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Missmartian /
Awakening - Saying goodbye to her

Love doesn’t make sense, it is completely nonsensical but we keep doing it regardless otherwise we end up lost. Without love we end up a cold twisted shell with no one around us, you might pretend to have friends but they won’t be real friends if you can’t open your heart. When we were stuck out there it wasn’t perfect and what followed isn’t perfect either, in fact it’s one of the most painful things...

Baba_Ghannoush /
Whispers in the Black...

So there I am, chatting away to the girlfriend over the comms-link, telling her I'll be at Lave Station soon and in her warm, loving arms. I come across a fellow Commander in a Sidewinder. He pings me a message. Tells me Lavecon is coming in June. Tells me now he's now going to send me to the rebuy screen so I don't forget. Then he interdicts me. He's feisty, good with the interdiction mini-game. "What's...

DatsRich /
Captain's Log - Supplemental - Entry: 23-5A 3303

After over two hours traversing the void, we've finally come across a debris field with multiple remnants of conductive ceramics. The find was well received by my crew, though one has to wonder what could've happened to this group of vessels out here in deep space. The dangers of anarchy systems are great... with the risk of losses even greater. Despite the lack of black boxes and other identification...

DatsRich /
Captain's Log - Entry: 23-5 3303

The crew and myself are making final preparations aboard the Ninety-Niner before takeoff from Faraday Ring. With another day of salvaging ahead of us, we're still hoping to get a fair amount of the conductive ceramics we'll need to modify the sensor array. It was no more than two hours ago, as well, that our Canonn Interstellar Research emblem had been made available; courtesy of the group themselves....

Jacket256 /
Exploration Log 23.5.3303

My Departure from Gorgon Research Facility was swift.The stars past the heart nebula are just as magnificent as the ones before it. I visited Beta Site and looked around and found what i could.Its so strange that so many people can vanish so fast.It was very eerie being there,but was a point of interest I couldn't pass up.Found a water World a few systems After,giving me something to claim as well...

John Mathurin /
The Sirius Job, Part 5

Mitschigua System Empire Space February 3302 Tucker was looking up at Takamura and shaking his head as the door to the cargo bay opened.    "It's not good. The pod took some damage. We'll have to open it soon," Tucker said.   Takamura shook his head. "We can't do that. We -" he looked up at me as I entered the cargo bay, crossing the room with long strides. He moved around...

Smeggysmeg /
A ragequit over arsenic. I'm taking a break from this game.

I recently achieved Duke and bought an Imperial Cutter, feeling on top of the world. But then I spent two nights of gameplay trying to find arsenic on a planet surface - and found none. I had driving the SRV - I find it infuriating. But that's the quickest way to get arsenic. I've never received it as a mission reward, despite doing thousands of missions. The planet supposedly had 2.5%. I used wavescanner.net...

FoxliderAtom /
DarkLight Expedition F

DarkLight Expedition F 23 May 3303 Here we are. The first day of my expedition with my new Anaconda. I have been waiting for this since my last expedition with Shelby. I still remember those nebulae we saw together. Those were the times... I don't have my ASP anymore. I have a big Anaconda. I called it Compensator. It's ready to go. Engineered, finely built. I could have improved it...

BreaksWindu /
Thetis signal search day 3 / Maia distress signal search

Day 3 of the search for the Thetis mystery signal is a bust. Also picked up some stray canisters while on the surface of LHS 2149 7A then took an absolute beating when investigating a distress signal. I was in my AspEx so in addition to the hull damage, all the weapons, the sensors, and a few other components were 100% destroyed. Took me a while to figure out how to dock without being able to see any...

Per-Ja Ferra /
Back to Colonia

The bubble was kind. With promotions in both the Federal Navy and in my Trade Ranking and enough scratch to purchase an Anaconda. However the new ship needs upgrades before I will start using her until then she is a hanger queen. Another famous explorer asked for a ride out to Colonia for some research project. He offered up 20+ million for the trip. How could I say no. Today was a good day...
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