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Ghroznak /
STARDATE 19.03.3304

Finally we are seeing progress. After hard fighting against the Bajauie Empire Party they finally called for a cease fire. Their losses have been grievous and if they want to maintain even a small security force to maintain what little control they have left in the system they can't endure more losses. This has given us enough leverage to force them to relinquish control of Tago's Folly which is...

Namita Pear /
Seven Lifeboats Less

With the forces of gravity turned up by a factor nearing pi, and the gradient of the surrounding rock exceeding forty-five degrees, I could not think of a worse place to be driving. Still, I kept the compass carat to the twenty degrees position as best I could, the increased weight of the Scarab throwing me about while I labored just to breathe in the whirring craft. Wade sat nearly a kilometer behind...

Ihlbit /
Gone Out to the Black: Transmission 4

----===Last Known Location: Cannot Locate ===---- ----===Remaining Hops til destination: 666===---- ----===Time of Transmission: 0300Hrs===---- Where the %*&# did this guy come from? How the %*!# Is he controlling my ship? And why the %)%#& did I NOT strap myself down!? I had set the auto-pilot and manually locked the door to the cockpit 12 or so hours ago, and went to lay in...

Harry Scaaramouche /
Atlas Corporation Wins Civil War - Lambda Arae 19 March 3304

Congratulations and jubilations were shared among Atlas shareholders as the war in the Lambda Arae system was concluded with Duval’s company coming out the victor. Future of Lambda Arae was defeated in a last stand outside Lambda Arae 6 as they were overwhelmed by corporate ships. Atlas Chief of Staff, CMDR OakBasil9562647 released a statement last night announcing the victory. “While it was expected,...

0ppr3550r /
Utopian's log 1

Right, is this on? Test test test... Alright, seems to be working. So hello myself, i guess. I bought this new audio log module as a ... friendly recommendation... from Chief Medical Officer Thomas Vitaleck, who pretty much insisted on me BUYING this module for self therapy. So, here goes! I docked today at McQuinn's base to retrieve my enforcer cannons. They're now modded into what he's...

Scubadog /
I'm Back In The Bubble Again

Over a month ago I launched out in my Anaconda to make my way back to the Core Systems.  Well, I finally made it.  After cashing in my cartographic data, I immediately set to buying an Alliance Chieftain.  Her name is The Ceti Rena. This brings my fleet size to 9, although I'm seriously thinking of selling one of my other ships.  After I've had a chance to spend more time with her, I'll likely have...

Robert Phillips /
INRA Base - Velasquez Medical Research Centre

Following my investigation into the logs at Hogan Depot, I was directed to LP 389-95 7. I arrived in orbit and performed a detailed scan of the planet. Nothing obvious at first, but then I registered a faint signal. I headed down to investigate, and found an abandoned base at coords 57.9668, 50.0331: Velasquez Medical Research Centre. INRA markings were printed on some large silos, and...

James Barrett /
A rescue operation in Pleiades, part 4 (14/03/3304)

Previously in James' Logbook James and Blasius managed to find the debris of the passenger liner which Adam has boarded and confirmed that he indeed was on the ship that came under attack by the Ant Hill Mob. The records have shown that young Hudson also managed to escape before the vessel, Lusitania, was destroyed and likely were captured by the pirates. They decided to visit Maia, Ant Hill Mob base,...

CaioCavalero /
Log 19: Back from a break

Well what can I say? I needed a break, got almost a year off... There was this time I went to Eta Carinae for a trip, wanted to get some data of the place and enjoy it. For this one time I needed some materials, so I went to a planet to find some, little I know I was going to find something else... There was this ship, a Federal condor destroyed, crashed, and with it some cargo and a escape pod,...

Admiral Sylvia /
A Fallen Commander Expedition

Captain's Log: Stardate 888362.4 Our expedition mission has ended, we ended up at a star system a few light years from the bubble. This system is one that CMDR Brutal Deluxe found himself, and is where is memorial will be for the rest of time. We all entered into the system together after a long journey back from Colonia, we had a moment of silence while Alky, Brutal's son, said a few words, followed...
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