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Megasmurf1000 /
These strange times we live in

I'm not quite sure why I am recording this or what I want to say. Perhaps when I'm sober enough to remember I may see little more than egotistical rubbish or creative monosylabic grunting. perhaps an effort to make sense of just how damn strange things are these days. I'm rich. I'd like to say that first. Not ordinary rich but a small fleet of ships and property on a dozen worlds kind of rich....

Scubadog /
An Explorer's War Story

Well, in manner of speaking.  Not exactly a war.  It was a battle. So, anyone who knows me knows I'm an explorer by trade. My home is at Colonia Dream and, honestly, I love it out there. But a couple of months back I decided to make the trip back to the core systems to do some engineering and pick myself up a Chieftain. After engineering my Anaconda and Chieftain, I found myself needing to replenish...

Montari /

Pilot's Log - 1704 24 May 3304 Python - APL Erebus Skeggiko O, Kuo Terminal It has been almost two weeks since I last took to this stars, and as cold as space is, I found myself missing its warmth. If nothing else, the pilot seat was getting cold and it was time to get back into it. I found it funny how I got into the Spectre, sat down and my eyes widened as I read my credit balance. I tried to...

Vallysa /

Vallysa was born on a small independent planetary outpost in a system between Federation and Imperial space. As a young girl, she along with her brother and sister would spend hours in their family’s small fleet of old SRV buggies, exploring the landscape and imagining the endless possibilities the future would bring once the planet was terraformed. Her parents were explorers and entrepreneurs at...

Gwaine Iceni /
Gwaine Iceni's Log - Entry 1

I can't believe they actually did it, not that I could blame them. I had been a lazy little shit for the past few months, and maybe this kick in the ass was exactly what I needed to move on with my life, but it still hurts. At the very least they could've given me some warning first, but I digress. Maybe I should back up a bit and provide context. My name is Gwaine Iceni, and as of today, I'm a pilot...

23 May 3304
Roober the Stroober /
The Things We Do For Money

When you move around in the bubble, you hear things - the latest scam, the hottest tactics, the choice rewards. When you hear about it once, file it away under "whatever." When you hear it from three or four different pilots from a couple of distant systems, you start to notice. Such was the case with the latest civil war brewing in the Orion Spur. The Mussche Clan decided it wasn't happy...

23 May 3304
Jemine Caesar /

Sola’s Morgana’s reputation as a warrior pirate spread, her name on the lips of every envious cutthroat in Pegasi. She was beautiful, of course- lithe figure, with hair as dark as the Void and piercing blue eyes that burned a man’s very soul- but that was only a tiny part of her infamy. No, here was the one who had single-handedly elevated Clan Rhys from relative obscurity to the keeper of the...

23 May 3304
MBaldelli /
Entry 118 - 05.23.3304 The Story So Far II...

Current System:  Sothis When I jumped into supercruise once leaving the gravity well of my homeworld I didn't know which direction I would be going, let alone why.  There was a notion about going back to Jane's Horizon to see how the wing I had briefly been part of was doing with their work against some of the minor factions there.   It didn't feel quite right at the moment.  It didn't feel like...

23 May 3304
Jimjamborino /
StarDate 05-23-3304

Captains Log: Today was a productive day among the fleet. I received a phone call that the python I had ordered has finally finished its upgrades and customization and is being delivered to me as we speak. Its been way to long since I sat in a bigger ship. I hope to be able to use it this weekend with The Galactic Pioneers when we go out for the Special event going on this weekend. To be able to...

22 May 3304
Catacalypse /
Log 1: (Missions) Ram Tah Decrypting the Guardian Logs

CMDR: Catacalypse Date: May 22th, 3304 Time: 18:34 Location: Meene Station: Mitchell Dock Topic: Mission Log Pilot's Log: 1/1 I recently just picked up a mission from Ram Tah the engineer. The mission has me decrypting different guardian logs across guardian space. After many attempts with larger ships, I've come to the conclusion that these guardian structures are too difficult to land near,...
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