Network and the wider exploration community.

The expedition is expected to reach its final destination, Colonia Dream in the Eol Prou LW-L C8-76 system, on Sunday the 11th of June 3303 at 18:00.

Admiral Trajan

26 Apr 3303
Freelance Report: Formidine Rift Discovery

A few days ago, a curious message was discovered by the Hamsters, a group of EM-transmission enthusiasts in the Tionisla system. A short time later, a combined effort from the Children of Raxxla and several other groups decoded the message and discovered it pointed to the Syreadiae JX-F c0 system in the so-called Formidine Rift.

Travelling to the system, pilots discovered a bulk cruiser called the Zurara. The ship's logs painted a haunting picture, indicating that the ship’s crew sabotaged the vessel before killing themselves. The Zurara had been adrift in the system ever since.


01 Apr 3303
Freelance Report: Imperial Commanders Support Salomé

Reports have been received from Imperial space that many Imperial pilots are defying the standing kill-on-sight order on Commander Salomé. The pilots pledging to support the disgraced senator are offering escort services and fuel, and have even promised to reward other Commanders willing to help.

"The issue is that we are not in possession of the facts," said Commander Jayridium, who is offering up to 50 times the listed bounty to anyone who can arrange a meeting with Salomé. "I am joining the effort to protect her. The truth must be heard!"

Commander Jayridium joins several others in an effort to help Salome – an effort that could make them outcasts.

Peter Brady

03 Mar 3303
Freelance Report: The Mercury Seven Expedition

This weekend, the Mercury Seven expedition will depart from Jaques Station in the Colonia system. Citizens are invited to join the expedition, or to watch it depart at 7.00 UTC on the 5th of March 3303.

The expedition takes its name from the Mercury Seven, a group of astronauts from an early spaceflight programme – brave men who risked much to explore the frontier.

The expedition will comprise a number of stages, with regular stops for those with SRVs or fighters. Sights will include the Orio-Persean Conflux, the Osprey Stellar Remnant, Wagar's Reach and Zephyrus.

Pilots who want to participate are encouraged to contact the Colonia Citizens Network.

Bob Dobilina

23 Feb 3303
Freelance Report: Buckyball Racing Club has Tunnel Vision

After a relatively quiet start to the year, the Buckyball Racing Club is back with its first full-length race of 3303: Tunnel Vision.

The race, which is between Leopold Heckmann Ring in the Malaikudi system and Evans Port in Parutis, requires competitors to navigate a series of tunnels at various scientific and military installations en route. Bonuses will be awarded depending on ship size, meaning some very large ships will be squeezed through some very tight spaces.

The Buckyball Racing Club refused to address rumours that the race will use Federal and Imperial capital ship docks as gates.

The event starts on Saturday the 25th of February and will run until Monday the 6th of March.

Alec Turner

12 Jan 3303
Freelance Report: Fuel Rats Complete 20,000th Rescue

On the 7th of January 3303, the Fuel Rats successfully completed their 20,000th rescue since their foundation in June 3301. The milestone was reached during a busy weekend that saw the group complete a total of 230 rescues. Sources at Fuel Rats headquarters in the Fuelum system linked the spike in cases to curiosity surrounding reported sightings of non-human spacecraft.

The Fuel Rats Mischief, an auxiliary wing of the Fuel Rats, revealed that the 20,000th rescue took place in the Alrai Sector, with Commanders Esxste, FightingCookie and Hillbillypolenta flying out to rescue the stranded pilot. The group also paid tribute to Commander Termite Altair, who has completed an unprecedented 750 successful rescues.

When asked about reports of alien ships, a Fuel Rats spokesperson said the group would remain true to its policy of neutrality and give fuel to non-human vessels if requested.


10 Jan 3303
Freelance Report: Imperial Factions React to Discovery

In recent days, a number of pilots have reported being pulled from hyperspace by alien-looking ships. Reactions have ranged from shock and fear to curiosity and excitement.

Influential Imperial groups the Chapterhouse of Inquisition, Lavigny's Legion and the 9th Legion have issued strict no-fire orders to their pilots in the event that they are confronted by these mysterious vessels. The orders follow reports that the ships are not acting aggressively and are simply scanning ships they encounter.

"Under no circumstances should any of our pilots engage these vessels," said Governor Shelby Ortega, speaking from Chapterhouse of Inquisition headquarters in Kamadhenu.

"We do not know their motivations, so to act rashly could have dire consequences. Be mindful that these vessels can seemingly disable ship systems on a whim. We should avoid making enemies of beings we know nothing about."

Commander Jubei Himura

23 Dec 3302
Freelance Report: Allitnil Shatters Fuel-Economy Records

A new record has been set by Commander Allitnil, who successfully travelled from Sol to Jaques Station in Colonia without making any stops...or equipping a fuel scoop.

The impressive feat took nine days, 5,489 hyperspace jumps and 383 tonnes of hydrogen fuel. Although Commander Allitnil travelled mostly in economic mode, providing regular updates and efficiency calculations, many doubted the trip was possible. But it soon became clear that the amazing efficiency of Allitnil's Anaconda would get him to Jaques with plenty of fuel to spare.

Rumours have surfaced that Commander Allitnil's next challenge might involve travelling from Sol to Beagle Point, but nothing has yet been confirmed.


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