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Jemine Caesar /
PEGASI AUTUMN - Chapter 13

Stop it, Stryker. Just stop. She’s not going to get any more prepped for takeoff by going over the checklist one more time. With a deep sigh, Stryker Aune rose from the seat of the Broken Bow and took a long look at the surrounding hangar. It was one of the last times that he would see the inside of Clair Dock. Pegasi, too, if he could help it. The man rubbed his eyes and took a deep breath. He...

LongDistanceClara /
Second Star on the Right - Prologue

This one might sound a bit "soapbox-y" but that's honestly honestly not my intention! I just wanted to put down in writing a few thoughts I had about the Elite universe and without getting too dramatic or over-the-top, how art imitates life! They're just some scribbles and not to be taken too seriously - I'm sure the hardcore canon fans would tear it to shreds - thing is, my senseless ramblings...

Jubei Himura /
Fight! ...like you're Gods and Monsters!

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the main event!” Spotlights waved about and fireworks burst close to the eighty meter high ceiling on cue. In response, the crowd in the arena exploded into a fury of cheering, shouting, screaming, and applause. People from all over the Pegasi sector were in attendance; sharp suited execs, grizzled mercs, robed cultists, all mingling with the colours and tattoos...

Mack Winston /
A Family Affair - part 3

PREVIOUSLY... A family affair - Part 1 A family affair - Part 2 Anaconda "James Prescott Joule" Artyukhin Ring final approach course, Autahenetsi I started to involuntarily tense up as the docking slot began to loom large ahead. Traffic was surprisingly heavy, and I was finishing off planning how we'd approach the Gold Syndicate HQ in one of the crewmember seats. "Your...

DR Platus /
Trading Experience Of The Last Few Weeks

<START LOGBOOK ENTRY - SUBMITTED:  23-10-3303 - <GalNet Restricted Account> I have been dabbling in trading in the past few weeks, and it has been fruitful for the most part.  The odd Interdiction / Interdiction attempt breaks up an otherwise smooth journey (and, of course, almost committing suicide by flying into an arrival star when I was distracted by my dataslate!) I am currently...

Kandaddy_Kool /
Passengers... Damn them...

Log: 23103303:b - Addendum So... Continuing from earlier... I outfitted a Cobra for short to medium haul taxi travel. Took a few customers, all was going well, then some sneaky little turd managed to con me into taking him somewhere, claimed he was a researchers assistant. So... He sat in a cabin minding his own business, most pleasant passenger ive had yet, I'm pulling up to Hazel Station to...

Mechadrumzilla /
3303-10-23 LOG 3: Trappist-1 Exploration

Decided to do some exploring by the Trappist-1 system.  It is strange that there were no planets listed in my Nav table.  Then I realized that I needed to turn on my Discovery Scanner to light up the missing planets.  I scanned all seven of the planets, from Trappist-1 1, to Trappist-1 7. What really stood out was Trappist-1 4, which is the fourth planet, and very Earth-like.  Wish I can land on it,...

Friendsofbucky /
F**king System Security

I've been (for the past couple days) ranking up the minor faction Sirius Corporation in order to receive access to their system so I have a little chat to Marcus Quent and throughout the endeavour of doing their insane missions one thing stood out to me as both remarkably strange and irritating. It wasn't the distances that I had to travel, no. It was that there seems to be a galaxy wide epidemic where...

Honest Crow /
Paranoid Permit Parties

Wow, this Marco Qwent seems a but the paranoid type. Seems a bit much for a glorified mechanic in my case, but when your ties are gone you have to have something to keep you going. Mine’s my comet - nothing quite like hearing him roar when he goes all out. Keeping him happy... Well, he’s a delicate beast, but so are most beautiful things. Anyway, about this man Qwent. First I had to track down a...

Damon8r351 /
Personal Log, 21 October 3303

I've finally been cleared to fly again. They can find nothing wrong with me. Psychological interviews, brain scans, toxicology tests, all of them turned up nominal. I just had some weird episode. I see they reported it in my service record though. That'll be a hurdle to overcome, any potential client that cares enough to look in my record will see that and might have second thoughts. I may have to...
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